December 6, 2018

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Spontaneous Argumentation Let’s You Taste The Rainbow (Figuratively Speaking)

5 stars out of 5

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Spontaneous Argumentation Perfume Oil is a new, limited edition fragrance celebrating Lilith’s Birthday in September. This review is actually a bit late coming but since I’ve been wearing this on and off since it launched I felt like it was about time to share it.

If you’re scratching your head wondering who exactly Lilith is she’s the muse behind a round of fragrances that launch for a limited time each year at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab which is owned and operated by her parents and uncle to celebrate her birthday. I really like when these come out because typically they are sweet, fruity, or foody fragrances and as a gourmand h0r I’m all over them. I also really like reading the story that goes along with each one as typically Beth and Ted will share a memory from the past year that inspired the fragrance. It’s a rather beautiful way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Spontaneous Argumentation memory reads as follows:
This past February, Lilith competed in her first debate tournament. She was asked to come in “business casual”, and this is the best we could do. A scent for child orators: pleather and chalk dust with a handful of chewy fruit candies. (We can’t say “Skittles”, even though that’s all she ate throughout the entire tournament! Don’t sue us, Skittles! Lilith just loves Skittles!)

Honestly, the only thing I remember reading is Skittles! A perfume oil that smells like Skittles!? OMG! I NEED IT!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Spontaneous Argumentation arrives in a 5 ml glass alchemy jar that features a photo of Lilith in front of her debate class. The fragrance can be dabbed on but if you’re not a dabbed you can purchase caps with wands! The bottle is $26 and limited edition so, if you like the scent, grab it before it disappears.

In the bottle, this is a sore disappointment. I don’t really get Skittles candy from it at all. It’s sweet and fruity but it has a weird underlay of something that makes it smell a bit off. On my skin, wet, the Skittles are full force. It’s a spot on scent of the candy! Like I took a bunch of of Skittles, yellow, green, red, purple, and put them all in my mouth! You can smell the tartness of the yellow, the sweetness of the red, it’s all there! It’s pretty strong, sweet, and fruity when it is wet but as it dries down it starts to smell like opening a bag of Skittles for the first time.

I think as it dries down the candy element disappears and I almost feel like I’m wearing a really pretty fruity, sweet fragrance from Victoria’s Secret (which BPAL is no stranger to having done one before in the form of Media). Don’t get me wrong, the Skittles are still there, but as it warms up and dries down the scent seems to have more body and depth. It’s delightful and totally a scent I love!

I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it as well. Someone mentioned on the BPAL forum that it had medium throw but I feel like it had a very good throw with quite a nice, strong all day wear.

This one is a keeper and I may need a backup!

Gourmand lovers do pick it up!

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