August 23, 2018

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze Review & Swatches

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4 stars out of 5

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze review and swatches

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze ($20) are a new scented, flavored liquid lip color available in 12 shades that launched with the Too Faced Tutti Fruitt Collection for Fall 2018.

As you know I’m very much done with the matte liquid lipstick trend and I’m all about glossier lips which is why I’m really loving the Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze formula. These little guys have the pigment of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss with plenty of moisture, pigment, and a formula that isn’t tacky nor sticky.

Do love!

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze arrive in a square barrel that holds 0.24 oz of product. The gold-plated top is decorated with a cute fruity face plate featuring watermelons, kiwis, and strawberries which is quite fitting with the theme of the collection.

Too Faced calls these a full coverage lipgloss with a candy gloss finish. I have no idea what a candy gloss finish is šŸ™‚ but I would guess it just means glossy finish. As I said above they are very pigmented and have the shine of a gloss. A single application produced vibrant, intense color pay off. The finish is more of a metallic sheen with a bit of shine but not quite the shine you’d get from a more traditional lipgloss formula. The texture is thick, quite creamy, and spreads easily on my drier lips but does accentuate my natural lip line depending on the shade I wore (Takes Two to Mango did fall into my natural lip lines where as Home Slice had a smoother finish without falling into natural lip lines). I got a solid five hour wear without migrating or feathering issues but when color wears down you’ll be left with a good deal of shimmer on your lips. I actually disagree about calling them a lipgloss at all as I’d consider them a form of liquid lipstick or a liquid lipcolor.

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze Swatches (Home Slice and Takes Two To Mango)

Too Faced Home Slice Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze

Too Faced Takes Two To Mango Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze

I liked the idea of the entire scented Tutti Frutti launch and these do smell very nice with a sweet, fruity scent. However, I didn’t love the taste as although sweet and fruity there’s also an odd bitter perfume-y underlay which wasn’t terribly pleasant.

Overall, though the Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze was a nice formula that offered plenty of color with a hint of shine that wore comfortably, long, and had a nice hydrating feel

Where to buy

Ulta Too Faced

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze is a scented and flavored liquid lip color available in 12 shades for $20 each that has the pigment of a lipstick and the shiny of a gloss with a metallic sheen finish. I thought these were quite nice with a creamy, easy to apply texture that felt moisturizing on my lips without being tacky nor sticky. Out of the two shades I tried one was very smooth in finish but the other did accentuate my natural lip lines a bit. The wear time was a nice five hour period without migration or feathering but color will transfer as these aren’t a long-wearing, waterproof formula.


  • Anyone seeking a bold, bright lip color.
  • Anyone tired of matte liquid lipstick but still wanting a pigmented liquid lipstick-like formula that has shine and moisture with the pigment of a lipstick.


  • Those sensitive to fragrance.
  • Anyone who has aging lips (some shades seem to accentuate natural lip lines).
  • Anyone who doesn’t like heavier lip formula (this is quite creamy and thick).


Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze should be a great pick up for anyone who is over matte and wants a pigmented lip product that has a hint of a shine and the creaminess and moisture of a gloss.