December 7, 2018

CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Is it a toner or is it a cream? CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream ($21) is a new light toner cream that has a quick absorbing formula that performs the function of a toner and a moisturizer in an all-in-one moisturizing formula.

Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream is an interesting little release that a lot of people will find a little confusing not to mention they’ll wonder how to incorporate it into their current skincare routine.

Here’s the details on this new dual formula from CosRX.

CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream is very, very new and I haven’t used it long enough to really discuss any benefits I might noticed from using it daily. As of today, it’ll be nearly two weeks since I incorporated it into my daily and nightly routine but since the questions keep rolling in asking me whether I’ve tried it or not I thought I’d just go ahead and post my review and thoughts on it.

Typically I try skincare for a month sometimes longer before I share my thoughts but this is such a basic product to me I feel very comfortable speaking about it after such a short time using it. However, some of the ingredients here are meant to brighten skin and that’s not a benefit I notice after using it such a short time.

That being said, on with the review.

CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream arrives in a 4.39 oz pump and as with most CosRX products it contains very basic ingredients. Two of the top ones being water and sea water. Sea water can be packed with great minerals like potassium and calcium and apparently it works great to heal acne-causing bacteria. I personally have drier skin and after using this formula I did come out of it thinking the best demographic for it would be someone with normal, oily, or perhaps blemish-prone skin.

It also contains glycerin which provides moisture. As well as niacinamide (vitamin B3) which provides a host of great benefits such as treating fine lines, dullness, and enlarged pores.  Antioxidants like sea buckthorn, which is a very common one used in Korean skincare, is also included here as well as sodium Hyaluronate as well which is a bit lower on the list. It does contain bergamot oil which gives it a light citrus scent and something that many CosRX fans are always chronically complaining about and I don’t blame them. It’s something they should leave out entirely even though there is only a small amount in here. Overall, the formula is quite packed with some great ingredients but I think that’s the standard for CosRX. They keep it simple but what they do include is great.

I do personally believe this is somewhat of a useless product for me personally and I do think others might also feel the same. This is only because I already have a good deal of products I use daily and don’t need to add something like this to my routine since it didn’t really add any super beneficial to my routine nor did it do any wow aspiring to my complexion to make me want to continue using it. However, as I said above, given time, this might brighten up my complexion which I do believe is very beneficial, however, I’ve been using it for a short time and have yet to see such results. The reason I dislike it and feel it is useless is because it’s an added and unnecessary step for me.

Here’s the thing….

CosRX is promoting this heavily on Instagram as a dual function product that you can customize to fit your needs. The first way you can use it is by washing your face and before putting anything else on you can apply this on your skin and use it as a toner to prep your skin for skincare. I’ve been using it like this and as I said above I don’t feel it adds anything to my routine since I have drier skin and I require a toner or essence with way more moisture. This formula has a gel-like texture that bursts into a water one as soon as you apply it which in fact gives it a toner-like feel. It absorbs very easily into skin and it will provide a new canvas to allow your other products to absorb more fully. But I personally need more moisture and this provides so very little of it. That being said perhaps someone with oily skin will think it provides just the right amount of moisture.

The second way you can use it is as a lightweight moisturizer of sorts. Again, this is not a good pick for me as it isn’t hydrating enough. I do hesitate to say, “Yeah, this is great as a moisturizer for oily skin!” because I think even oily skin might require a little more moisture than this provides.

Honestly, this is lovely. It’s formulated quite nicely with a great texture and terrific ingredients but I think some people might be like me and find the addition of it to their routine a little pointless.

Where to buy

Amazon Yes Style

CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream is a new dual-function toner and moisturizer that’s 4.39 oz in size and $21. This product is meant to function as either a toner, a moisturizer, or both and can be used by all skin types. It has a light citrus fragrance and is packed with great ingredients such as sea water, niacinamide, and sodium hydroxide. I think the ingredients can definitely provide some great long-term benefits but I think the product on a whole is a little pointless for me as it simply doesn’t provide enough moisture and I already have an excellent toner and essence that do with the same great ingredients.

Water, Sea Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, Cyclohexasiloxane, Niacinamide, Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil


  • Lightweight, quick to absorb formula, that isn’t sticky or tacky.
  • Easy to purchase from Mr RX’s official Amazon store with Prime Shipping!
  • Contains some very good ingredients and very little bad.


  • Not moisturizing or hydrating enough for drier skin.
  • Could be potentially pointless if you already use a toner or essence that works for your skin type.
  • Has a light citrus scent that might be an issue for sensitive users.


I think oily skin might enjoy CosRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream as it’ll work easily as either a toner or a lightweight moisturizer for such a skin type.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Kish

    Interesting! I’ve been waiting for some thoughts on this. I don’t use a moisturizer in the morning, just a facial mist. Sometimes that’s not enough moisture, but most moisturizers are too much, if that makes sense. I think this might work for me to fill in that gap. Thanks as always for your honest thoughts!

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re their exact target ;-D It might work for you! ;-D My pleasure!

    • kjh

      I so relate, only moreso. I do about 4-5 toners to essences, (but that can include galactomyces or HA sprays) w/no ‘real’ moisture in the AM and reserve hydration for night.

  • kjh

    Even though I’m the cosrx queen, thanks to you, I had a WTF reaction as well. Second thought was, where would I put it, in the routine.? Amid the other 4-5 cosrx already on the mug? IDK. Prob not right for me, either, but admit to curiosity. This could be great for minimalists, who don’t need hella hydration. Half the time, I don’t even need the birch sap. I think you typo’d hydroxide for hyaluronate. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen cosrx need to adjust the acids in their products. thanks. will try to resist.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it is a great pick if you’re a minimal skincare user but me, heck I need way more moisture ;-D oops sorry lol! ;-D

  • Lottie Caron

    Good morning Muse from ” The Bay Area “. Thank you for your review. This is def my type of Toner/moisturizer since I’m blessed w/ oily, acne prone and aging skin. Can’t wait to try. I know this is off subject but was wondering if you were going to do a review on the COSRX Low PH First Cleansing Milk Gel? I used to use the HANSKIN BHA Cleansing Oil & Blackhead as my first cleanse w/ the Low PH Good Morning Cleanser but was still getting breakouts. I changed to the COSRX Cleansing Milk in conjunction w/ the Good Morning Cleanser and haven’t looked back. It is WONDERFUL for Oily skin Types. Also …have you tried MISSHA: Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule? Silver cap fro Oily and Gold for Drier skin. You def won’t regret. You Rock and Have a fab day from THE BAY:]

    • Isabella Muse

      Morning Lottie! Will be in you area this weekend ;-D My pleausre! I think it’ll work fab for you! Perfect skin type for it ;-D I never did review that but I’ll try to get a review up for ya! ;-D I have the Missha TR AA and quite like it ;-D def great for drier skin! Have a beautiful day my dear <3! ;-D thanks for all the recs!