January 10, 2019

Hilde Soliani Una Tira ‘Altra Review

Hilde Soliani Una Tira ‘Altra Perfume ($160) oddly reminds me of the decadence and flashing red lights of Amsterdam’s De Wallen. Cherry somehow brings to my mind the black backdrop, red neon lights, and beckoning ladies flirting with you through the windows! When you walk through the alley way at night the entire street and the canal are bathed in a cherry glow giving it it’s signature sinful, odd welcoming.

Maybe it’s a bit weird that cherry brings to mind sex and sun as I’m pretty sure Hilde, an Italian perfumer, wasn’t thinking of either when she created Una Tira ‘Altra considering she’s from a culture where food is such an important part of life and social events (She’s Italian! I’m half Italian, on my mother’s side, and food is EVERYTHING!).

Una Tira ‘Altra launched in 2014 and I tried it for the first time in 2015 when it was gifted to me from a very good friend who knew my love of gourmands. It actually started my love affair with Hilde’s gourmands and at this point in my life I own most of her gourmand fragrance collection (and a few of her non-gourmands which people tend to forget she makes since everyone gets caught up in the frenzy of her foody and dessert inspired fragrances).

What’s old is new again as they say since Tom Ford launched his Lost Cherry Perfume a few short months ago and I’m hoping it’ll also give birth to some new cherry scents for Spring and Summer as I do so adore the note. Escada did a wonderful scent in 2013 called Cherry in the Air and I’d love to see more scents like it launched this year! P.S. Hilde may not have had sex on her mind but Tom Ford sure as hell did! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Hilde’s fragrance is nothing like Lost Cherry. Her scent embodies cherry completely where as Tom Ford plays with the addition of more complex notes that gives his fragrance more sultriness. Hilde’s scent is more sweet and true to what a real cherry scent. It’s been likened to cherry cough syrup in many reviews but I don’t really get that. It seems like a fragrance with a singular note but does contains others such as tonka and almond but to me it’s straight juicy, slightly tart cherry. Throughout the wear the scent remains true to cherries. Tonka nor almond are never smelled on the opening nor the dry down. The first mist is sweet succulent cherry. On this first application the scent is very strong, very sweet, very cherry! As it dries down I think it isn’t as sweet but it never morphs. Cherry remains the star in this fragrance and never goes down any other road. The beauty of this scent is it’s simplicity which is one reason the $165 price tag does make me wince. But it is oddly addicting and it’s a scent I’ve repurchased twice since I was originally introduced to it.

Although it reminds me of sin and decadence, the fragrance is very sweet and playful. It’s a scent you can wear happily on a Summer day. It’s not intrusive, it’s not sexy, but more flirty and fun. As far as Hilde’s scents go this is probably a bit subtle. It wears long but also subtly in the background. It’s not weak by any means and the projection is good with fairly long wear but again, not super strong or heavy!

If the single sweet note of cherry is something you love I think Hilde Soliani Una Tira ‘Altra might just be a love.

Have you tried it?

Samples are available for purchase on Lucky Scent as well as full bottles!

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  • Christina

    This makes me want to eat cherries! LOL! Sounds lovely and fun for the warmer months. The bottle is so simple that it’s hard to believe this is a high end fragrance. LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      Ha too true! Very simple! Even her outer boxes are simple. Just white with a little label stuck on the top!

  • Kish

    This sounds amazing. I love your fragrance reviews, they paint such a lovely picture. I’m terrible with describing fragrance, unless I hate it, then it’s easy lol. It’s something very subjective, of course, but I love how you put the reader easily in mind of what you are describing. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      THANK YOU! ;-D I am too, don’t feel bad! I’m also bad at picking apart notes! But I do so love perfume and give it my best shot haha!

  • kjh

    Hey, half Italian Girl, does the name mean Another Shot? Been so plagued with google translator app in Vietnamese and Tagalog recently, that i’m afraid to look. You def favor the Italian side, and bet you look just like your mum. I’m going to be Northern Italian, kind of a Tedescha, in my next life! (Bec you can’t take out the German…). I’m checking her non-gourmands.

    • Isabella Muse

      Me too! ;-D I could be completely wrong but I think it’s a play on an Italian saying you’ve probably heard many times which is una ciliegia tira l’altra. Meaning how hard it is to from enjoying delicious things! Kind of the Pringles motto, once you pop, you can’t stop or you can’t eat just one! That’s what I get from it. And that’s why it always come across as having some sort of sexual innuendo! I’m reading too much into perfume LOL! My mom swears I look like her but I think I favor my father’s side, he’s Portuguese, and I think that’s where my dark hair/eyes comes into play. Although, we do have blond and blue eyed Portuguese people wandering around which is always terribly weird to me ;-D I think people forget she actually has non-gourmands! Her name pops up and everyone thinks gourmand perfume! But she does have other fragrances that are completely off gourmand ;-D Let me know if you try anything of hers! She’s an interesting character! Try exploring her website, she has some interesting stuff up on it that’s non-perfume related.

      • kjh

        So, you got me all over Fragrantica. Maria Candida Gentile. Lots of fine gourmands there, but my interest was piqued by the outlier, Barry Lyndon. A dry, moorish (not Moorish) juice. Keep up the frag reviews. Whichever side you favor, you are gorgeous.

      • kjh

        And I leaned a lot. My leanings are towards what Roudnitska calls green, rather than white florals, the resins, spices, the green notes, the aquatics. Citrus, but no other fruit. I guess I want to smell like outside, rather than the kitchen! Not to forget the classic old chypres that don’t really go with my underdress of today.

        • Isabella Muse

          have you tried anything from Zoologist? Zoologist Civet might be a great chypres for you!

  • Anna M Fantasia

    So dear Muse we have similar genetic backgrounds. “Una tira Altra” means “One leads to another.” The word Ciliegia means Cherry. So on its own it can be taken sexually- one “thing” (this word is not on the label) leads to another or if add you add Ciliegia you could imply it to mean, “you can’t eat just one” as in “one cherry leads to another” which in my case I would eat the whole bowl. LOL My father is Portuguese as well. I never met him though, but I was adoped by my Greek grandmother and Italian grandfather and uncle which at the time were still in the process of learning english. That’s how I learned Italian- english came later in school for me. I LOVE cherries so as soon as I have some money set aside, this will be mine! Hugs and love to my sister from another mister and happy 2019.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Anna! Wow we do indeed! ;-D I was thinking it might be a play on una ciliegia tira l’altra as in, as you said, you can’t just eat one ;-D you have to eat the entire bowl. It does seem a little bit of a sexual innuendo to me and a contrast considering the scent is fun and flirty but not blatantly sexual! Someone get in Hilde’s brain right now and see what’s up! ;-D That being said, you have an interesting background! Where do you live now and where did you live as a child? I know some Portuguese but I understand it more than I speak it likewise for Italian! I’m an expert on any and all curse words though LOL! ;-D aw hugs! Happiest 2019! I hope it brings peace, health, and happiness to you! ;D

      • Anna Maria Fantasia

        Yay! Diverse backgrounds are the best-so much knowlege about other cultures. I still live in my family home here in Sacramento, CA- my family emigrated to CA in the 60’s. I have visited my family in Italy and Greece several times and love the beauty, elegance and simplicity of life- and FOOD- did I mention Food? Sadly because I wasn’t exposed to the Portuguese side of the family, I don’t have a sense of the language. My mom being born in Argentinia exposed me to some Spanish, so I can understand some Spanish, forgot my Greek- totally, but trying to remain fluent in Italian still. I would get into so much trouble as a kid for saying those words. (Big toothy grin) But it’s true, those are the words that stay with you the longest! Thank you for putting this scent on my radar. Being addicted to beauty, there is so much to want! Take care and thank you for putting so much heart into this amazing blog. I have followed you for years and look forward to another amazing year with Musings! Molti Abbracci

        • Isabella Muse

          Amen! Preach! I wish out president realized all this. Diversity is the spice of life 🙂 Amazing! I’ve never been to Greece but have been to Italy. Greece is on my bucket list just because I want to experience all the foods ;-D haha! I love Greek food and I imagine it being a million times better in Greece ;-D Some people compare Portuguese to Spanish and some of the words are the same but I think Portuguese is way different to my ear. My mom always says that you learn the curse words first in any language ;-D Oh my pleasure! If you don’t want to order a full bottle Lucky scent sales samples of all her fragrances! I highly recommend Donna Sentenza, it’s a yummy banana! Oh my gosh it’s my pleasure and it’s so rewarding when I get to speak to amazing friends like you daily ;-D YOU are so very welcome 🙂

  • Elaine G

    Hi all, these comments are so fun…making me want to travel. I adore your fragrance reviews & have used them in discovering new brands & more. Food/fragrance/beauty/family & more warms me on this cold day. Now to have Greek, Italian food…definitely get some wine…from Portugal.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Elaine ;-D glad you enjoyed the post/comments! 😉 I’ll bring the Portuguese wine ;D

  • julie fielding

    Is it wrong that I think that the packaging doesn’t match the price tag? It really just looks like a former Demeter 4 oz bottle with a sticker, and the box a basic white w/ sticker. Just my rude 2 cents today…xoxo

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! It’s very much a demeter style bottle! and at this price, one would expect more!