October 30, 2018

A Whooping 33.8 oz Snow Fairy Shower Gel Is All You Need To Get Yourself Through the Holiday Season!

5 stars out of 5

Snow Fairy Shower Gel is available in a mega, super size bottle that’s 33.8 oz in size and you need it! I remember my first Christmas as a Lushie and I remember the first time I sniffed Snow Fairy. To say it was a magical experience is an understatement. Snow Fairy is a scent that truly leaves a lasting impression. It’s incredibly difficult to describe but think of fruity sweet cotton candy swirls and that might help you out. It just smells amazing and it’s addicting as hell! And it’s only available once a year in shower gel form (sometimes Lush will pop up with it in other products like Godmother Soap) and that’s during the Holiday season!

This year, much to my horror my other favorite item from Lush, Snowcake, is sadly missing from their Holiday 2018 line up but I think these HUGE, jumbo Snow Fairy Shower Gels are most definitely helping me mourn the loss of Snowcake (I’m sort of convinced they might surprise us with it on Black Friday or something).

33.8 oz Snow Fairy Next To 16.9 oz for size comparison

So, a jumbo bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel doesn’t come cheap! It’s $50 bucks! Ouch! But I don’t care! It’s a treat I was willing to indulge in! I sure hope that when Boxing Day rolls around I’ll be able to haul one and get one free (Lush has a Boxing Day sale every year with a Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer). But I MAY just get another bottle. I’m sure two 33.8 oz bottles will get me through until next Holiday season!

If not this bottle at the very least try a small bottle of Snow Fairy and thank me later 🙂

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  • Bonnie

    Muse, like you I was devastated to learn about Snowcake and have actually emailed and tweeted Lush to express my disappointment! I sure do hope you are right about it popping up on Black Friday. 🙂 I myself made a small Lush haul last weekend. I bought the larger size of Rose Jam as well as a Perle de Sel bath bomb, which I was told is “similar” to the scent of Snowcake. I haven’t used it yet but there is a faint marzipan smell. Still NOT the same as having bars of Snowcake all winter long!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Bonnie! Have they replied? Curious minds! I was going to call CS a few days ago but didn’t get a chance! I was very sad about this. I typically buy a whole slab of it from the UK but they no longer ship entire soap slabs (yes, I’m that obsessed). 🙁 I can’t believe it’s not available. I wonder if they ran out of some element they need to create it!? Try Etsy for dupes! A lot of people have exact replicates of the scent!

      • Bonnie

        Muse, they did reply and said that they try to keep things “fresh and innovative at Lush, and sometimes that means letting some old favorites go.” BOO!! She didn’t say it would never come back, though. I hope everyone who is upset about Snowcake sends them a note so that they bring it back!

        • Isabella Muse

          That’s so damn weird. Snowcake is such a beloved favorite! I can’t believe they’d just not bring it back 🙁 how sad!

  • Hollie

    I was really hoping Twilight shower gel would come back too 🙁

    Maybe it’s not too late to hold out hope as you say!!

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe that they wouldn’t bring back one of their most popular seasonal items, so I am choosing to think that they’re just going to do a late “April Fools” on us with it! It’s one of the few things I’d actually go into a Lush store to get (along with Sympathy for the Skin), since I despise their stores. Well, actually, it’s the super-irritating salespeople that I can’t stand, lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m amazed myself. I’m thinking they ran out of some ingredient to make it! I’m still hoarding a snowcake shower gel in my fridge! ugh I can’t believe I admitted that!

      • Hollie

        HAHA I LOVE IT!!

        If we were in the beginning stages of friendship and I saw that in your fridge, I would know we were meant to be besties!

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL ;-D I’m horrible. Don’t ask! I even have old bath bombs stores in humid control boxes (like Wimbledon bath bomb)! don’t tell anyone I told you this haha ;D

  • Beth

    I think the last post I commented on was deleted but please share where in NJ has a Bath and Body Works test store!!! I had no idea they had one that close!

    • Isabella Muse

      beth I don’t see it? I def wouldn’t delete it! I actually replied above about the test store 🙂 hope this helps!

      • Isabella Muse

        I’m sorry I lied! I replied to someone else about the test store somewhere else! It’s Westfield Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ (Phone 201-843-8080) <----