November 13, 2018

Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick Review & Swatches (And I Hope You Like My Tardis Cardigan)

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

Two weeks ago I was wearing Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick and a Tardis Cardigan because Fall ya’ll (are you loving the new season of Doctor Who?)! Today, I’m sitting hear in a sun dress and pigtails because California ya’ll! This weather is stupid good, I’m never coming home (only kidding! I miss bagels, straws, pizza, and rude people that flip you off while driving down a parkway! There’s a ton more traffic on the West Coast but it feels like people driving around here have way better manners than the ones back home).

No but seriously, I was in fact wearing nude lipsticks and sweaters two weeks ago and was totally feeling Fall! I purchased Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick during my “I must buy all the nude lipsticks for Fall” phase I was going through back in October because a. I really like Make Up Revolution Lipsticks sometimes and b. they are always so damn cheap.

Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick is a collaboration between the brand and youTuber, Soph Does Nails, who had to look up because I obviously live under a rock and don’t have access to youTube. I’m sorry, I swear, one day I’ll better educate myself on the youTube generation but for now I need Google to look these things up!

Soph released three lipstick shades and an eyeshadow palette with Make Up Revolution. I did skip out on the eyeshadow palette because it didn’t feel Fall-friendly enough for me but now sitting here in the California sun as I type this I realize it would be perfect here (just not in New York where Fall is quickly turning to Winter).

These lippies come in rose gold packaging that has been done before with other Make Up Revolution Lipsticks in the past. It’s a packaging I favor because I like rose gold! It looks rather elegant as well and not like I paid six bucks for my lipstick. As I said above I typically really enjoy Make Up Revolution Lipsticks so I hauled the shade Cake from this launch and had plans to possibly go back for the other two colors in the collaboration. Cake is a dusky pink with brown undertones (it does swatch a lot more pink on my arm than it does on my lips) that has a nude look on my lips. I really like this shade as it doesn’t give me a case of zombie lips.

The texture is very smooth and creamy with a hint of a sheen finish that feels lightly hydrating and didn’t have any fragrance or flavor (Yay for sensitive users!). Sadly, I do near clear gloss for the smoothest finish as the color accentuates my natural lip lines rather badly. Damn! It’s a shame because the texture of the lipstick is quite lovely but for some reason it just makes my lips look rather old and gross as the color just slips right into lines I didn’t even know I had! I can save the shade though by applying a bit of clear gloss so, there’s that! It’s a shame though it doesn’t work on it’s own.

Would I recommend checking it out would be the question? Sure! Make Up Revolution does some nice lipsticks and my experience shouldn’t sway you! You might want to snag one of these during a sale as it might just work out for you! With Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Cyber Fundays coming up I’m sure they’ll be some deal on Make Up Revolution which might be a good time to check this shade and the others out!

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Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick in Cake is one of three shades created in collaboration with youTuber, Soph Does Nails. This shade is dusky pink with strong tan and brown undertones. It’s 0.8 oz in size, comes in a metallic rose gold barrel with Soph’s signature decorating the barrel, and will set you back six bucks. I actually liked both the shade and formula a lot. The texture of the lipstick had a creamy, easy glide on my lips with a slight sheen finish and excellent pigmentation as well as a nice wear of around four hours without migration. However, within the first 20 minutes the color did tend to slip into my natural lip lines giving them a dry, aging appearance! Clear gloss did help this situation!


  • Very affordable and budget friendly.
  • Lovely packaging that looks classy.
  • Nice texture with a creamy feel, excellent pigment, and a lightly hydrating formula.


  • Doesn’t set well, settles into natural lip lines giving lips an aged, drier looks!


I think if you like nude brownish pinks you’ll get on rather well with this lipstick! The color is very pretty for Fall and the formula is spot on in terms of texture and wear but sadly it does have an odd finish that slips into natural lip lines which is forgivable if you top it with a bit of clear gloss!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    No, but the concealers you brought me are my faves, over EVERYTHING, including HE. Thanks, sunny girl. I went to college in Santa Barbara. Pseudo seasons. Earthquakes. Heavy competitive materialism. And people wonder why I came home to Boston. On the right coast.

  • Kish

    Shame about the formula because the color is perfect for you! And I love the cardigan! I watched all seasons up through Matt Smith, and then I needed a break for my emotional health lol. I was unable to renew my amazon prime when I got sick so I haven’t watched the rest yet. But I love the show.

    • Isabella Muse

      ha thanks girl! ;-D LOL yeah, DW will do that to you! The new season is shaping up nicely!

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG thank YOUUUUUUUUU I really wanted to talk about it haha! I got it at hot topic! ;-D

  • Shana

    If you are in LA make sure to go to the cinema secrets make up store and morphe!!! They aren’t too far from each other!! Maybe 5-10 minutes apart. I actaully live down the street from the cinema secret store!

    Haha don’t feel bad, I’m not caught up with the whole YouTube either.