February 8, 2019

Too Faced Pretty Mess Promo Pics Launched and I’m Still Not Sure Who Erika Jayne Is

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The Too Faced Pretty Mess promotional images landed at toofaced.com today and I’m still not entirely sure who Erika Jayne is but I’m working on educating myself. I mean, all we really know is there’s a Pat the Puss Kissable Body Shimmer with this collection and I’m positive you’re all wanting to run to the store to pick up that one!

I have to admit, putting all the crazy aside, I actually sort of like the shades in the Pretty Mess Eyeshadow Palette! Is that ok? Don’t kill me…!

Here’s the rest of the Too Faced Pretty Mess Collection that launched February 12th!

Too Faced How Many F*cks Do I Give High-Impact Highlighter $30
An ultra-creamy strobing highlighter gives a wet skin look with intense payoff.

Too Faced Painkillr Pink Lip Injection Extreme $28
A sparkling glossy pink plumping gloss.

Too Faced Pat The Puss Kissable Body Shimmer $36
A rose gold champagne body shimmer that has a sugar cookie flavor.

Too Faced DSL Gloss Lip Kit $29
Create the DSL look that Erika Jayne is known for with Club Queen Fuchsia lip liner topped with her Dramatic Prismatic gloss!

Too Faced Pretty Mess Eyeshaodw Palette $42
Twelve essential eyeshadow shades Erika uses to transform from a natural Beverly Hills Beauty into her iconic, glamourous, on-stage persona.

Too Faced Polite Lips Gloss Lip Kit $29
Capture the sweeter side of sexy with Housewife Pink lip liner topped with a pearlescent pink lipgloss called Polite & Pretty!

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Ulta Sephora

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Fey

    I am ALL over the shimmer powder, gaudy packaging and extra name aside, because I so miss the UD flavored body powders (especially the marshmallow one) . T_T I just might get this one as a replacement. I’m curious about the cookie flavor. I’ll just put cute cat stickers over the “pat the puss” packaging.

  • kjh

    You really never saw the Shoedazzle commercial with the highly underdressed blond kicking up her heels in over the knee boots, singing It’s expensive to be me? I would LOVE to hear unedited kid comments on that one. It’s OTT tacky, but deliberately so. I’d have to put a Y on the lid of that body shimmer. Pretty camp. If you get the m/u, you have to learn the songs and dance! PBS revenge!

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually watch a lot of stuff on demand or via tivo so I rarely watch commercials. I haven’t seen her commercial! Gotta go look at it on youTube ;D

  • Glenda Simmons

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower than Pat the Puss, they added a DSL lip kit. That’s not bold or risqué, it’s just trashy. Think of all the young girls who began following this brand for their cute and sometimes saccharine product launches now aspiring to have DSLs.

  • Penny

    I don’t wear Too Faced products and don’t care who this chick is…The names of some of the products in this collection are borderline “potty mouth”…is it really necessary to call something F*CK FRUGAL or Pat the Pu$$. Maybe this kind of thing appeals to teens but certainly not to me. Yikes!

  • Linda

    So….Too faced has swerved from cutesie unicorns and rainbows to THIS? Are you kidding me right now???

  • Linda

    If Erica Jayne were a drag queen, I would have been way more interested in this collection.

  • Tigerlaf

    Lookie here! The promo pictures do not show the cover of the loose powder “pat the pu$$”, only the product itself. I guess this is a result of the initial uproar and disgust everyone on social media voiced so far. It’s too late for Too Faced and whoever that trashy chick is, this collection is bound to be garbaged very shortly after release.

  • Fashionista

    She’s known outside of the US for her dance songs. She’s won many awards on her hits. Housewives brought attention to her here in the USA. Erika Jayne is her sexy alter ego. She’s bold. Not for the woman afraid to pat their P*ss. Interesting collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kimmyyy

    DSL… DSL! OH MY GOD. I nearly spit my drink out when I looked at that promo image! I mean, that mask name from before was tacky as hell but this just further proves that they’re targeting a crowd other than myself, and I’m only 30. I am still definitely susceptible to cutesy packaging and some fun saucy names, but when it’s just outright gross, I’ll pass. TF has been making me feel like a crotchety old lady these days with how much I hate their stuff!

  • Penny

    Okay, gonna have to write another comment…I must be old, I didn’t know what DSL meant, so I did a little internet search…HOLY CRAP!!! I wish this whole line of cosmetics was pulled from all shelves immediately. Makes me sick to my stomach. Oh how I wish QVC/HSN would not sell this brand.

  • Kelly

    I saw on reddit bravo real housewives sub that this line is now at Marshall’s or at least some of it.

    • Susan C.

      Yep, I just saw this eyeshadow palette at Marshall’s today, and the price was quite reasonable. There was actually a warning label covering the top of the palette. Ultimately I decided not to get it, due mostly to the excess of glittery shades.