September 6, 2018

Bath & Body Works Bonfire Bash Does Not Smell Like Marshmallow Fireside

bath & body works bonfire

Bath & Body Works Bonfire Bash does not smell like Marshmallow Fireside contrary to reviews I’ve read and what reps are saying in store. But guess what? It still smells mighty good!

Who’s all about cozy Fall scents?

Bath & Body Works Bonefire Bash delivers cozy warmth for Autumn!

I’d like to see I haven’t quite reached a stage in my Bath & Body life that their marshmallow vanilla blends are getting tired yet. Over the course of the last several months we have seen a lot of different variations of Beach Nights including Vanilla Bean that launched during the Semi-Annual Sale and the more recent Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds.

I do think their latest Fall 2018 fragrance, Bonfire Bash, belongs in the category of those scents since it smells so much like them!

Beach Nights was definitely a fragrance that gave birth to many of Bath & Body Works current marshmallow fragrances in their body line in my humble opinion. With the success of Marshmallow Fireside one has to wonder why they waited so long to do fragrances in their body line like this but who knows with the weird marketing at Bath & Body Works what they might be thinking.

Most people I’ve spoken to and what I’ve read on the Internet are comparing Bonfire Bash to Marshmallow Fireside and I get the similarities I just don’t think they smell identical to each other though. That doesn’t mean this doesn’t smell divine, it does. But it isn’t quite Marshmallow Fireside!

If I had to pick one scent to pick up for Fall at Bath & Body Works this would be it. It’s one of the better ones that launched this year! Way nicer and way stronger than the really weak offering that is Sweater Weather.

They don’t list the notes on the bottle just the inspiration which are toasted marshmallow, cracking campfires, and cozy flannels. To my nose it smells like a warm toasty marshmallow right out of the bottle with a hint of spicy warm vanilla. Those notes are the ones that are retained throughout the wear! It seems to have the same middle, heart, and base notes of toasted marshmallow and a touch of spicy vanilla. Nothing changes as it dries down and I’m completely fine with that as I like these notes a lot. It smells like a warm gooey marshmallow!

I think it’s a must buy for anyone who loved Beach Nights and the recent Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds. It’s also a scent I’d consider stocking up on if you like warm, comforting gourmands! It’s a shame the scent isn’t all that long-wearing but layering does help!

Anyone try this yet?


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  • Raquel

    Hey Muse!

    In your opinion does this scent smell like Philosophy’s Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere? I picked that scent up when Qvc had it as as tsv and really have been enjoying it, so I’m wondering how similar the two are.

    • Isabella Muse

      Not really honey! It’s more marshmallow! Philospophy’s version is spicer, warmer, better linger/throw too!

  • Kish

    I got my order last night and to me there is a definite peppercorn smell. I like it. I like Sweater Weather too, it’s closer to the candle than I hoped. Autumn Nights is weird, there’s a familiar baby bath or baby powder note that kinda overpowers the rest to me. It’s not bad. Just not what I was expecting.

    • Isabella Muse

      sweater weather is SO weak for me so I skipped out! Haven’t tried autumn nights yet but I think I can get on board with the baby powder thing 😀

  • Lisa S.

    Oooo, I picked this up this weekend and it is sooo nice. I also got Whipped Vanilla and Spice several weeks ago (I’m wearing it today) and it my opinion it’s just as nice as Bonfire Bash
    ( I’m not sure you can go wrong with vanilla and cinnamon)

    • Isabella Muse

      I really LOVE the whippec vanilla but I am SO sad how subtle it is on me!

  • Trinity

    Bonfire Bash is probably my top 3 now from B & B! Praying they come forward with the candle.

  • Lyndsey

    I actually stumbled upon you site desperately seeking out a replacement scent to try during their current annual sale!! Bonfire Bash was an absolute favorite of mine above probably any, ever! Do you have any recommendations that are still available on their site now that are extremely or close to being similar? Im going to look up the two you referenced im your post. I do not care for anything floral or fruity and they have really gotten to where I think that’s mostly what they put out anymore! Thanks!

  • Ing

    So I bought this scent in a shower gel last fall and didn’t get around to using it so I waited until now to use it. When I first smelled it without water it smelled nice and woodsy and sweet, but when I used it in the shower it was BAM! SENSUAL AMBER! I’m surprised no one else has made that comparison yet…or perhaps I’m just too old and remember the old scents too well lol! But for anyone who remembers and loved sensual amber, that’s what this smells like to me!

    • Isabella Muse

      Interesting 🙂 I didn’t get much amber but I did love how yummy and comforting this smells! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Jana Cahill

    Bonfire Bash was a great bubble bath scent because it wasn’t an overpowering Vanilla scent.