April 27, 2018

Physicians Formula Butter Palette featuring Butter Paradise Eau de Toilette

I would like to lay claim to having lent some inspiration in the creation of Physicians Formula Butter Paradise Eau de Toilette which will be available in the new Butter Palette launching at Walmart soon! Because lord knows, for years now I’ve said I wish they would do a perfume!

Yes, you’ve read that right! Physicians Formula has created a fragrance! An actual fragrance! I’ve said many, many times in the past that if Physicians Formula bottled up the scent they used in their products and created some sort of perfume I’d buy stocks in it. Now that wish is becoming a reality.

In May, they’ll be launching a new Butter Palette that features two Butter Highlighters, Blush, and Bronzer as well as a tiny EDT which will be have the same exact tropical scent as those powders. I can’t even begin to say how amazing this.

If you’re listening guys, please created an EDT for Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Blush. I LOVE the spicy exotic scent of those blushes! Yum!

The palettes will be available in two shade selections and launch in May for $11.88 each at Walmart.

Funny story, I’m actually not a fan of the Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush and I’m amazing at the the sheer amount of raves the highlighters and blushes get as I really didn’t like them. In my defense, I will say I haven’t used the newer version since the Murumuru Butter Blush launch in 2016. So maybe I’m missing out on something wonderful.

Knowing me I’ll go to Walmart and buy like 10 of these palettes just for the EDT. Too bad they aren’t selling it separately.

But bravo to a brand who is thinking outside the box. I think it’s great they are doing this!

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  • MJ

    This is a great price! I wish the packaging was sleeker, but I’ll probably just depot the pans into an empty palette anyways

  • Maria

    I agree. The price is cheap. I wonder if the powders are smaller size for the price compared to the individual powders.

  • kjh

    If you campaigned and badgered PF about starting a scent…as much as I did for Ulta to start Cosrx…you may be responsible! After market research and hefty numbers running, they listened to you. Yay!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha no not that vocal just in numerous posts I did I said I wanted a fragrance maybe they read/heard ;D

  • Jane

    The blushes were amazing on pale skin! The newer darker ones stink to high heaven, though, and not the same smell, either. I loved the new color but had to relegate it to a drawer, never to worn again.

    I would gladly wear the EDT – I’d be happy if they took the fragrance out of their products altogether (*runs from a hail of bricks*).

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t like them! I barely got them to show up 🙁 So I never hauled the new ones but everyone raves them on youTube and I felt like I was missing out. Guess not haha ;-D LOL it’s ok! There are many, many people that feel like that about scented makeup!

      • Jane

        I don’t always mind scented makeup, honestly, but the iridescent highlighter and the deeper blush had fragrances that were like presences. They just stayed, all day and they weren’t very good like the other Butter products, so maybe it was a quality control issue?

        • Isabella Muse

          really? I didn’t notice that on the original line BUT they also didn’t wear long for me either so maybe the smell disappeared with the pigment hah!

  • M.

    A scent that smells like the Argan line would be DIVINE. I absolutely love that exotic, spicy smell!

  • Courtney

    OMG I LOVE the way the Butter Bronzer smells, I have always wished I count find that scent to wear, it’s PERFECT! If the EDT smells the way I’m hoping, I’m like you I’m buying 10 just for it LOL!!!

  • Kish

    I just bought three of the blushes and one highlighter when they were on sale at ulta. They smell so good. I only tried the Plum Rose blush so far, but I love it. I’m a big fan of subtle blushes with no shimmer. I’ll probably grab one of these anyway lol

  • La

    According to their Instagram account, there will be a bigger version of the fragrance available as well. Eek

  • Melissa

    Have you actually smelled the perfume by now ??? Cuz it s sounds like u didn’t …. and i am sad people have said it does not smell like the bronzer !!??? Many peoples le have said this so I am scared … the highlighters are awesome and don’t smell…they show up plenty and I don’t know wth the other girl is talking about ALL the blushes smell the same as the bronzers. And yes the new ones will show up on you !!! The only one that does at all show up is natural glow

    • Isabella Muse

      Nope, not yet. Looking forward to doing so as soon as I can find it! Thanks for the heads up about the newer blush shades!

  • Courtney

    Ok so I’m with those of you who think the newer bronzer and blush smell too strong so I have good and bad news for you all. First the smell is still there in the palate blush/bronzer/highlighter BUT it is MUCH more subdued. Also as far as the perfume goes (I’m actually wearing it right now), maybe it’s the way it interacts with the oils in my skin but it does NOT smell exactly like the individual blush/bronzer/highlighter. I’m terrible at describing sents but there is definitely a subtle difference. I actually LOVE the perfume and will be trying to get my hands on lots more of it before it becomes unavailable.