May 28, 2019

Brooke Shields Owns the Rights To Her Brows or Does She!?

I’ve seen a lot of interesting lawsuits coming and go in the beauty world in my time blogging! Lawsuits between Urban Decay and Victoria’s Secret, lawsuits against Walmart for being racially insensitive by locking up their makeup and beauty products, lawsuits against St Ives for having a facial scrub that’s far to harsh, everyone is suing everyone. I work in insurance and it’s a fairly common joke in my business life that if you live in New York that someone is out their suing someone for some ridiculous thing or another.

The latest beauty lawsuit is the Brook Shields Charlotte Tilbury lawsuit. I actually think it’s a ridiculous lawsuit but who am I to say?

Here’s the thing….

Whenever we think of Brook Shields two things might come to mind! One of which I’m sure are her iconic brows! I mean really? Brook Shields brows are probably more legendary than she is. They should have their own press team. The second thing is likely Blue Lagoon but really, it’s all the brows all the time isn’t it? I’ve never been a fan of strong, bushy brows probably because I struggle with bushy brows myself and I don’t think they are a blessing but more a pain in my a$$ because if I leave them alone they will seriously just grow into one big unibrow. Bushy brows are pretty hip and happening though nowadays and they’ve been making a major come back particularly on the runways.

Brook Shields though is apparently sueing because her eyebrows are apparently as epic as we all imagine them to be! She’s suing Charlotte Tilbury according to because Charlotte created a brow pencil that’s named Brooke S. She’s also apparently pointing fingers at retailers of the product such as Beautylish, Sephora, and others for selling the product.

She is apparently requesting that the court stop Tilbury from using her name and stop sales of Brooke S at all retailers and is seeking “unspecified monetary damages”. Apparently her defense is that her career as a model, actress, author, and entrepreneur has made Brooke (and her eyebrows) a “household name.” And also, she is starting her own line of brow products and feels it will confuse consumers if Charlotte has a product laying around named after her. She further claims Charlotte never asked her if she could use her name.

I think it’s ridiculous as I said above. I hate to say it but most people that use makeup at the moment probably don’t even know who Brook Shields is. Sad to say but potentially true considering how young makeup users are. They’d likely not even put two and two together with the pencil name being Brooke S.

What DO you think of this lawsuit?

Crazy? Or does Brooke deserve compensation?

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  • KimMWC03

    I don’t blame her for suing esp. if she’s coming out with her own line of brow products. I thought CT asked celebs before naming products after them, but I guess not.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m torn because technically she didn’t use her name just her first name and initial that could imply it was anyone….!

  • kimkats

    Wacko. If she weren’t developing a competing product, I doubt she’d be concerned about it at all. I’m interested to see how she thinks her brows have made her a household name; to those of us who are a certain age, we all remember her brows (certainly not her acting ability) more than anything. But to the under 30 crowd, she’s probably just the chick who does the Lazy boy furniture ads. Yeah, I don’t see Brookie getting anywhere with this….. esp. since CT *isn’t* using her “name” just a first name and last initial that match hers. That said, it’s a little dumb of CT to have done so, esp. since every “celebrity” thinks they own their name, regardless how many other people have it. CT could have just called it bushybrow or something like that and saved themselves the grief. 😀

  • Celia

    I think that they’ll settle out of court and Charlotte (or her company) will change the name of the brow product.
    I think it’s precisely because of the younger generation not having a clue about who Brooke Shields is, that she & her company sued Charlotte since this as a “any publicity is good publicity” move.

  • Jax

    So if the product was just named Brooke wacko suit… but it’s named Brook S. We all know it’s referencing Brooke Shields. They should have asked before using the name. Just my 2 cents

  • Christina

    How sad. Charlotte Tilbury probably meant it as an homage to Brooke Shields, and now Brooke Shields has turned it into something ugly.

    She can probably just renamel it Brooke. There! Problem solved! Brooke could mean anyone…only those who know of Brooke Shields would know it’s about Brooke Shields. Charlotte Tilbury should have asked to use her name, yes, but she technically didn’t use her name; she used Brooke S. Unless Brooke Shields goes around calling herself Brooke S…It’s petty, if you asked me.

  • Tallon

    It’s probably going to end up being settled out of court due to the name that could imply it is Brooke Shields. All it’ll do is cause a rename to happen and to be honest I didn’t even know Brooke was making her own brow line. That’s something she should have done awhile ago. What this is is a way to grab attention for her line.

  • Cindy

    She probably has a legitimate case. Brooke Shields doesn’t want anyone to make $$ off of her name except for Brooke Shields, and I don’t blame her. Not sure if the “household name” argument will work because Charlotte T. used a first name and last initial, but then I’m assuming that Charlotte T would have to prove that “Brooke S.” was NOT a reference to Brooke Shields. Let’s see if Charlotte T’s company has a lawyer that can do that!

  • Kelly

    Brooke needs to get over herself! Like you said, the majority of makeup buyers right now don’t even know who she is! She should be happy that someone does remember her and thought enough of her to name an eyebrow pencil after her. After all, this is Charlotte Tilbury, not Wet N Wild! I would think it would help her when she does come out with her own brow makeup. Instead she’ll be known as the bitch who sued Charlotte Tilbury!

  • Tonya

    I can see why she would sue if she has a competing product coming out. Not sure what took her so long, but I digress. They probably should have ran the idea by her people first or simply named it, “Brooke”. If no one would know that Brooke S is paying homage to Brooke Shields then I doubt they would have named the product as such.

  • Cin

    If they put “Kim K” on a pencil of course they’d be sued – I don’t see how this is any different.

  • Joy

    I’m old, but I think Brooke has a point. CT has named a lot of products after famous people, and obviously those folks gave permission and may even be getting royalties from CT on the sales. So Brooke should have been asked and an agreement entered into. I’m really surprised that CT corporate lawyers didn’t jump all over this before it rolled out! Someone in corporate head office screwed up badly and head/s will roll!

  • Ruqaiyah Syed Scruggs

    This is like discussing the Apple and Samsung debacle couple of years ago?!! Good times! So what if CT named her product Brooke S, I don’t buy products for what they are named but how they perform! While Brooke Shields had great brows, I actually remember her for postpartum depression and calling out Tom Cruise for being a man child.

  • mpark

    WOW! Talk about a slap in the face. I think that Charlotte Tilbury was just doing it as a “cheer to you”. It’s a compliment, and honestly, I do not think that a product named “Brook S” is selling mainly because of it’s name. I find this comparable to if someone famous wrote a book, and said in the first page “Thanks to Oprah for all of her support” and then Oprah went and sued him/her.

    Yeesh, this is beyond petty. I find that she’s suing her, seeking monetary compensation, and asking that she rename the product, all to be just very, very sad.

  • Andi

    I realize they didn’t use her full name, but having the “S”was dumb, they could have called it Brooke with probably no issue. But you never know. Years ago we used to go to a restaurant called ‘The King’ which was 50’s themed and had some Elvis type items on the menu along with some of his pictures on the wall. After maybe 6 months in business, they got a case order from the Presley estate. So they needed to change the name or be sued. So you know they’re very protective of their name and reputation.

  • squeakytiki

    Just because the majority of people they’re trying to market to don’t recognize the name doesn’t make it ok to steal it for the purpose of selling products. I’m behind Brooke on this one. What’s next? A line of pore strips for your nose called Barbara S?