January 31, 2019

I’m the Only One Sitting Around Muttering to Myself, “Erika Jayne Who?”

It’s a young girl’s (or guy’s) game my friends! Because the Too Faced Pretty Mess Collection is upcoming shortly which is a collaboration between the brand and Erika Jayne who’s apparently Jerrod Blandino’s bestie (this man has has more best friends than I have nude eyeshadows) and of course, I’m the oddball that has to google who Erika Jayne is. Am I getting too old I don’t know anything at all about current pop culture? After listening to Roller Coaster for all of 15 seconds I had to go clean my ears out with soap and water. I’m sorry Erika, I can’t sing which means I shouldn’t judge but your song just wasn’t doing it for me.

Anyway, after doing a google search I think Erika’s a singer and a Housewife of Beverly Hills. I’m actually still not entirely sure who she is because I live under a rock, in a cave, with a TV that’s tuned to PBS most days.

That being said let’s chat your makeup collection that includes a Pat the Puss All Over Body Shimmer. I mean who doesn’t want to buy that right? The name alone has me all like, “I need this in my life!” (said no one ever).

Sigh. It just keeps getting worst and worst for Tarte and Too Faced.

Please guys, turn it around.

They aren’t kidding when they called this a pretty mess.

P.S. Hey, some good news! At least the eyeshadow palette looks cute.


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  • Carol G

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in a coffin with any of this on my face…much less purchase any of it.
    Pat the Puss? Gross. A dollar sign highlighter? Garish and obscene….if you are that shallow that you need a big dollar sign on your makeup then you seriously need some counseling…I will not buy any makeup that is a “collaboration” anyway. Tired of faux “famous” people making millions of dollars for doing nothing. Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anyone who likes this collection, it’s just how I see it through my eyes. Starting to think that TF is circling the drain…

    • Nicole

      I absolutely agree! and I’m done with just about every mid-end cosmetic company these days. They don’t sell makeup anymore, they sell hype and marketing. High end or drugstore for me going forward. I just want quality makeup without all the bedazzle crap. And is it too much to ask to have normal names for things? If someone asks me what lipstick I’m wearing I’d like to not be embarrassed to say the name. “Oh I’m wearing tramp stamp red my face” I mean really, enough already!

  • Minaxi

    I watch The Real Housewives of Bev Hills so knew who she is.. I do like her for the most part but this looks really stupid. Too Faced and Tarte are getting ore and more ridiculous with their collections/collabs. I guess I don’t mind it bc it’s a chance to save money!

  • Agona

    This brand just doesn’t appeal to my personality; that’s what keeps me from really being interested in their makeup.

  • Elise

    LOL! You are not the only one…The only reason I know her name is because she was on Dancing with the Stars in 2017…she kept doing this pretty raunchy routines in raunchy costumes…;)

    • Isabella Muse

      I googled and still feel like I don’t know who she is. I’m at the point that I identify her as: “Erika Jayne? Oh that’s Too Faced’s co-founder’s bestie”

  • kimkats

    I am so done with Too Faced. Most of the line looks like it was designed by a 12 year old girl, but this one was done by a sniggering 12 year old boy. I’m not easily offended, but this is just nasty. I wouldn’t spend a penny on it (both in the US and Brit sense)

    Too faced needs to grow back up – it was a much better company a few years back when it was making cosmetics for grownups – god knows they’re still charging as if it were for grown ups!

  • Sarah

    Go home Too Faced and stay away from the Vodka.At least the Pretty Rich collection made some sense and wasn’t completely embarrassing.This is something else.

  • Dani

    I am as well! I have been ALL UP IN THE YOUTUBE BEAUTY COMMUNITY for years. IG too. I have no idea who she is!

  • Kristen

    This is just a mess. No pretty mess just mess. I can’t foresee myself buying anything from this immature collection let alone much else from Too Faced anymore. Their collections lately for me have been a turn off aside from their Gingerbread palette. I agree with most of the other comments on here. They need to get back to creating makeup for adults.

  • kjh

    uh, no. echo the other comments on tf+T previously made. Your review did provide some much needed comic relief. The computer system at day job (which must be a tf/tsrte collab,) all of a sudden started erasing all my work from the end up. Five hours worth. This was the day I was going to be the first therapist in compliance at any of our centers. not so much. At all. Just emailed IT and said sayonara. I did not need more m/u $ anyway, based on recent posts!

  • Coral

    I don’t understand placing eyeshadows in a palette that way! It just a giant waste of space. As much as I usually love most TwoFaced items and have to restrain myself from buying it all, this one just doesn’t seem enticing.

  • KarmaRose

    The dollar signs all over this collection just screams nouveau riche and it just looks tacky.

  • Lesley Amano

    The shadows look pretty but all that wasted space in a palette drives me batty.

  • kate

    have to agree with all of you, I know who she is as a RH watcher, but who is the target for this? it’s not me who even tho I watch that nonsense, at my age I am not going to buy any of that. can’t be a young kid who probably isn’t watching the show, gay guys who are supposedly her fans of her music…
    TF needs to figure out who their demographic is

    • Isabella Muse

      Not sure who their demographic is for this one! I’d be curious to see who purchases! Ummmmmm just a heads up there’s nothing wrong with gay guys liking her music 🙂

      • kate

        nothing wrong with anyone liking her music, at all I kind of like it but are they buying the makeup was my point, maybe they are

  • kjh

    I had to google, too. No RHOBH or anywhere else, or dance music here. Checked the IG. Oy, Beyond vulgar. Watched a bit of XXpen$ive or however you write it. She’s the broad in that Shoedazzle commercial! Doing that song. HER song. Well, at least I get it…but certainly not the collection. Now, ya gotta hand it to someone her age to be able to do some Empire-like choreography and hip hop influenced stuff. This m/u channels her perfectly….and I would not be caught dead in any of it. Sorry if ‘broad’ offended anyone, but she is one! Bringing the lowbrow to new heights!

  • Sara

    No clue who she is either. And the layout of that palette makes me crazy. LOL

  • Lindsey

    It seems a though they are churning out new collections just for the sake of it without putting too much effort and thought. I also do not appreciate the pat the puss as being a gimmick. I wonder when classy will comeback in and not the trashy. I feel like I am being superharsh but it’s my own true thoughts

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re not harsh at all! I thought the pat the pussy thing was tasteless!

  • Dustin

    Ooh I’m so glad I came here today! Haha! First, of course I love what you wrote! HiLaRiOuS! Second, Housewives of Beverly Hills is the one housewives show (actually perhaps the one reality show) I allow myself to watch so I COMPLETELY know who she is and was even excited for the collection for a little minute.

    I don’t care for Too Faced at all though… I never really have and that EYESHADOW palette?! Come on girl!

    Come on.

    Okay here’s the deal, you can hate on Erika (XXPEN$IVE is an awesome frackin song! LOL) and I can hate on ANOTHER pink toned eyeshadow palette! xo


    P.S. You’re fabulous.

    • Isabella Muse

      ha! WHERE you been? We haven’t talked in a hot minute. Call me so we can catch up but only when you can spare the time to break away from kazoo sessions with Jay LOL! Happy New Year mister! I’m old and boring and obviously I’m not watching enough reality tv because I had no clue who she was. Legit had to google! Nope, I tried listening to xxpesive, couldn’t do it. LOL! Sorry! Although, I will say she looked cute in that vid! Her makeup was spot on and she looks a lot younger than 47! Awwww! You’re the fabulous one! Love ya, miss ya, call me, text me, we need to catch up MWAH!

      • Dustin

        I KNOW right?! I don’t know where I’ve been either… who am I? Are you my mother? Also the song is so good mostly because it’s so bad (it’s still good haha).

        • Isabella Muse

          lol! stepmother slash lover! Ha! I miss you man! I listened to it and it was terrible and the video is worst! But her make was spot on ;-D that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ;D

  • Vikki

    The eyeshadow palette’s setup reminds me of Dose of Colors’ Treasure (?) palette. I didn’t like that palette that much cuz of how messy it looks, too.

  • Dot

    It’s gross how much Blandino seems to just be celebrating wealth—not the right message and so tone deaf. Totally over TF.

  • Moi

    Ha, Isabella, I had no idea who Erika was either, but then again, I’m probably one of your oldest subscribers! And I did look up who she was and watched maybe 20 seconds of her debut on The View and thought, WTH? Anyway, I put those first impressions aside and looked at the eyeshadow palette and thought, you know, the colours (yes, we Canadians use a ‘u’) look pretty, and I’d need to swatch to see if I would purchase. All the hype, all the bling, I can get past (Okay, maybe not that Pat the Pussy, what were they thinking, seriously?) so I wouldn’t walk past the eyeshadow palettte. People are certainly strong in their views, in these comments, ha. Just my 2 cents worth – try to look at the quality. I totally agree though with the practicality of the wineglass shaped brush – tweens to 20s might think it looks cool, but you can just imagine the patchy, crooked blush application, ha.

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re right Moi! Forget the influencer or the celebrity and look at the quality for sure. For me, it wasn’t so much Erika Jayne herself but the gaudy/tacky “pat the puss” thing! It’s just so tasteless :-/ And yeah those Tarte brushes are silly haha!

  • Susan

    No idea who she was either. Looked her up, and she is one of the LAST people I would want to look like. This collection is tacky and ridiculous. I wonder if JB is driving the company into the ground with all his “besties” and tone-deaf fascination with the rich-and-not-so-famous.

  • Jennifer Roten

    Too faced has been releasing way too many collections to get excited about. This one is TACKY!! I would be embarrassed to buy it.

  • Kimmyyy

    I’m sorry, but Jerrod is almost 50… I thought he would eventually start coming out with slightly more tasteful designs for his company (read: less tacky). It looks like it’s just getting worse as the years go by. I get that they clearly target a younger audience, but there’s just something creepy to me about an older man who puts out products called things like “pat the puss” and “glow job”, especially when it IS targeting a younger group. I dunno… I personally wouldn’t buy anything from this brand because I just don’t want to support this gross crap. Oh well!

  • Claire

    Personally I think this collection is disgusting. Too faced are known for their fun and colourful packaging that automatically appeals to young girls and they surely know this!? So why come out with products named things like ‘pat the puss’ I honestly think it’s so inappropriate. I have not been a fan of too faced for a while and this just confirms that they have truly gone down the drain. Also. I have no idea who this Erika Jayne is. In my opinion she is irrelevant.

  • Bettina

    I don’t know… I am starting to complete loose interest in TooFaced, although I really liked them. They were something special and for a time really hard to get here in Germany. But now??? As this cosmetics range is not the cheapest, I just expect as a grown up woman to have something more modern, sophisticated and valuable in my hands. For me it’s always a question of lifestyle too, that you are willing to pay and have fun with it, whenever you take it in your hands. The range keeps looking more and more like Barbie’s cosmetics from the early 80’s and 90’s. Too expensive for little girls, although they seem to be the target group and too childish for a grown up woman. Sometimes you get the feeling, JB is loosing himself in his glittering world a bit.

  • Theresa Phillips

    I like it she owns it she has an alter ego and I do too we all do and it’s just fun and she is making a fortune I wish I looked that good at any age I’m 47 I dont want to put down anyone for rockin their style because I want to rock who I am and live my truth you are entitaled to yours. we are all beautiful .

    • Isabella Muse

      I wasn’t saying anything about her style, looks, etc…just that I didn’t know who she was and I felt like the collection was meh and some of the names ridiculous. Aside from that, I don’t have an issue with her looks, etc…she does look great for her age and I agree we are all beautiful.