March 28, 2019

Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes Review & Swatches

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3 stars out of 5

Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is a new 10-pan purple eyeshadow palette that launched for Spring 2019 in Korea a few short weeks ago. I actually wasn’t interested in purchasing this because I’m not crazy about purple but I have this odd obsession with the Play Color Eyes Palettes and I tend to buy every single one that launches. The formulas are typically very hit or miss on the palettes but somehow, someway I end up using them in daily looks because even though they don’t have the best formula they do create good looks. Don’t ask me the magic behind this but it’s true! Some of them create some truly great looks!

I’m sure you read plenty of my past reviews on these palettes like the recent Etude House #Caffeine Holic Play Color Eyes and older releases like Juice Bar and Beach Party!

Let’s take a look and see how the Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes plays out!

Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes arrives in an adorable lilac compact with a circle of lavender decorating the front. Each of the ten eyeshadows is 0.03 oz each and the palette will set you back $15 to $24 depending where you purchase it. There are two dual-sided applicators inside as well as a generously sized mirror. The palette is small, compact, and thin making it easy to store and travel with.

Well, purple lovers you might be disappointed as Lavender Land has more land than lavender. There’s a lot of weird shades here but somehow, someway they come together and play nicely. There’s a lot of nudes, natural shades almost peachy in tone which could contribute for the “land” aspect of the palette. The entire palette contains two purples and a sort of purple-y duochrome. There’s also a really soft white toned lilac. So, yeah, not a lot of purple here. But that’s ok for me because really, purple can be a difficult color to blend and also, a difficult one to wear without looking like someone punched me in my eye. These colors are softer and easier to wear. There are a few taupes thrown in as well should you want to do a more purple smoky look. I think it’s a strange assortment of shades. There’s gold, brown, peach toned browns….! But as I said they do seem to work well together! I was able to easily create a pretty purple look using the shades.

You also get an assortment of finishes. Some sparkly topper shades, mattes, satin, and shimmers. The formulas on all the shades are iffy. The mattes are firm but they apply quite easily and blend well. The satins are the most pigmented and easy to apply as well. The topper shades tend to be more sheerer and work best applied with a finger! They add a nice bit of dimension to a completed look! The shimmers are a little more loose packaged with some fall out and apply sheerer but again, they do add a nice bit of sparkly to a look! As with most Play Color Eyes Palettes it’s a mixed bag with the formula bit somehow, someway it ends up all coming together to create a rather nice look!

Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes isn’t an eyeshadow palette I thought I needed nor one I’d enjoy but I had some fun playing with this and will likely haul it out to create a few looks this Spring. The purples are rather nice and don’t overpower my eyes in the least. It might be worth looking into if a softer purple look is what your aim is!

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Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes is a new purple themed eyeshadow palette that contains ten eyeshadows. In my experience, this palette contains a mix of shades but purple is not one of the dominant shades. There are peachy tones, golds, and taupes in a mix of different finish including mattes, sparkle toppers, satins, and shimmers. Like most Play Color Eye Palettes the formula and texture is a mixed bag with firmer to the touch shades that do apply and blend well but they aren’t the softest nor the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever used. Someway, somehow though this palette does manage to create some very nice eye looks!


  • Interesting round of shades that do play well together.
  • Great pick for those wanting a softer purple eye look.


  • Not a ton of purple eyeshadow shades.
  • Eyeshadow formula is a mixed bagged.


If purple scares you or you feel like the shade accentuates darkness under your eyes you might want to check out the softer, sheerer shades in the Etude House Lavender Land Play Color Eyes Palette!