June 20, 2018

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.
4 stars out of 5

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour review and swatches

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour ($17.50) is a new yummy scented whipped mousse lip color that’s available in 15 shades that launched for Summer 2018 for a limited time. MAC has released plenty of fun collections over the years but I have to admit it seems like a hot minute since they’ve done anything cute and this new Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour Collection is beyond adorable. I love the idea behind this launch! Inspired by a French patisserie these shades come in a variety of yummy scents like banana muffin, strawberry mousse, and peach pie and equally yummy shades like bold red, funky blue, and even a zesty lime green!

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour review

The one thing I learned and that shocked me when I started blogging was that people hated flavored lipstick and lipgloss. I couldn’t believe it when so many people would ask me, “Is this flavored? Is this scented? I HOPE NOT!” I always felt like fragrance and flavor added a little something special to my lip products. I guess it stems from the fact that my true love of makeup started with flavored Chapstick and of course, everyone’s gateway drug into the makeup world, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Anytime I whip out a yummy scented or flavored lip product it instantly brings me back to trying Lip Smackers for the first time and being amazed at the burst of yummy bubble gum flavor that burst onto my lips after a simple application.

You can imagine I was pretty stoked that MAC decided to do an entire collection of yummy scented lip colors. I think this is a first for them as typically all of their lip products either have a vanilla flavor or fragrance and on a rare occasion mint.

If you hate scented lip products best not bother reading further. Each of these I tried had a very intense scent that I LOVED but I imagine sensitive users will hate it. These aren’t supposed to be flavored which I admit totally disappointed me but I will say that I did taste some odd flavor in the background that was subtly perfume-y. It disappeared quickly enough but no matter the scent/shade they all seemed to share the same weird back flavor.

MAC calls these a whipped mousse texture which is very accurate. The formula has a creamy mousse texture with a thicker consistency and fully opaque coverage on the first swipe. At first, I was confused as I thought these would set matte in finish and I also thought they’d be a long-wearing formula. The finish is an odd creamy frost with a hint of shimmer and very intense pigmentation. I struggled a little with migration and transfer since they formula feels like it never really set on my lips. When I was sipping from my tea cup or a bottle of water I ended up with a good deal of transfer. Some shades also migrate around my lip line as well which was a bit of a pain.

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour Swatches (Gumdrop, Purple Panna Cotta, Raspberry Cream, Strawberry Torte)

MAC Gumdrop Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour

MAC Purple Panna Cotta Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour

MAC Raspberry Cream Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour

MAC Strawberry Torte Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour

The shades were a little inconsistent for me formula wise. Some were a chunkier mousse texture and others were a little thinner. For example, both Raspberry Cream and Purple Panna Cotta both had a nice thin mousse texture that applied very smooth on my lips. I struggled slightly with Strawberry Torte and Gumdrop which had a thicker consistency and looked a bit patchy on my drier lips. Both of these shades seemed to settle into my natural lip lines and aged my lips a bit. I mentioned in my review of Maybelline Lip Studio Prime It Up Multi-Benefit Lip Primer that it made a great base for this formula and it did indeed as I was able to get a very smooth finish where as worn by itself without primer the color was patchier. As I mentioned the pigment is crazy on these. The shades are bright as neon and very pigmented on a single layer and just keep getting more intense with each application.

The formula felt very lightly hydrating on my drier lips and had a nice shine at first which wore away within the initial 90 minutes. The overall wear was about six hours but as I said I did experience some migration and transfer in that period.

The packaging is as adorable as the scent. I thought the confetti sprinkle tops were very fitting with the bakery theme! As for the scents, they are supposed to match up with the names of each shade. Gumdrop was the only one that didn’t quite meet my expectations as it is a fruity sweet candy flavor. I expected a spicy gumdrop scent! The others have a fruity cake-y scent that was quite strong and delightful!

I think their a little tricky to apply and won’t look great on finely lined lips but the MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour Collection is worth exploring if you like bold lip looks!

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MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour are a new, limited edition whipped mousse lip color that are available in 15 shades that are $17.50 each and 0.10 oz in size. The pigment was amazing on these and the flavors quite fun. I did find the formula slightly inconsistency as some shades applied quite smooth but others were a bit patchy and fell into my natural lip lines. The wear was really long and strong but the color did transfer and I had some migration issues.


  • Crazy pigmented!
  • The scents are novel and cute!
  • Long wear.


  • Some migration and feathering.
  • Some shades fell into my natural lip line giving my lips a drier, aged look.
  • Not transfer-proof.
  • Strong scent might not be appealing to sensitive users.


MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour should be highly appealing to those who enjoy novel lip products. These are so much fun with cute packaging, really bold, vibrant shades, as well as a super long-lasting wear.

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Lucia Vallejo

    They all look stunning on you especially the Gumdrop. I may have to go out and buy the color. Love your blog and look forward to info about new products and review.

  • Carrie W.

    I too grew up a Bonne Bell girl in the 70’s and must say ever since then I prefer lip products to have a scent/flavor. Back then Bonne Bell practically parted the cosmetics sea with Lip Smackers, EVERYONE wanted and had to have them which is why I’m sure they’re still relevant. Not to mention how terrible most cosmetics smelled back in the day up until recent years. I too find it so weird some don’t like a delicious flavor added to their lip products. Especially when you’re watching what you eat, flavored lip products make it so much more bearable especially as an old lady 😉
    I later fell in love with Bonne Bell’s Lip Lites and Lix, tinted glosses and balms in irresistible flavors and in most recent years Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush and B&BW Liplicious glosses which have now disappeared, sadly, so I’m excited to see MAC doing these. I will definitely have to check them out!

    • Isabella Muse

      omg let me stop you and say I miss Liplicious so much! I used to love all the seasonal ones and collected many and still have tons (can’t use them, too old but still hanging on to them lol). I totally love deliciously scented/flavor lip products too! Can’t understand anyone who doesn’t like it in their lip options ;D

      • Carrie W.

        Did you ever try the VS Beauty Rush glosses in the squeeze tube? Practically the same thing as Liplicious, VS a little longer-lasting but considering they’re both L brands, they’re practically the same and I’m sure it was the same manufacturer! VS had SO many good flavors, even more than I think B&BW did over the years. My favorites are/were: Caramel Kiss (a caramel hazelnut coffee flavor), Iced (vanilla frosting and swear I smell almond too), Candy Baby (cotton candy), and much older ones like Oatstanding (iced oatmeal cookie), Taffy Go Lucky (banana taffy), Slice of Heaven (cake), Spring Fling (ambrosia salad), Red Delicious (juicy red delicious apple), Hot Cocoanut (think Samoas Girl Scout cookies), Gimme S’mores (toasted s’mores) and MANY more amazing flavors they did. I wish they would expand their flavor range again, now there’s only like 8 flavors, I blame the matte lip craze :-/ !!!

        • Isabella Muse

          yes! For some reason though I always liked the BBWs because of the seasonal packaging! Holy cow I have to admit I didn’t even know about some of those flavors! They sound delicious 😀

  • Lisa C

    I’ve been wanting Gumdrop and now I need Strawberry Torte. That shade is absolutely stunning on you!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Lisa <3! It's a really lovely shade! Hope you love it!

  • Saoirse

    I bought one of these and I don’t like the way it dries down. It applies really easily and looks great, but after about an hour, I felt it had an aging effect on my lips. I would recommend using some gloss over it and a really good moisturizing primer underneath.

    • Isabella Muse

      same same! I only had a problem with two of the four shades I tried but yup, same issue. During application it started to fall into my natural lip lines right away! A primer is def key! And a little clear gloss does indeed make things smooth and also adds nice pop!

      • Saoirse

        I would like to get Strawberry Torte, but I’m wary of it after using Purple Panna Cotta. It seems like it would be nicer, but I don’t know.

        • Isabella Muse

          :-/ Just out of morbid curiosity do you have drier lips!? Or any fine lines? I don’t have fine lines but do have drier lips. But I really prepped well prior to applying and still had problems. All the reviews I read though didn’t really mention how the color fell into the natural lip lines! Was kind of surprised no one said anything! Maybe it is us! ;D

          • Saoirse

            I have naturally full lips that tend to be dry. This lipstick, when it dried down, made them look more wrinkled than they really are. Metallics do that to me sometimes.

          • Isabella Muse

            metallics always look frost on me 🙁 ALWAYS!

  • FrugalCat

    These look adorable and are exactly what I love. That said, they are WAY too expensive for me. Yes, I know they are MAC but they remind me of Wet ‘N Wild or Cover Girl. As you can tell from my forum name, I am a cheap person. Any drugstore dupes?

    • Isabella Muse

      not of this exact formula sadly and not scented like these! You can try Wet n Wild Catsuit but those are long-wearing and not a mousse texture and the colors are a bit more subtle and not as bright.

  • Paige

    I bought a couple of these in the MAC store (strawberry torte and the chocolate one) and I love the colors on them, I love how the strawberry is a red pop with a gold pearl on me. And the chocolate is a really interesting deep berry wine, not straight up literal chocolate brown. My one quibble is the transferring. It absolutely transfers like crazy. Also, why couldn’t they have made the key lime in a wearable…something that wasn’t neon green? Who is going to wear neon green outside of a rave? But oh, that key lime scent is heavenly.

    • Isabella Muse

      The transfer is pretty crazy, seems like the product never full set! A lot of people in answer to your question who would wear neon green ;-D Some folks really enjoy shades like that. I def can’t pull it off sadly! I didn’t smell the key lime one! They didn’t have in stock when I went to see these in person! And I LOVE limes ;-D

      • Paige

        If you love lime and key lime pie, you need to run back to the mall and track this down. MAC totally nailed the scent. If they ever would come out with it in perfume form, man would my husband love that on me.

        • Isabella Muse

          ;-D Sounds yummy! Sadly, I’d never wear the shade! lol!

          • Paige

            Oh amen, sister. But since you’re the fragrance gourmand, if there is every any one who will see a key lime perfume coming, I feel like it’s you.

            Oh, and just to respond to your other question about the product falling into lines, I noticed that it does feather on the lines around my lips. I wish it was just a little more matte and a little less creamy and spreadable.

          • Isabella Muse

            You know it ;-D LathersnLights has a few nice limey scents worth checking out ;-D I never wished for matte before but I have to admit I agree! I wish they’d set to one finish! Matte might look smoother than the thicker cream they have going on here!

        • FrugalCat

          OMG, remember the Key Lime Pie scent that Bath & Body Works had around 2001? They also had a grape one. It was packaged in a clear spray bottle with plastic ice cubes and the piece that drew up the liquid to the sprayer was white with red stripes, like an old-school drinking straw. I saw those on eBay a couple of years later going for crazy money.

  • Iris

    I like scented/flavoured lip products too for the reasons you stated. Reminds me of the Bonne Bell products I used as a kid. I’ll be checking these out. I shall try the Funfetti one in person before making any decisions if it’s opaque.

    • Isabella Muse

      totally reminds me of that ;-D let me know what you think!