October 12, 2018

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Highlight & Blush Palette Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.
1 stars out of 5

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Highlight & Blush Palette ($34) limited edition palette that includes two highlighters and one blush inspired by cherries (no, it doesn’t smell like cherries sorry about that!). I was actually quite excited to see this in person and when it arrived I was even more excited to see what a warm shade of cranberry rose this was. It’s that type of color that reminds you of coming in from the cold and having that faint flush of healthy red on your cheeks! I typically look quite well in shades like this and since I don’t have a slew of warmer reds I was exited to add it to my collection.

This trio face palette is nothing new as Urban Decay carries an entire range of shades in it Naked Flush Highlight & Blush Palettes in the same style. However, the color is new and limited edition and quite different for the Naked Flush range as those shades are typically peachy. This comes in a sturdy cardboard compact with a magnetic closure and a generously-sized mirror inside. I loved the cherry art work decorating the front of the palette and thought they packaged this up quite nicely.

Sadly, the packaging is likely the only raving I’ll do here as I was sooooo disappointed by this formula.

First off the blush shade is beautiful but impossible to pick up with a brush. DAMN this is dense AF! It’s very hard in the pan and I really had to scrub at it to pick the color up. Oddly enough it applies really nicely and has a smooth, even texture on my skin and I can build it up nicely. But actually get it out of the pan is CRAZY difficult. I imagine if I flung it across the room and had hit the wall and drop onto my bathroom title it wouldn’t crack. Jeez…! It does wear like a champ though! I got through 14 hours without it fading at all!

It deserves mentioning that for some reason I struggled picking up the blush alone. I kept bumping into either of the two highlighters. This isn’t something I struggled with from my other Naked Flush Palettes so, not sure why it is happening here but it was driving me batty I couldn’t pick up the blush without getting a ton of highlighter on my brush as well. Maybe this was because the blush was so difficult to pick up due to the density and I was ending up with the softer powdery of the highlighter coming at me. None the less it deserved to be mentioned because the struggle was real.

To accompany the blush there are two highlighter shades as well one of which is a pretty light peach sheen and the other a pure frosty white (this is actually called a “topper” shade whatever the hell that means!). Thankfully both of these had a better texture and were much easier to pick up with my brush. However, they were fairly frosty and the formula was quite dry on my cheeks and emphasized flaws I didn’t even have! I have quite smooth skin but I swear this made me look like I had ten tons of highlighter on my cheeks and was quite patchy and less than smooth.

This was just crazy bad. Sorry, it is what it is but I would strongly advise against buying it unless it gets on sale for like some crazy super deal don’t pay full price for the love of the makeup gods!

Anyone try it?

Did you have good results?

Do share!

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Urban Decay Naked Cherry Highlight & Blush Palette is a new, limited edition blush and highlighter palette that launched with the Naked Cherry Fall/Holiday 2018 Collection. I was severely disappointed with the formula of this palette. The blush was very, very dense and proved difficult to pick up with my brush! I was literally scrubbing at it to get any color transferred to my blush! It did apply very well and blended out to a smooth and lasting finish that wore for 14 hours without a hiccup but the density of the formula was unforgivable. The highlighter shades were equally bad for me as they were too frosty and made me look like I had way too much highlighter. Overall, this was a very disappointing experience!


  • I sadly can’t think of any cons!


  • Very dense blush formula that was impossible to pick up with a brush.
  • Highlighters are way too frosty and emphasized flaws I didn’t even have!


I don’t anyone wants to work this hard for makeup! <

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • kjh

    This just isn’t that special to work so hard. I suspect that it will ‘start’ with a dense brush head, much like Nars summer DI, that became a fave…although I almost returned it. Having to scrub it, before it works with your fave brushes is just not a go.

  • Melaina

    Dang, I really loved how this looked!! But, I’ll wait until in inevitably hits the sales. Thank you!

  • Dee

    Oh wow, if the highlights emphasize flaws that you didn’t even have, can’t imagine mine! They would pick those damn large pores on my face and show them to the world, LOL. Plus frosty style makeup is never look good on me. I’ll pass on this one even when it’s on crazy super sale. Thanks for reviewing, Muse.

    • Isabella Muse

      Don’t feel bad! I’m convinced frost is not good on anyone! <3! my pleasure!

  • Dana

    I find it funny how this seems to be the case these days with most makeup brands, especially Urban Decay!

  • Jana

    Hi Muse, I love your blog. Try Boots No. 7 blush in Plum Velvet….it’s awesome, and seems much better than Urban Decay Cherry.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Jana! googled that shade looks gorgeous thanks for the rec!!!!!!