May 30, 2018

I Managed To Sniff Bath & Body Works Soda Pop, Root Beer Float, and Banana Split Candles

At this point I’m positive you heard to commotion about the Bath & Body Works Soda Pop, Root Beer Float, and Banana Split Candle launch! If you haven’t, OMG where you been!? I managed to sniff these about three weeks ago as one of the stores I shop at had stock in but they couldn’t sell them. I left crazy disappointed to say the least. The sales rep said they’d be launching during the semi-annual sale which I believe starts on June 4th. But I still thought it was so nice of her to grab them from the back and let me sniff them!

They smell amazing and they mad me crazy sad.

Why sad? Because the candle launches at Bath & Body Work are soooo repetitive. It’s a shame because they were on a roll launching really fun scents but lately it’s a lot of repackaged fragrances. In some ways, the marketing is genius. The labels are very attractive and you’re really drawn in by the packaging but you end up buying it even though you know you’ve smelled it somewhere before.

Needless to say when word hit that they were launching some new scents for Summer 2018 the candle world went crazy. Everyone was quite excited to smell these in the hopes they’d be something new and unique. And indeed they are! If anything at all I have a feeling we’ll need to grab a few backups of these.

Soda Pop was actually a test candle a few years ago but this is a revised version that smells like Sprite. It’s effervescent, lemony, and has hints of zesty lime. Banana Split is probably the best of the three! This is beautiful creamy banana with vanilla and a little dash of chocolate! I seriously feel like I can smell the entire sundae here right down to the whipped cream and cherry! Root Beer has a strong soda note but I heard on the burn the vanilla ice cream comes out quite nicely.

All in all, a very creative and fun round up of candles that I’d really like to see more of from Bath & Body Works. Fall 2017 was a bust for me! It was such a repetitive launch so I have hopes Fall 2018 Candles revive that and we get something as fun as these three Summer launches!

Expect to see Bath & Body Works Soda Pop, Root Beer Float, and Banana Split Candles in stores around June 4th.

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  • KimMWC03

    I keep checking my store hoping to find them. Can’t wait.

  • sarah

    That reminds me of the time when I was in 7th grade and we were all going nuts over their new sent Sun Sweet Kiwi. A girl in my class had a birthday coming up and desperately wanted the whole collection and so her Bff wen’t to buy it for her. But they were releasing it on mothers day and her birthday was the week before bit somehow BFF talked the sales girl into selling it to her!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! I can’t even remember sun sweet kiwi but that sounds delightful can we have that back!? 😀

  • Shelly

    I so get caught up in their body care reboots. Crazy how marketing and packaging has so much influence

  • Dee

    I think the SAS started on the 28th but could be wrong. I smelled these yesterday and thought they were really good. But the price!

  • Kristen

    my bath and body works let me purchase many candles from the new summer collections, and oh my word they are all fantastic! the banana split has a light throw, but in a small room its perfection. not much chocolate while burning though, but the banana is on point. you won’t be disappointed! summertime soda is just amazing burning as it is on cold sniff, and don’t sleep on the Italy candle from the Destinations collection if you are a fan of bakery scents. It legit smells like s’mores. It’s probably my favorite of my recent purchases! Also, idk how reliable this info is and it may differ in different areas, but the SA at my store told me the three wicks in Soda Pop collection will all be $10 when the semi-annual sale starts June 4. i cant wait! sorry for the novel!

    • Isabella Muse

      LUCKY! I was unable to do so but grabbed them over the weekend ;-D they smell amazing but haven’t burned yet and thanks for the heads up on Italy! Grabbed that too and loved it!!!!!!! I got them $12.50 each so not bad!

  • Honey Tait

    Girl, you had me at Banana Split! Yes, this is the first I’ve heard haha!

  • Anne

    I was able to grab 2 of each of theee last week (on sale!) plus the floral / coffee one. I’m in Canada and we had a big candle sale last weekend. I am thrilled they are listening to customer feedback and after a pretty lackluster 2017 I have high hopes for my favorite season at B&BW: fall through winter. Last fall / winter my interest completely waned and I was disappointed. I haven’t stepped into a B&BW since SAS in January until last week when I purchased my candles. I’m really hoping they’ll wow us with an amazing fall and winter themed line up for home and body care!

    • Isabella Muse

      Which one is the floral/coffee one!? tell me more 😀 I REALLY hope they’ll do better for Fall/Winter because ITA that was when my interest sort of fell to the curb. It’s been very repetitive lately but these new scents are promising!