April 24, 2019

3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
2 stars out of 5

I’ve been trying to successfully create a cute look using the new 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse since I got it two weeks ago. All the promo images released with the 3CE Mood for Blossom Spring 2019 Collection had me swooning but I’m either not fair enough or 3CE used something more than the Beach Muse Eyeshadow Palette to get the looks in their promo (or maybe it’s Photoshop magic).

Anyway, I still had a blast trying!

3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette is a limited edition pink and peach eyeshadow palette that contains nine shades which launched for Spring 2019 in Korea a few weeks ago. The color scheme reminds me a little bit of the TonyMoly Piglet Pink Perfect Eyes Mood I recently reviewed but the colors are a bit more peach than pink!

According to 3CE this is for either warmer or cooler skin tones but I did think they’d probably look best on fairer skin as the colors are sheerer and lighter and lean towards being a bit more pastel which should appear more intense on a cooler, fairer tone where as they can be pasty or even chalkier on a warmer skin type. My skin tone is all over the place. I consider myself light-medium with more neutral, warmer undertones. Thankfully, these shades didn’t apply pasty or chalky on me but they are sheerer so building was required and I also just thought they’d look more intense and dramatic on a fairer skin tone. Shrug! I could be wrong but they didn’t quite work as well as I would have liked on me!


I love the tones of this palette. I like the softer peaches and pinks they just really jive well together. However, once applied it’s a little difficult getting contrast as the shades seem to run together when used in the same look. It was pretty difficult to contrast. The colors are sheerer but they do build well and the formula is fairly silky and blends easily. I just WISH I was a bit more skilled in putting these shades in some working order. I just struggled creating the looks they advertised which were simply brilliant.

This is a palette that might easily frustrate advanced makeup users. They won’t love you can’t use a lot of shades together, they’ll find the formula lacking in pigment, etc…! This is especially an issue since the palette isn’t exactly cheap at $40 retail (it is cheaper at YesAsia for $28). I do think Korean makeup users might love it though. There’s a certain simplicity in the shades and the nice, softer looks they can create!

3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette isn’t going to win any major awards for pigment and formula but the colors are gorgeous and might work out for fairer skin tones. It might be a great pick if you have money to throw around but it isn’t a palette you want to invest money in you don’t have.

3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette is available now.

Where to buy

YesAsia Ebay

3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette is a new, limited edition Spring palette that contains nine eyeshadow shades. This palette runs from $28 to $40 and includes nine eyeshadows in a pale peach plastic compact that’s tiny in size and should travel and store easily. This palette contains sheerer pinks and peaches that the brand advertises as being ideal for either warmer or fairer skin. Most of the shades lack pigmented but build easily however, the colors are so much the same that contrasting with them proves a difficult! If you’re a one and done kind of eyeshadow user this might be a good pick up but if you want to create a more intricate look you might have issues!


  • Pretty shade selection.


  • Sheerer eyeshadows that lack pigment.
  • Shade selection runs together and don’t contrast well!


3CE #Beach Muse Multi Eye Color Palette might be worth picking up if you have fairer skin as these shades might look more intense on such a tone!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    F word. This popped up so often in my sidebars, that I thought maybe I had ordered it! Very pretty, but yes, probably too one note, and best as a one and done for darker than fair skin tones. IKWYM about not knowing your tone. Every concealer I’ve gotten in lt med and med has been much too dark in the past 6. wtf. Maybe I’m light cool at this point. Not that the depth doesn’t vary totally from line to line, which further confuses the issue. The problem used to be that foundation or concealer was all too yellow. Now, they’re all too dark. I had to get the pink illuminator, when finally trying the Maybelline age rewind, during the U spring haul. Whatever. But there comes a time, when the chase is no longer part of the fun.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m so confused with shades at this point I have no idea of my skin tone. Either concealers are called light/medium and they are stark white! Or medium are too tan! If I go to mac they always fit me into their medium range and I end up looking orange and muddy in the shades they choose for me! I give up LOL! I used a little common sense when I ordered the new JStar Concealer! I got several of the shades for “light medium” tones and none really worked. Ironically I purchased the shade C17 based on a swatch as it looked like a good color for me. It’s described as tan with rose undertones but it actually fit me quite well! Go figure! I really think concealer shades are catering towards those that want to contour under their eyes! They make the shades super light to brighten and work for those that contour their faces perfectly. I don’t. I’m just a girl that wants to concealer her tired looking under eyes haha!

  • Erica

    It looks a lot like the Huda New Nudes palette, which I lusted over endlessly until I bought it. I was very disappointed. One of the few palettes I’ve ever gotten that I actually regret. The colors are just too similar on the lid to make a look with any depth. I should have just stuck with my TF Peachy Mattes.

  • Agona

    A shame. Seems like 3CE 9-pans are the only palette that Korean YouTubers I watch seem to be wearing these days. Seems like the trend over there has been leaning more towards singles.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel like the ones I watch are always shilling Pony lol! ;-D

  • Felicia Ferrick

    They look so sparkly and pretty in your swatches and you look like you are glowing. Did you get a tan? It was 92 degrees here in Sacramento yesterday. I couldn’t believe it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just got the Nudestix set yesterday in the mail and I’m really enjoying it so far. I couldn’t wait for Sephora’s sale so I used Ulta’s 20% coupon to buy it. Did you end up indulging?? If so what did you think? My JSC Magic Star concealer and setting powder is waiting for me in my mailbox today. I can’t wait but now I’m worried I got the wrong shade and I only bought one. O-well I usuallly only use under my eyes so hopefully it won’t be too light. Yay.

    • Isabella Muse

      girl I can put a bucket of sunscreen on, black clothes, and use an umbrella and I still tan haha! I was outside a bit for Easter sunday so yeah, I’d say I got a little warmth in my skin there ;-D YEAH!?!? I was waiting for Sephora’s sale as I stupidly forget to add it to my cart during Ulta 20 off! OH YES YES YES please let’s talk about JS’s new stuff! I purchased as well and I LOVE the formula but the pigment was meh which disappointed me ๐Ÿ™ What a great creamy, hydrating concealer! I just wish it was more coverage. People are saying they dumped shape tape for it but not me, shape tape is way more concentrated. I love the powder smells like cotton candy! Let me know how it goes!?

      • Felicia Ferrick

        Lol. I used to be that way too but now I just burn. I’m wearing JS stuff today and I agree with you. I love the packaging, the price, the feel of the concealer and how lightweight and airy the powder is. Also I want to cover myself in the scent of the powder it smells so good. But I get dark purplish discoloration under my eyes and they are very dry so I have a hard time concealing and the concealer definitely brightened up my undereye area but did not completely conceal it. I have noti ced though that once I set it, it seems to last a very long time which my other concealers do not. I usually use shape tape, tatcha tinted eye treatment or tarte aquacealer concealer just to give you an idea of the formulas I am comparing to. I might need to pick up another shade because the one I got was a tad too light so I am using it pretty sparingly.

        • Isabella Muse

          My sis is like that. She’s naturally tan anyway, deeper than I am and she always got a great tan but nowadays if she goes out she just gets red! AMEN preach! I agree on all those accounts but the coverage was really, really lacking for me. He got the formula down beautifully but the pigment sucks. ๐Ÿ™ Good for days I want minimal coverage but def not for days I need to cover my tired eyes! I was a little upset with the powder. Did yours come looking like it was used? There was a label on it but both looked like someone dipped into them. and back on topic…! I use shape tape as well and it provides way more coverage. A lot of reviews on Beautylish had people saying they’d give up shape tape for it but I was like ummm no! lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good formula, GREAT texture, so hydrating but I need more pigment ๐Ÿ™

  • Christina

    Huh, this is a lot darker than I thought it’d be. I actually thought it’d be brighter and more pink peach. I don’t know. It looks different in every post I’ve seen. I would have been disappointed if I bought it. LOL.

    I think it’s good for a monochromatic or gradient look. I think that’s usually the preferred technique for a lot of Korean looks, anyway.

    • Isabella Muse

      I wish I could say that I got an easy monochromatic or gradient look from them but I just couldn’t achieve that. The colors just run off together into one peachy look! I watched two great videos and the youtubers in them created some really pretty looks with the shade but they had a far lighter skin tone than I did! I swear that might be my issue!

  • Rebecca

    I kind of want to take a big fluffy brush, swirl it around in all the colors, and use it as a blush!