June 14, 2018

Kopari Coconut Melt Greasy AF for Only $19.99

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Kopari Coconut Melt is on sale this week during the sucky Sephora Weekly Wows (oops sorry did I type that out loud?! You were thinking it too so don’t be shocked!). It’s typically $38 and I’m the frugal gourmet and think that’s a little expensive so I tend to buy it on QVC and put it on a beauty mortgage.

I’m the person that won’t blink at paying $150 for eye cream or $60 for lipstick but present me with some sort of body cream that costs $38 and I sincerely cringe in agony.

Real life reenactment when someone rings up $38 for Kopari Coconut Melt:

I just can’t.

So, I’m pretty stoked that it’s $19.99 today. I picked up a few to stash away. This stuff is greasssssssssssy AF but oh my god what it does for my dry legs! I use it overnight and it leaves my legs so smooth and soft. I also use it as a shaving oil and as a lip balm (decanted into a tiny pot).

Love it!

Totally worth scoring at this price.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Cindy

    I wish Sephora would do sales like they use to with the weekly wow! They do suck now 🙁

  • Adrienne

    I truly laughed out loud because I agree 100% and my rationale is eye cream or facial products I can use a small amount and covet a small area so if it’s a little more expensive it’s ok. However with body products (and hair conditioner) you use a lot more and deplete the container faster so I totally get it. I’ve been using the Eucerin body lotions which can be a little greasy but effective. I will pick this up just because it’s on sale.

    • Isabella Muse

      right!? Eye makeup remover is another one! I love Lancome Bi-Facil but OMG that price STFU! I can use up that bottle in like 3 weeks or less. It’s just something I use often! Likewise for body lotions, creams, etc!

  • kimkats

    Isn’t that stuff just pure coconut oil?? Like the kind you can get at the grocery store for $8 a BigA$$ jar?? I think I have one of those little ounce sized jars of it (somewhere…) and I think I remember that’s all it is…. $38 for coconut oil? Um, no… no thank you… It is greasy AF, but boy – does it take off MU!!! I am thinking of getting some emulsifier (probably polysorbate 80) and melting some coconut oil and a little of that together and seeing if I can make a cleansing balm that rinses clean! My mad scientist has been unleashed.. 😀

    Actually I never thought of leaving the stuff on as a moisturiser… I may have to try that!!

    • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

      You’re exactly right, it is NOTHING BUT STRAIGHT COCONUT OIL omg this stuff makes me so mad, people everywhere getting ripped the fuck off for something that costs 5.99 for a 16 oz jar at Trader Joe’s (in my area). Kopari is absolutely outrageous. I’ve got a friend who works at Sephora and she’s totally convinced there’s something different about Kopari’s oil and I’m like “NO HONEY TRUST ME” but she’s been inhaling shimmer for too long I think…

  • Effie

    Thanks for the email, I just order a jar. So excited about the half price, I agree with you, $38 for body cream is a bit much for me too! I would totally splurge on skincare and makeup, but not body cream.

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure ;-D I hope you like it. It’s not quite a body cream though! It’s an creamy oil! Let me know whatcha think!

  • Kara

    I thought everyone knew that Kopari was straight coconut oil? That’s the joke about it- you can buy the same stuff at your grocery store for a lot less $$$. I even had a Sephora artist laugh at it who was helping me one day, about how it’s straight coconut oil and they jacked the price up. Not pulling wool over my eyes.

    • Heidi

      That’s what I thought , too. I heard the buzz and looked at the ingredients. It’s just coconut oil. I have a small jar i paid a few bucks for at the grocery store, and it’s great for taking off makeup or I make a mask of it. I don’t recall anything unusual about the Sephora stuff except maybe it was more whipped in texture. Maybe?

      • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

        Yes please let’s get the truth out there. Ew, do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? I’m just frugal AF and hate seeing people get duped for their money!

      • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

        Also, not whipped in texture (it wouldn’t stay like that anyway, as the melting point is such that it’s going to go through its liquid/solid routine probably multiple times before it even reaches a store shelf. And if you added a necessary ingredient to help it stay whipped, it would no longer be pure coco oil). Definitely exactly the same as the stuff from the grocery store. 100% unrefined virgin coco oil is the same no matter what label/branding it has.

        • Isabella Muse

          just to clarify not trying to dupe anyone here 🙂 I use this and really enjoy it! Thus the rec, but not trying to dupe anyone!

  • Shrek 2

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I really love Kopari’s coconut oil so I definitely grabbed a jar. I think Ulta also had it on sale half off earlier this year too so it’s good that sales are becoming more common for it. I know it’s just coconut oil and some think it’s a rip off but I’ve tried a bunch of other coconut oils from different places like Amazon and the grocery store, but I have not found one yet that smells as good as this one. My guess is that they do a more expensive manufacturing process which raises its price. For real though I love this stuff I’ll bathe in it and never walk again cuz I can just slip and slide everywhere I go smelling like a coconut oatmeal cookie.

    • Isabella Muse

      honestly I love it too and feel a little guilty about that but shrug we love what we love 🙂 and I agree it does smell great! I also feel like the texture is nicer than cheaper coconut oils ;-D LOL ;-D We glide when we walk!