April 16, 2018

Touch of Sol, IPKN, TPSY Land at Ulta and Too Cool for School Expands

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Touch of Sol, IPKN, and TPSY have landed at Ulta.com this month. Ulta continues to collect beauty brands across the brand from higher-end options like Chanel to mid-range ones like MAC and of course, they have become increasing competitive in the K-Beauty world with offerings from some of South Korea’s hottest brands such as Tony Moly, CosRX, Skinfood, and many more.

It’s fairly amazing how much growth Ulta has showed in less than a year. Not only have they opened new store locations but they have added a diverse selection of brands to suit many different shopping demographics.

Ulta also just started to sell Too Cool for School, another very popular Korean brand and within weeks of the launch they are already adding on additional items to their catalog like Jelly Blusher, Milk Tint, and Glossy Blaster Tint.

The great news about the addition of these brands is now that Ulta’s 20% Spring Event is ongoing you’ll have a chance to try a new Korean brand at a discount!

I’m not sure if Ulta has plans to dominate the beauty world or not but I do know they are taking a step in the right direction with a generous rewards programs, a larger selection of brands, and plenty other incentives to get your shopping at their store.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Carol

    Here are my thoughts on this: You are correct in all the points you made in this post, however, my concern is that they are getting too big for their britches. I just sent them an email last week about this. I have noticed in the past few months things are changing, like not being able to use the $3.50 off of things that are on sale. That never used to be. Also, I was mad because I had 5 items the other day in the store and of course each item was $2.99 so I was 5 cents short on being able to use the coupon. That is ridiculous. The CSR should be able to override that and give you the coupon. Little things like that are what I am starting to notice and get upset about. I understand they have an excellent rewards program and that is why I shop there the most, but at the same time, I have been a customer of theirs for many, many years and I spend A LOT of money there. I stated all of this in the email I sent them. Their reply was a form letter: Thank you for your comments, we will pass them along to our team. Wow, really?!? Never expected such a generic reply. So yeah, they are growing, but at what cost to the consumer?

    • Isabella Muse

      No offense at all but I wouldn’t expect them to round off a coupon like that. I agree it is frustrating when the item is a certain amount that doesn’t reach the goal of the coupon and forces you to buy something else to get the percentage or dollar amount off. But I wouldn’t expect them to say, “It’s ok if you’re 5 cents short, we’ll do it for you anyway!” it sort of defeats the purpose of the coupon if they are reducing it even further. I know 5 cents isn’t a terribly large sum but if they did this for a million other people in the end they’d be losing money. This happens all the time with me and those Bath and Body Works $10 off $30 purchases. I never quite get to the $30 mark when I buy two candles and I have to throw in a travel-size something to hit that mark and even at that point sometimes it is a few cents short.

      • Kish

        I agree Muse. There has to be a cutoff or limit. And I always keep a few cheap items in my wish list just for that purpose. I do that for Sephora too, when my cart is $24.50 and I want one of the samples that you have to spend $25.00 to get lol. Overall, Ulta has been really stepping it up. So many great deals, awesome platinum perks to buy stuff first, and another 20% off coupon??? Remember when those were once a year? Also, it seems like new brands are being added daily. I have great staff at my local Ulta also, so I never hesitate to go in if I need help. They order stuff for me that they don’t carry so that I don’t have to pay shipping. Which is amazing, I think. Overall, I’m happy with the direction they are going.

        • Isabella Muse

          Likewise! I tend to try to put $2-$5 things on my sephora love list and ulta one just in case I need to use them! I can’t fault Ulta anything at the moment! I think they are killing it aside from the fact that the Diamond rewards seemed too high to me. But outside of that, I can’t complain! They are doing a great job expanding! πŸ™‚ and I wouldn’t mind some free shipping service like Sephora Flash! That would really tip things into the super awesome zone! ;-D I am too!

  • Dee

    I am excited to try these Korean brands and am happy to see Ulta expand! Hoping however they don’t get rid of favorite cheaper-known brands, such as Essence, LA Girl, Wet n Wild, etc.. I was upset they quit selling Rimmel London, as I did enjoy their products.

  • kjh

    U KB is starting to look like Nordie’s! Not going for anything, until it’s Muse Approved, though have to admit to quite a few yens, or should I say wons on p. 1…..

  • Lisa C

    I’m so very much impressed with Ulta. I keep telling them to bring on Dior and other high brands, and I’ll never shop at Sephora again. Did you say they’re getting Chanel? I would be thrilled if so!