July 30, 2018

2 Note Hudson A Beautiful Fragrance Journey Run by Beautiful People

There are plenty of ways to advertise your product especially with social media running our lives. We all know how heavily beauty brands rely on social media to sell us everything from the latest concealer to the next great eyeshadow palette. We’ve discussed time and time again how aggressive beauty brands have become on social media not to mention how pushy and repetitive they are with their releases.

That’s why it’s always refreshing when you run across a unique brand like 2 Note who happen to have some of the most innovative advertising I’ve ever come across. Whether by accident or intentionally done I ran across 2 Note completely on a whim in a bathroom. Yes, a bathroom!

Saturday I was having a delicious breakfast at La Perche which is located in downtown Hudson on Warren Street. After my meal I wandered into their bathroom and washed my hands with a really incredible smelling hand soap. I had one of those Jenna Marbles Kermit moments for a second there as I washed my hands, “WHAT R THIS!?” It smelled heavenly. A strong note of cedar hit my nose first and a quick glance at the bottle revealed Frankincense and Oakmoss.

Ok, at that point I entered the Twilight Zone. You know me, I’m a gourmand freak. When selecting a fragrance Frankincense would typically be a note I’d completely avoid. But somehow, someway I couldn’t stop smelling my hands. So, of course, I looked at the bottle to see what brand this was as I’d totally buy it to use at home. It said simply, 2Note Hudson and below that it read “Made in Hudson”. Oh really? I visit Warren Street quite frequently how have I not run across this before?! Was it something sold at the Farmer’s Market? Where could I purchase this miracle hand soap…

As I walked outside I had my phone in my hand to Google 2 Note and low and behold it happened to be right across the street.

How’s that for advertising? Go into the bathroom to pee, wash your hands, and come out discovering a completely new and exciting selection of indie skincare and fragrance.

I peeked rather shyly into the window when I crossed the street and was actually relieved to see they had three bottles of fragrances in a little sill right next to the door. I didn’t even have to go inside the shop to experience 2 Note. 2 Note was right on the street and I could safely play, mist, and enjoy a few of the scents outside their door without stepping a foot inside. Why am I mentioning this? Because I actually was sort of meh about going inside and being met with aggressive sale reps that wanted to push something on me I didn’t want to buy.

How wrong was I?

The most unique experience you’ll have at 2 Note probably won’t be the fragrances. Don’t get me wrong, those are freaking amazing. But you’ll come out of the experience enriched by meeting two really beautiful people that will treat you like a long lost friend. Darcy and Carolyn are the masterminds behind 2 Note. Two musicians that bring notes of music to their fragrances. And two people that are just so full of love for what they do and for everything else and one around them. In a world so filled with hate and so much insanity it’s refreshing to come across individuals like these two ladies. They remind you that there are good people in the world. They were never pushy about their product, they were just super chill and totally treated you like a friend. I mean, I was sitting their at one point showing them pictures of my dog on my iPhone only to be told when I left to not to forget to bring my puppy back with me when I returned. I really can’t gush enough about the welcoming feel of the store and the people that run it.

But I digress, let’s talk about scents. At first I thought they only had three scents as that was what was located outside their shop. When I finally braved entering the store I was presented with many other scents. Tom Ford would be proud of these two ladies as their scents are just so unusual, different, and very niche smelling. Most are very unisex so no matter if you’re a man or woman a majority of their scents will work on either sex.

The oddest part of my journey was I walked out of that store with a single 1 oz bottle of a fragrance called Rose Otto Chord. I must have been smoking crack or something because to walk out with one fragrance is really unusual for me. I know of at least two other scents that I must go back to purchase and at least several others I have to mist myself with and try again. I also failed to try their skincare (Honey Facial Scrub, Honey Face Wash, just to name a few!) while there. JEEZ! Silly Muse! 2 Note’s fragrances were created to mix and match and cocktail together so I will most definitely head back in and see what sort of unique fragrance I can creating by cocktailing scents together!

The scent cost me a mere $48, cheap as chips for an indie brand that has such excellent sillage. Also, completely affordable for something that smells like you spent $300 on some niche house fragrance.

I typically like rose scents since they tend to get sugary sweet on my skin. This one did not. It’s more of a herbal rose. For lack of a better description it smells like nature to me. A rose garden with just turned earth. The rose is the strongest and most dominate note with a warm spicy element created by the black pepper and clove. It reminds me of that universal scent of all the bath bombs and fragrances combined when you walk into a Lush store. It’s warming and cozy with just the right touch of rose but not heady or cloying. These are the days I wish we all had scratch and sniff monitors so you can smell exactly what it is I’m trying to describe to you. It’s a very sophisticated blend with a certain sexy sultry allure. The throw is soft yet still surrounds the wearer with an excellent long wear of seven hours.

2 Note Hudson was a beautiful fragrance journey and it’s run by some beautiful people. If you’re in the area I’d suggest checking it out.

Or visit them on their website to purchase any of their scents! These fragrances are well worth a look at if you’re a lover of fine, unique perfumes.

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  • kjh

    Nice! You know,ever liked Shea Moisture ?Original scent Bath products? To me the hint of frankincense and myrrh are earthy, powdery, wonderful. Scent taste is so funny. You’d prefer to smell like a bakery, and I, like seaweed on granite ( minus the low tide…). With frankincense, you get to be part of the Magi, after all. There has to be some Matriarch with frankincense that you like. Glad you found a local indie to support.

    • Isabella Muse

      Funny enough I actually do like Shea Moisture’s frankincense and myrrh fragrance! it’s actually quite lovely! Reminds me of an old lady vintage perfume ;-D

      • kjh

        Is that why? Lol. Actually, you might be onto s.t. And not just bec i’m Vintage(a virtual Luddite with a landline and a stick shift car.) For Ladies’ wear scent, I like the classic old Chypres, preferably before the oak moss allergy fracas…old Rochas Femme, Guerlain Mitsouko and L’Heure Bleue, Cabochard, that type of juice. Most of my faves are a quarter of a century before my time, so it’s way old old lady vintage perfume. That’s prob why today’s girlie scents and the gourmands do not appeal, and for newer picks it’s men’s or indie unisex.

        • Isabella Muse

          I love gourmand don’t get me wrong but I’m all about “grandma” fragrances too ;-D

  • Lauren

    I’ll have to check these out! I wish they had a shop in NYC, so I could browse during my next trip!

  • Kish

    This sounds like such an amazing place, I wish I lived close enough to visit. That said, I will definitely check out their site. I’m wearing the Philosophy Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere today, and I love it. Most perfumes, except for oils) don’t last more than two hours on me. This one is still around after almost 8, so I’m in love.

    • Isabella Muse

      If you ever get to NY you can visit ;-D Isn’t it great? I really loved it! It wore well on me too which surprised me since Philosophy scents are typically very weak!