February 12, 2019

Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick ($12 or 25% Off Any 2 Shades) is a new, limited edition two-tone lipstick that launched with the Kiko Valentine’s Day 2019 Collection in six shade selections. You’ve likely already ready my Kiko Endless Love Lipstick Review from 2016 which was a variation of this new version of the lipstick! Both lipsticks come in the same packaging with the same cute heart-shaped lipstick tip but the new version contains a lighter core shade and a darker surrounding one.

This released caused some of you a bit of irritation as when I posted about the collection the Sweetheart Lipstick was showing “out of stock” and there were different stories about the release that circulated from employees and customer service. Some said these wouldn’t be released in the USA and others said stores would get a limited amount of shades. I’m happy to report all the shades are now available and they are, as well as the entire, on sale. Just pop any two items from the Valentine’s Day Collection into your cart and 25% is automatically deducted from your order with free shipping on orders of $15 or more.

Heart-shaped lipsticks are not knew by any means and are quite popular in Korea like Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick. This cute little lipstick trend has bled into many US releases as Avon launched a very cute Queen of Hearts Lipstick with their Valentine’s Day and Guerlain KissKiss LoveLove Lipstick also launched last year and more recently Winky Lux joined the heart-shape lipstick world!

If packaging and cuteness is something you consider when purchasing makeup I think you’ll be quite happy with Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick. They are just darling! Each lipstick comes in a round silver barrel with a cutout of a heart at the center of the cap. The lipsticks are 0.12 oz in size and have a heart-shaped tip which might sound awkward but actually glides across the contours of my lips super easily. The shape seems to be perfect to follow the natural line of my lips and cupid bow without making a mess.

I have to admit I prefer solid shades as I think the two tones sort of mix together and might defeat the purpose of creating a gradient lip if that’s what you wanted or expected to get from these lipsticks. I just purchased one shade which was Scarlet Red and I loved the warmer outer red shade but I felt like the lighter orange-y red core actually morphed the shade completely giving it an orange red look on my lips. I’d have preferred a stronger red lip but sadly, that’s sort of a no go with the inner core dominating the outer shade.

Kiko Scarlet Heart Sweetheart Lipstick

Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick Swatches (Scarlet Heart)

If you’re tired of the endless round of mattes I think you’ll enjoy this formula. This is a lightly creamy texture with medium coverage. They feel a little tiny bit slicker compared to the Endless Love Lipstick formula but all in all it seems like the same formula. They have a lightly hydrating feel that didn’t cling to drier areas on my lips and wore for a solid five hours without migrating. They are quite pigmented with opaque coverage on a single layer. Unlike the original formula they are apparently flavored/scented like “forest fruits”. I noticed a light fruity scent and they tasted like fruity plastic but it was very subtle and not terrible.

Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick are adorable to say the least and well worth picking up as Kiko Lipsticks rarely disappoint. I do wish they were a solid shade but none the less the formula applies and wears well. If you love cute makeup items these are for you!

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Kiko Sweetheart Lipstick is a $12 0.12 oz limited edition heart-shaped lipstick available in six shade selections that launched with Kiko’s Valentine’s Day Collection. Kiko has released a variety of different editions of this lipstick since 2016 some of which I’ve reviewed on my website. Most have the same formula but this year’s version has two tones. The center core is a lighter shade and the color that wraps around it is a darker one. I found the lighter morphs the darker and creates on unique shade but doesn’t create a gradient look of that’s what you’re looking to get. I thought the formula was lightly hydrating with a creamier slightly slick texture that applied easily on my drier lips without adhering to flaky areas and wore for around five hours. The lipstick does have a subtle fruity scent and flavor.


  • Very cute packaging and presentation!
  • Affordable.
  • Great formula!


  • Lighter core shade morphs the other color making the lipstick a touch lighter than you might expect.


Anyone who places importance on packaging is sure to fall in love with Kiko Sweetheart Lipsticks but most importantly, the quality is outstanding with a smaller price tag!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Anna Fantasia

    Ooh this looks fabulous on you, Muse! This was the color I was considering purchasing and I am so glad that this finally became available in the States! It’s so tempting… the packaging is just so CUTE!
    I ended up taking a trip with friends to So Cal and stopped by (for the first time) the Besame store- got into a little trouble with their lipsticks. I picked up Ink and Paint (one of the Mickey lipsticks) and one of their sheers. I really love them both- and consoled myself that this was my Kiko money, although it was significantly more $$$. Thank you for this review, I am so close to putting one in my cart!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks! ;-D The packaging is super cute! oh no! I know the rabbit hole that Besame is ;-D haha I can’t blame you for going crazy ;-D My pleasure! They are on sale now but I bet you’ll get them at an even bigger discount after vday!

  • Elle

    I just got my sweetheart lipstick in the mail, this evening and I am very excited to try it out. The color that I got was 04 first red. I was afraid I that the inner color of some of the other ones would not work for me. So basically, I got red with a slightly lighter red on the inside. Unfortunately, I am fighting a nasty cold right now so I don’t want to contaminate the lipstick (or attempt to put it on my cracked lips) because YUCK. So now I just have to be a little bit patient and slather my lips in Leneige lip sleeping mask so that by tomorrow night I am able to wear this to our Valentine’s Day dinner.

    • Isabella Muse

      Let me know how it goes Elle! and I can relate! I hate using lipstick/lipgloss when I’m sick! I don’t want to contaminate them! haha!

  • Alexandra

    Hi I am interested in ordering one. I’m not sure if in Switzerland you have these. The stores are closed anyways.