September 6, 2018

Tarte Holiday 2018 Is Available And I Might Be Skipping It

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tarte holiday 2018

Tarte Holiday 2018 arrived yesterday featuring a new Sweet Escape Collector’s Set and Eyeshadow Palette as well as other gifts sets and I’m probably skipping all of it. Gulp! Did I say that?

So, here’s the scoop. Tarte Holiday 2018 Collection has a theme this year and it appears to be Hawaii with flamingo shaped makeup brushes, pineapple palettes, and an entire array of Christmas in Maui deal going on. Cute but I’m not really feeling it oh so much? I’m a New Yorker who likes to rant about the weather. You see, you’ll meet complete strangers in Manhattan at a Starbucks and just starting talking about how boiling hot it is outside or how much snow is on the floor. Truly we love bitching about the weather in New York. But we also like living through each of the seasons no matter how much we complain. That’s why I’m not really into this collection. Summer is Summer, Winter is Winter, I’m not so into combing the two. I like snow and Christmas trees, and hot cocoa, and snowmen, I don’t want flamingos in my Holiday Collection.

However, that’s actually another story and not why I’m skipping Tarte Holiday 2018.

I’m skipping this collection because it’s just too much repetitiveness as well as bulky packaging on the Sweet Escape Collector’s Set. I have so many of Tarte’s palettes from past Holiday Collections like Home for the Holidaze Collector’s Set, Light of the Party Collector’s Makeup Case, Treasure Box Collector’s Set, etc…etc…I don’t see too much of a major difference in the Sweet Escape Collector’s Set that would warrant a purchase.

Another item is the Flushed & Fabulous Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set which again I do feel inclined to slip because I have sets like Special Edition Holiday QVC Amazonian Clay Blush Set, At First Blush Set, etc…etc…it’s just the same thing over and over and the shades don’t appear super unique in the new set! And we also have the new Life of the Party Clay Blush Palette & Clutch that looks exactly like Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette.

Tarte hasn’t updated their Holiday Collection in least five years now. Originally they were doing a Jewelry Box themed collection for a while which included releases like the The Starlet Makeup Vanity. But they now have reverted to doing mega sets which I don’t have a problem with! It’s a good deal of bang for your buck however, if you’re an older fan of the brand it does become very repetitive.

So, that’s why this year I might be skipping out….! But I will say that QVC, Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s all get their own exclusive palettes and gift sets so we’ll have to see what pops up there that might change my mind!

Anyway, here’s what launched so far! Let me know if you plan on hauling any of it!

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set $49
The star of the Holiday 2018 Collection! A limited edition palette featuring 25 brand new eyeshadow shades, two blushes, one bronzer, one highlighter, deluxe Maneater Liquid Eyeliner and Maneater Mascara as well as a deluxe Glide & Gi Buttery Lipstick!

tarte holiday 2018

Tarte Sunshine & Smooches Lip Set $39
5 Full-Sized Tarteist Quick Dry Matte lip paints in:

  • Bling (pink berry)
  • Pillowtalk (white nude)
  • Low Key (nude)
  • Vibin (wine)
  • XOXO (red)

Tarte Flushed & Fabulous Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set $32
4 Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes in the following limited edition shades:

  • Bikini Bottoms
  • Parasail
  • Sunny Side
  • Do Not Disturb

Tarte Lashy & Flashy Lash Curler $20
A limited-edition Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler with pineapple-shaped grips packaged with a deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara.

Tarte Let’s Fla-Mingle Brush Set $44
A set of five tropical inspired cruelty-free makeup brushes with pink bristles.


  • Fan Brush
  • Stippling Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Cheek Brush
  • Contour Brush

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer & Mini Sponge Set $29
Tarte’s popular concealer packaged up for the Holidays with a cute flamingo charm and a mini sponge for blending!

Tarte Flamingo Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara $23
Tarte’s popular and cult favorite mascara housed in a limited edition gold flamingo printed barrel!

Tarte Life of the Party Clay Blush Palette & Clutch $42
3 limited edition Amazonian Clay Blushes in matte and shimmer finishes, one bronzer, and a highlighter in an easy to travel with clutch!

Tarte Pinapple Throne Sponge and Holder $21

Tarte Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze Magnetic Palette $19

Tarte Jetset in a Jiffy Intro Set $30

  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Travel-size Sweet Tarte Fragrance
  • Travel-size Maneater Voluptuous Mascara
  • Travel-size Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick
  • Makeup Bag

Tarte Busy Girl Essentials Intro Set $32

  • Full-size Gleam Team Dual-Ended Highlighter
  • Deluxe Shape Tape Setting Powder
  • Deluxe Timeless Smoothing Primer
  • Maneater Self-Sharpening Liner
  • Makeup Bag

Tarte Deluxe Tarteist Dream Team Liner Trio $17
3 deluxe Tarteist Double Take Eyeliners with a creamy gel pencil on one end & a longwearing liquid liner on the other


  • Black
  • Brown (LE)
  • Burgundy (New, LE)

Tarte Fierce and Flirty Eye Set $29
A cutesy cat makeup bag that includes a ful-size Maneater Liquid Eyeliner and a travel-sized Maneater Mascara.

Tarte Flawless Foursome Lip Sculptor Set $34
Four of Tarte’s bestselling Lip Sculptor that contain a lipstick on one end and a gloss on the other!


  • Adore (dusty mauve)
  • Sangria (mauve berry)
  • Treat (dusty rose)
  • Jam (beige rose)

So, now that you’ve seen some of the Tarte Holiday 2018 Collection do you think you’ll haul it?

Why or why not!?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Lori

    Skip! I’ve kind of been over Tarte for a while now. I only love their Tartelette Matte palette. I used to like their blushes but they all looked the same on me. Plus I feel like they didn’t used to be so childish. Also, I am with you on the winter/summer thing. I too am a New Yorker and want the things I buy for the holidays to be cozy and warm and winter-y!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      me too! I think I’m good here! It’s just a lot of the same stuff I already own! LOL likewise! I just want a winter themed collection not a tropical island one!

    • Kristin

      Agree totally on Tarte being more targeted towards teens on their packaging. I’ve bought many past holiday kits and I agree they are all starting to look the same. So many browns and rust colors. Lips are all nude and brown too. Always seems like muddy colors. I remember watching Maureen selling her cheek stain blush. That got me hooked. And now all these sets are starting to all look the same. It’s like the same old colors put in a different packaging. I thought after the unicorn collection they would come back with a nice Christmas theme. But now flamingos?

  • Kimmwc03

    I’m with you on the seasons thing. I like pineapples and all but I don’t want them on my Holiday sets.

    So far this is a pass for me. Too repetitive.

  • Maria

    I agree Muse. Looks like the same old tarte but different packaging. The brush set looks childish and how are you supposed to store them. Easy pass.

  • kimkats

    I like the flamingo charm (but you can’t buy that separate) and I like the empty palette – I might actually jump on that. The rest is a big PASS. highly meh…

  • Carol G

    I agree 100%. This is not Christmas to the majority of people. When you think Christmas you think snow, Santa, etc.
    I’m pretty much over all this holiday stuff in general anyway. Christmas now lasts from Sept until Dec 25. It’s too much! By the time Christmas comes, I’m so sick of it I just want it over with. Yes, bah humbug indeed. But I can’t deal with it being Sept. and seeing Christmas trees in stores.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel the same lately about the Holidays. It just feels like Christmas sets are all done and done again! Nothing I absolutely need! I can’t either. Walked into a store Labor day and christmas trees all over STOP NO!

  • kjh

    Being a New Englander who gets trapped home due to snow/o street parking and DPW ineptitude, this ain’t my holiday, either. Even when I had a life, it was North Country skiing. Maybe I’d feel differently, if I had a FL, CA, or HI winter home, but I doubt it. We have all this, in different packaging. And the brushes are not cute or artsy. They are vaguely obscene. Not for me OR for gifts.

  • Angie Clementine

    I live in a pretty warm climate where we have mild winters, but the flamingo theme doesn’t especially appeal to me. I’m definitely not interested in brushes with weirdly shaped handles. Do people actually use those?? The cat makeup bag does look really cute, but I don’t need any more makeup bags, and bags are never a selling point of a kit for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s insta-makeup imho! The brushes are great for social media just not for practical use imho!

  • Tay

    I agree that the Tarte holiday collection (and nearly all their others) is just way too repetitve. Plus, by time November rolls around, it will probably all be on sale.

  • Cindy

    After the Too Faced Tutti Frutti collection (which I skipped), ENOUGH. WITH. THE. DAMNED. PINEAPPLES!! Don’t be a copycat! I’m totally skipping this too. I have a mega set from last year and the packaging is much nicer and more compact than this. The shades are also very similar to this year’s offering. I hope the Ulta-exclusive products are nice, because you know, points = free stuff!

  • Linda Whitener

    Wow. I’m not even impressed with the blush palette – and their last two holiday blush palettes have been go-to items for me. The brushes are cute, but they also look pretty cumbersome to use. Sad…

  • Janessa

    Only thing I’m even remotely interested in is the eyeliner trio. I want to NEED to the blush palette out of principal, but I’m underwhelmed.
    Who in their marketing department signed off on flamingo’s and pineapples for the holiday??

  • Susan

    If this big set is like the last couple of releases from Tarte, I suspect the promo photo makes it look more pink than it is. When Tarte can get past releasing 500 Shades of Brown & Beige, I might be interested but ’til then there’s too many other good brands out there vying for my coin.

  • Denise

    I won’t be hauling ANY of it at retail. When it starts going on clearance before Valentines Day, I will reconsider.

  • Dee

    I so agree with you! I want skaters and snowmen and hot cocoa! No this one for me.

  • Canukchick

    Die hard tarte enthusiast. It’s one of the only brands I use mainly because for years I had hypersensitive intolerant skin and tarte was a brand that didn’t irritate me. But… I haven’t bought a holiday collection in years. I love the rainforest palettes, love the in bloom, love some of their singles and mascaras. But I have enough of their blushes… and that palette? Why is the blush palette so fat chunky and ugly?? They’ve been sleek for a couple years. Terrible!! Everything here is tacky to the max and awful. Which is perfect for me because I’ll save my money and spend it elsewhere!

  • Agona

    I grew up near Boston and lived in Hawaii for 3 years; whenever fall/winter would roll around is when I was homesick the most. Pfft, don’t pineapple me, brah!

    That being said, I’ve only been a fan of tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea palettes. I have felt the reviews of their holiday palettes in the past have lamented about the lower quality and I hate bulky packaging. I may snag the blush set though; I’ve been into blushes lately.

  • Kish

    First year I haven’t wanted a single thing. Some of it is kinda cute, but the actual makeup is just the same old. Oh well, I really want that Hourglass Ambient palette and that will cost enough lol.

  • Deborah

    Wow, they should have saved this for summer 2019!
    Easy pass. I hate the bulky packaging as well! I haven’t seen anything from them in years that I have wanted! I do love one I got years ago, Gorgeous Getaways. I did get rid of the packaging and placed all the quads + blush in an extra large z palette. They fit in it perfectly! I didn’t depot anything.
    Thanks for the first peek!!

    • Isabella Muse

      likely some will where as others won’t and sephora will get their own selection of exclusive sets as will ulta and macy’s.

  • joannej_1974

    I almost bought that palette today, but couldn’t find any reviews or swatches (other than Tartes and they looked awful), but then realized it was a brand new release. They’ve added even more to this collection but I have most of those items. I know their holiday palettes are hit or miss quality wise, so I’ll wait and if I do get any of it, it would likely only be if it ended up on sale. I like the look of the Pineapple of My eye palette more, but the packaging looks too bulky.

  • Wendy Sue

    I’m sorry, but that pineapple shaped eyeshadow palette is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to love Tarte and when I first starting using their products I had to buy every single palette they came out with. But, like you, I was like whoa this stuff is all starting to look the same. I bought one of the holiday palettes last year and guess what? I’VE NEVER USED IT! LOL! Too many far more interesting and fun palettes this year. Sadly, I will be passing on Tarte this year too! (i’m probably going to pass on a lot of holiday stuff this year, for several reasons, 1.) the holiday stuff — quality just isn’t there anymore and 2.) I’m actually burning out on buying makeup. I know, even I’m shocked lol)

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed not to mention really bulky 🙁 I’m not into it at all! I’m shocking myself as I always consider these things for review on my blog but this year it’s like, “does anyone even want to see any of this stuff swatched!?”

  • Megan Odgers

    As someone who lives in the southern hemisphere, the tropical theme i see finally one that works for our season! I actually want to pick up the pineapple of my eye set, against all reason. The angel on one shoulder is saying “You don’t need it, it’ll be hard to store it, you have enough eyeshadow, all their holiday releases are the same every year…” but the devil is saying “Look, there’s a little but more colour than they usually do! And you love tarte blushes! You don’t have many tarte palette, especially not any with colour”.
    I guess we’ll see who wins….

  • Bethany

    Tarte has always been my go-to for holiday palette splurges. Words can not describe how disappointed I am this year. It seems ever so tacky! ESPECIALLY those horrible flamingo brushes! Who in their right minds gave the go-ahead for this train wreck? (Sorry, I am extra salty today. lol)