September 24, 2018

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette Review & Swatches

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4 stars out of 5

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette ($42) is a new palette containing four peach scented powders which can be used as blusher, bronzer, highlighter, or eyeshadow. I’ve been trying to find a replacement for MAC Sweet Vision lately and NARS Orgasm isn’t really cutting it. Don’t get me wrong I love Orgasm but I really LOVE Sweet Vision and I’m constantly trying to replicate the luminous golden glow it gives me! Needless to say that’s led me on a path to purchasing a good deal of sparkling blushes lately and Too Faced has been very accommodating by releasing products like their new Fruit Cocktail Blush Duos and of course, this Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette.

The Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette is an exclusive part of the Peaches & Cream Collection that’s available at Sephora which means this palette can be purchased there and on Too Faced’s website only. It comes housed in the classic gold and peach compact that we’ve seen from products like the White Peach Eyeshadow Palette. I think it’s beautifully presented and the cute peach clasp that holds the palette closed is quite a pretty feature as well as the super generously-sized mirror inside! I’ve said it numerous times in the past but I can’t help but say yet again how visually beautiful the pieces in the Peaches & Cream Collection are. It’s just presented very, very nicely! I realize the quality of the makeup is really the most important aspect but I can’t help but put a lot of attention on packaging as well. Yup, I’m a packing h0r and I freely admit that.

The palette contains four different shades which I think of as blush, highlighter, and bronzer. The Peach Pearl shade is a beige champagne which to me would work best as a highlighter shade. Peach Honey is brown bronze which works best as a bronzer (or brown eyeshadow). And Sugared Peach and Peach Pop are best as blushes.

The palette was created to be used wet or dry but I find that three out of the four shades work perfectly fine on their own to provide a high sheen luminosity on my cheeks without wetting my brush. The only shade that didn’t quite produce a glow but more of a glittery sparkle was Sugared Peach which did have refined gold glitter. All four shades had very soft, silky textures that blended easily. I thought Peach Pearl was a little too frosty but the it didn’t adhere to my drier areas and could be buffed out to a nice flawless glow.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette Swatches (Peach Pearl, Sugared Peach, Peach Honey, and Peach Pop)

I didn’t really love any of these shades as an eyeshadow in all honesty aside from Peach Honey. They might work well with other peachy shadows but if you had plans to pack this up as an all-in-one palette you might struggle creating a look with these four shades together! They might be best used individually if it’s the only palette you’re working with!

I had no issues with application or blending and the colors had nice lasting wear on my cheeks for several hours. The palette does have a strong peachy scent which I found very pleasant but sensitive users might not love it.

Wearing Sugared Peach on Face and Cheeks

Wearing Sugared Peach on Face and Cheeks

Wearing Peach Pop on Cheeks

All in all, the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette is a nice selection of shades that adds a pretty luminous color to your face! I’m glad I purchased this one!

Where to buy

Sephora Too Faced

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette is $42 palette that contains four powders which are 0.17 oz each that can be used on your face or your eyes. The texture on three of the shades is quite lovely with a soft, silky consistency that blended easily and left behind a soft glow. All but one shade, Sugared Peach, didn’t quite have the same glow as the others. This a matte shade with refined gold glitter. Two of the four shades can also act as a blush (Sugared Peach and Peach Pop) which makes the palette very versatile. Although, I didn’t quite like these shades as an eyeshadow. All but Peach Honey seemed to work best as an eyeshadow but none the less the palette still performed great overall, as a face palette.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Beautifully textured with a soft, silky texture that applied and blended easily.
  • Perfect for those who love peach shades!


  • Contains a peach fragrance which might be an issue for sensitive users.
  • Not quite an ideal pick for eye looks.


Anyone who loves peachy shades should get on famously with the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette! It really contains a nice assortment of colors that I fell in love with not to mention it produces such a pretty sheen on my face!