November 19, 2018

The Birth of Drugstore Cleansing Balms in the US is Upon Us

The birth of drugstore cleansing balms is the US is upon us! Pond’s Cleansing Balm recently launched and is one of the first mainstream drugstore brands to bring a cleansing balm to US drugstores. Ok, so, you can argue you that point as there have been a few others such as NYX Stripped Off Cleansing Balm, Yes to Coconut Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm, and Equate Wipe the Day Away Cleansing Balm were around way before Pond’s every entered the scene.

But I think Pond’s is definitely a more mainstream drugstore brand that’s a good deal more well known than some of these other brands not to mention they truly perfected and brought to life a formula that’s quite similar to cleansing balms found in Korea and I suspect that we will see more of that as we headed into January/Spring 2019. Already Physicians Formula is on the scene with a new The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm (that looks a like like Farmacy Beauty Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm) that’s $12.95 and available exclusively on their website at the moment.

The evolution of drugstore cleansing balms will likely evolve as quickly as cleansing oils did which means brands like Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, Garnier, and others will be quick to release their own variations of cleansing balms and getting them onto US drugstore shelves as quickly as possible.

I love seeing this as it makes grabbing up a cleansing balm at my local store a heck of a lot easier than ordering one online from some store that ships from abroad!

What brands are you hoping to see release a cleansing balm in the US?

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  • Ann Marie

    I ran out and bought this cleansing balm as soon as it was released … I only used it twice … the scent is SOOOOO incredibly strong and old lady … it’s bad.

        • Isabella Muse

          wow sorry to hear! I thought the scent was subtle! I reviewed it several days ago and quite loved it! I’m sorry to hear 🙁

          • Zoe

            I love the scent :O Its so refresh and smell so good, this type of floral scent is not as strong as others

          • Isabella Muse

            ITA! It felt very subtle! Banila Co has a way stronger scent in the original formula! I can def take ponds over that!

    • Silvia

      Lol! I’m going to try anyways I hear Ponds cream are pretty good. Haven’t used since high school! Need to try this one after I finish the others. Made me think of the rose blushes from Milani I collected them all and do like them but one has this rancid smell to it is hard to ignore it although I don’t feel it once worn but yeah. If it stinks don’t buy. I do keep using it as it hasn’t broken me out. Could be a bad batch the one you got?

  • Deb

    So glad to see some drugstore options. I wear mineral sunscreen every day and that ish is a beast to remove. I go through a lot of cleansing balms, it’s the only thing that will break it down enough to remove. And when you’re using department store brands, it gets expensive fast. I love Farmacy and Clinique balms but wouldn’t mind spending a little less on a daily use staple.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA on spending a little less on cleansing balm! Love Farmacy but I go through it fassssssssst! So, spending $40 bucks every month and a half can get costly!

  • Carol G

    Muse, my one gripe about the Pond’s is the opening seems really small. I would rather them put it in a wider but shorter jar (i.e. TTDO Cleansing Balm) because I checked this out when I was at Walmart over the weekend and decided not to buy it because the jar is small and the opening is too. When you get down to the bottom you’ll really have to dig that out of there. I guess it’s just me, but that seems like it would be a pain in the rear. It also seemed like the jar is one of those “optical illusion jars” where it looks like there is more product in there than there really is.

    Yes, I imagine we will start seeing more and more balms as this is going to be a major trend. I’m sure even Avon will pop up with one. Neutrogena too since they are Clinique’s big drugstore competitor.

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually don’t stick my fingers in it so I’m cool with the opening! I use a spatula and it scoops just the right amount out! It’s 3.38 oz so same size as Clinique’s version! For sure Neutrogena! I suspect end of December beginning of Jan we’ll start seeing many more!

    • Michelle Luna

      I’m with you on suspecting those optical illusion pots! I also prefer jars and pots that are low and wide as opposed to tall and skinny with annoyingly small openings. Will be skipping this one…

  • Suzie

    I love the Physician’s Formula one! I found it on a display at CVS. It is awesome, I’m already thinking I want backups.

  • Zoe

    Totally agree with you, I can’t stand the oil so cleansing balm is my favorite formula. I’m so happy that more brands are jumping into this path. The more products, the more options for us. Yay

    • Isabella Muse

      YAY! ;-D I’m glad too! I find cleansing balms are def a lot less messier than oils to use!

  • Adrienne

    I have not been able to find the Ponds one yet, I really thought Target would have it as they are the only stores locally that still carry Ponds products, although they are in the travel size bins. I did get the Physicians Formula one and was pleasantly surprised! It wiped so clean that I didn’t feel the need to go over it again with a “real” cleanser but my old habits die hard. It rivals the Clinique balm (in my opinion) and I love my Clinique one and try not to use it as much but at $14.00 (CVS) for the Physicians Formula version I guess it doesn’t really matter that much which one I use the most. If the Farmacy brand goes on sale I will try that version of the cleansing balm as well.

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw sorry! 🙁 Doesn’t target ship to store on their site? AWESOME! I ordered that one bc no store has it out here yet so I got it from their site, eager to try it!

    • Silvia

      I want to try this new balm although haven’t seen yet at my Culver City store but they do have many others in the big jars. Maybe you can order from this one?

  • Amy

    I bought the Pond’s and tried it for the first time last night. Like you, I found the scent to be subtle and pleasant. But the “pearl” size that’s recommended on the packaging? Not going to do the job. I tried it their way and ended up having to used remover for the mascara. I’m currently using the Clinique balm and I like it. But saving money and still buying a great product – I’m up for that.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yay! Happy to hear it! Yeah, I def use more like a half dollar amount for my entire face! Not a pearl size at all!

  • Mary Kay

    Even if I found a good one at the DS, I’d never give up my Elemis cleansing balm for the scent alone. It’s part of my nighttime ritual Interesting tho!