November 15, 2018

These Are the Makeup Vaults That Are Worth Picking Up During Sephora’s Sale

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Holiday Makeup Vaults seem to have come to a little bit of a standstill for Holiday 2018 (seems like everyone is concentrating on Christmas Crackers at the moment!). But there are still some great makeup vaults available that are available at killer prices especially now that Sephora has surprised us today and said, “Why yes, you can go ahead and take 20% off your purchases yet again Rouge and VIBers!”

To celebrate that most joyous occasion it might be a good time to peek at some of these vaults as they have a killer selection of products which can be broken down into several gifts for friends or family members (Not really a great thing for me as so few of my close friends and family are into makeup as heavily as I am!) or they might be a good pick to spoil yourself with. I picked a few that I really think get you a BIG bang for your buck after using the 20% off discount.

Now the only problem with vaults is they can be tricky for makeup addicts like us as we sometimes own everything that’s in the vault already! However, if you’re a person that has a lot of patience in waiting for a good deal this might be your chance to score!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best sets that might be worth picking up during Sephora’s sale!

Tarte Tartelette Vault ($72 After Discount and $24 per palette)
This little guy contains all three of Tarte’s Tartelette Palettes. Now this is a tricky deal because Macy’s has a few of Tarte’s Palettes that are 50% Off as a special Black Friday Preview! The original Tartelette was one of those palettes and it was priced at $19 however, it has since sold out (like within a few hours of Macy’s listing it jeepers!). If you buy this vault you’ll be paying $5 more than that Macy’s deal….soooooooooooooo…..the question is are you willing to take the risk to see if Macy’s relists that palette at the same price or maybe even other Tartelette Eyeshadow Palettes on Black Friday or do you bite the bullet and buy this vault? The original price per a palette is $39 which knocks $15 off each palette when purchasing the vault. There’s definitely a deal to be had here but Macy’s might pull a rabbit out of the hat and mark all the Tartelette Palettes down for Black Friday! Hard to say but either way you’re getting a deal 🙂

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Vault ($80 after discount and $13.30 per item)
Ahh yes the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette quite a bust in my humblest of humble opinions. Sorry but I really didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. However, you might be still yearning for it and this vault might just be the way to go in terms of getting it at a fairly decent deal. The vault not only contains the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette but also, three full-size lipsticks from the Naked Cherry Collection as well as two 24/7 Eyeliners. If you take all that and divide it up you’re paying about $13.30 per item. The entire vault contents purchased individually is $150 and you’ll be $80 so over 50% off the value of the items included. I suspect Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette and all of this collection will go on sale very soon! Perhaps after the Holidays maybe in February however, at that point you likely won’t get it at such a low cost as buying this vault. So, the value is great here sadly, the quality isn’t (Sorry, the palette just didn’t do it for me!).

Replica Vault Set ($392 and $78 per bottle)
I said it before, I’ll say it again, this is a killer steal. 5 x 3.4 oz Replica Perfumes are included in this vault and if I didn’t own every single one I’d be on this set like white on rice. The discount is nearly $50 off each bottle (bottles are $126 each) which is quite a massive savings for a niche fragrance brand! Gawd, I wish all my fav niche houses had deals like this!

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Vault ($140 and $14 per item)
Ok, so if you’re been waiting for the Make Believe In Yourself Palette to hit the sale rack this is your chance to snag a really good deal. This set contains THE ENTIRE Make Believe In Yourself Collection including a five piece brush set and it works out to $14 per item for 10 items (14 if you count each brush as an item), all of which are full-size. If you have a teen in your life that’s into all the unicorn bs this might be a good kit to take advantage (maybe keep an item or two for yourself). As I said above with the Naked Cherry Vault even when the Make Believe in Yourself Collection hits the sale rack I have doubts you’ll the palette at $14 bucks so the deal here is fairly good if you’re dividing it up like this! Keep in mind at the original price all this would set you back $240!

Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault All Eyes On You ($156 and $13 per item)
Here’s yet another killer deal that includes 12 full-size Stila Liquid Eyeshadows which are typically $24 each that you’re getting for $13 each in this set!

Urban Decay Born To Run Vault ($79 and $13 per item)
Some of you were waiting on a good deal on the Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette and this might be your chance to snag it. This vault contains the palette as well as full-size Primer Potion, 24/7 Eyeliner in Pervsion, Vice Lipstick in 66, 1 oz All Nighter Setting Spray, Perversion Mascara, and a Cross Body Bag.

Tarte #Seathechange Vault ($159 and $11 per item)
This set includes 14 full-size shades of H2O Lipgloss which are typically $19 each so this set is most definitely a value however, it might be a bit much to spend in one go if you haven’t tried this formula before!

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