August 21, 2018

The Ordinary No Longer at Beautylish?

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Brandon is on a rampage again apparently because the Ordinary is waving bye-bye to Beautylish allegedly according to e-mails that were posted on the Ordinary’s Instagram account this week. As you know the Ordinary was in and out of Sephora in the flash. No one really knows why exactly the Ordinary disappeared from Sephora so quickly. Was it Brandon’s doing? Was it Sephora who decided to cut ties? Who knows….!

Now they are apparently leaving Beautylish or as the Ordinary’s account posted they are divorcing from Beautylish due to some sort of “extreme disrespect by Nils”. Nils Johnson is the co-founder of Beautylish. I’ve always had amazing customer service with Beautylish and I’ve always felt higher-end department stores as well as stores like Sephora and Ulta can learn a lot from them in regards to customer service, shipping time, etc….I’m not sure how they handle things with brands but I picture it being with the same of professionalism they treat their customers and knowing the Ordinary’s track record I have to say I’m Team Beautylish.

As reported In May, this might mean The Ordinary is coming to Ulta but with things the way they are the at the moment maybe Ulta is best to stay out of the situation completely!

Either way, it feels like the Ordinary is headed for some sort of major crash down the line with all the ties they have been breaking and bridges they are burning through.

What do you think?

Best get your Ordinary fix before it disappears off the face of the planet. Ironically enough I just did an Ordinary haul recently!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    So, there goes NIOD, too. Wanted to try the fractionated eye thingy, but Deciem is becoming too drama ridden for me. Brandon vs. Nils? No doubt who the culprit is. Beautylish is a total class act, and Brandon has a few pages in the DSM (diagnostic and statistic manual for psych disorders) with his photo in the sidebar. Too bad, liked the serum foundation as a mix in. I would order from Ulta, were it to be picked up….and that does sound risky…but likely not directly from Deciem.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m testing NIOD now and I hope I don’t love it because yup that would be gone as well! This is how I feel about the situation! Beautylish has always been a great experience consumer side. I don’t know there business side but chances are It’s a problem with the Ordinary and not Beautylish.

      • Deb

        Muse, I’ve been using the NIOD eye stuff for quite a while and I freakin love it. Works so well on these aging, dry skinned eyes. And now I’m hooked. And I just put a bunch of The Ordinary stuff in my list at Beautylish. Dammit, why can’t we have nice things! Now I’m just going to pass on all those products I wanted to order. I don’t want to end up loving extremely affordable skin care and then no longer be able to find it. WTF is this company’s problem??

        • Isabella Muse

          yeah!? That’s good news! Planning on starting to test it soon! Damn shame. ITA! Not sure what the end result is with them. It’s just so much drama!

    • Femmie

      Yep. In a capitalist society where your money goes matters. Shame on any adult who doesn’t realize this and the social responsibility we all hold. Cheap skincare isn’t worth it. Sorry.

    • Dori Wittenberg

      At KJH. Oh yes. Sadly, the man has been in 72 hour psychiatric hold in two countries so far. Court in Toronto has assigned a forensic accounting firm to find out what he has been doing with the money. Has been a fascinating news week because of his antics. I’ve been ignoring the royal wedding and focusing on this!

  • Amy Allen

    I’m never going to try Ordinary, just like I will never try Too Faced. People behind the brand matter.

    • Swoozy

      This. Deciem could be selling a certified miracle in a bottle and I will pass so long as the leadership acts as it does. Why would I want to reward that kind of behavior?

      • Lisa

        AMEN! Will not spend a dime on someone who cannot treat their customers or business partners with dignity and respect. Just cause you’re popular and now feel like you have some power, don’t step on the little guy who helped get you there….

  • CosmetopiaDigest

    “Extreme disrespect by Nils”? Seriously? I stay away from drama, and would have ignored the entire thing as oversized toddlers squabbling if not for that one sentence. Despite my being nothing short of a pest at times, Nils and his team at Beautylish have been utterly brilliant to me over my orders and shipping issues for some four years now. I find it very hard to believe that he’d be guilty of “extreme disrespect” to a business partner. And, given what we’ve seen on Deciem’s Instagram over the last few months, I’m Team Beautylish as well!

  • Jujubes

    Someone please take social media away from that guy!! He is single handedly ruining what he created!

  • Rina

    Hopefully Ulta is watching all this with a huge HELL NO…

    And KJH is spot on with the DSM!

  • breyerchic04

    I’ve been using TO for two years now, since right when it was coming out, and while I do have pretty serious issues with the way they behave on social media, I’m not stopping just because of that. I’ve tried basically everything in the line and only have a few favorites, but those are really hard to beat even at higher prices. I love Granactive Retinoid in Squalene 5% and Buffet or Copper Peptide Buffet, Argiraline also makes a noticable difference in my forehead and around my lips. I don’t even know how to find other peptide serums, and can’t use several of the base oils other companies put in retinol/retinoids.

  • Linda

    Sad to learn this. I really like the acids I have purchased from The Ordinary. I really hope they get it sorted out and they stay in business for the long haul.

  • Sarah

    I’m liking this brand less and less. What Deciem needs to do is eject Brandon entirely and take control of the brand. It’s not fair to us as consumers to have to deal with whatever is going on in his world – because we are. He’s becoming a spectacle and it’s clear he can’t separate his personal dealings from his business.

    I love The Ordinary but I’m finding it so difficult to support it and now that it’s being yanked from Beautylish I guess I’ll have to order directly from the source – if I’m even going to order directly from the source.

    Sorry, this is just so frustrating.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m surprised Estee Lauder hasn’t done so already! It’s odd they let him to continue to go on like this.

      • Sarah

        Here’s hoping that Estee Lauder does the right thing and steps in. Deciem’s brands are beloved for a good reason – they work! I don’t want to have to give up this brand because I love skincare that actually does what it’s supposed to without breaking the bank, but I’ve stopped my support for other brands because of the bad behavior of the CEOs. It would be hypocritical for me to continue supporting The Ordinary…

        What a bummer. Let’s all hope something changes and soon.

      • Anita

        I couldn’t agree more. I can only imagine that the financial performance of the company must still be going well, otherwise he’d have had the boot by now.

  • Kara

    I’m so over these beyond bizarre social media posts by Brandon. It’s sad to see what seems to be a good company probably losing customers due to this unprofessional drama. The few things I have bought from The Ordinary were from Beautylish, and that is the only place I would have continued to buy TO products from as I was extremely pleased with ordering from Beautylish. So count me as team Beautylish and I will continue to order other brands from them. But, I’m done with The Ordinary and won’t purchase from them again, even if they do come to Ulta.

  • Kish

    I guess I’m very glad that the few things I’ve tried from The Ordinary were just very…ordinary to me. Nothing worth repurchasing, especially now with all the extra drama. I’ll buy from other brands happily.

  • Paris B

    I stumbled on that IG post just last night and the amount of eye-rolling I did! LOL I have stayed away from The Ordinary since the first time there was drama (also because I don’t find it as effective as everyone claims it is – textures and formula matters not just one ingredient) and will continue to stay away. I’ve never shopped from Beautylish although I was surprised to know they carried TO, considering their portfolio of brands. The upside to Beautylish was that they shipped internationally, which matters to us international gals for whom the DECIEM shipping costs an arm and a leg. Ulta doesn’t ship here. Still, who knows what’s really happening or maybe nothing is. Fella can’t go a month without some form of drama can he? 😛

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi hi! LOL I know how you feel about the Ordinary ;-D I’m pretty much the same as you I keep trying to love TO but I’m not understanding the hype at all! Beautylish has been expanding a lot lately. They now carry Stila which isn’t a brand I wouldn’t think would be a good fit for them as well as other brands. Lord no. You gotta love him for the fact that he brings the drama if nothing else!

  • Diana

    I’ve liked the Ordinary products I’ve tried in the past, but this constant shitshow on their social media…I’m done with this brand. I peeked at their Instagram last night, and the constant immaturity and drama the brand and it’s current supporters like to stir up is ridiculous. It says a lot about the type of people they all are, and none of it is good. I’ll gladly pay higher prices for a more respectable brand.

  • Dori Wittenberg

    Court in Toronto has stepped in and basically placed a restraining mandate on the founder. Things got too much out of control this week. Has been fascinating to watch on the news. I have learned a lot about the industry and business law from this.