May 7, 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette Review & Swatches

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5 stars out of 5

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm is one of two new, limited edition palettes featuring a highlighter, multi-glow powder, bronzer, and pop blush that can be used on cheeks as well as eyes.

I purchased this when it originally launched on Charlotte’s website but before I could try it I somehow got lucky and Sephora had both palettes in stock and I was able to use my 20% off to purchase them. I ended up returning the ones I purchased at since 20% off was kind of a big deal (CT beauty offers free returns) since these palettes are $75 each.

These were an insta-purchase for me. I really didn’t need to think too much about buying them as they are stunning in promo images but also, I’m a big NARS Orgasm fan and the palettes had a few golden pink shades that looked like they’d give me gorgeous glow-y cheeks for Summer. I also had some great success recently with the Becca x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq Bronze, Blush & Glow Palette which sort of led me into this purchase.

I was a little surprised is physically a lot smaller than the Becca palette. It’s lighter, thinner, and will store and travel a little easier. Becca’s palette is a little chunkier in size compared to this. As for product it does contain more at 0.52 oz but the price is a lot more expensive at $75 compared to Becca which is 0.42 oz for $44. The shades aren’t the same at all but the idea and concept is which is why I keep mentioning the Becca palette as it’s just as good and a cheaper alternative if you aren’t want to dish out for CT’s version at nearly $100! The palettes sort of have the same layout of blush, highlighter, and bronzer making the Becca version one to consider if you can’t or won’t spend $75.

That being said if you are a high-end makeup user the price likely won’t matter and the quality will and there is plenty of quality to be had here!

I’m all about luminous cheeks this year for Summer. I’m really hitting trying to hit up all the gorgeous coral and peach blushes out there with shimmery or luminous finishes! And although I’m not much of a highlighter girl I still find myself very much drawn highlighters in the same shade range as the blush shades I’m hoarding.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette Swatches (Highlighter, Multi-Glow, Bronzer, Pop Blush)

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm did hit the sweet spot for me as the Pop Blush shade in the palette is a rather stunning golden coral pink which is why I instantly wanted this palette. Yeah, I know! How could I want a palette for one shade? Hey, I’m plenty guilty of purchasing eyeshadow palettes for like one or two shades. It’s a pitfall of being a makeup junkie! There’s good news here for me though as I did really love both highlighters in the palette as well! They have the density of the Smashbox Vlada Petal Metal Highlighters but I think you can pick up color a lot easier with this formula in comparison.

Actually thinking about it the texture on all four shades are consistent with a gel powder formula with a dense, smooth surface. I tried using them with a fiber brush as I felt that would make it easier to apply since I have a heavier hand. You actually need a dense brush to pick up and blend color though since the surface is so smooth and stiff. I actually liked this texture because it prevented me from going overboard with application. I was able to pick up just the right amount without overdoing things! I do think the lack of powder is what makes this formula so good. Some people will struggle a little picking up color! I know I did! It’s all about finding the right brush but when you do you’ll actually be thankfully for the lack of silkiness or powder for that matte since this texture gives the color and product a more airbrushed finish compared to a more powdery formula that can cling to drier areas or emphasize pores.

All four shades had excellent pigmentation and I was delighted how much I actually liked the highlighters and even the bronzer for that matte as they blend quite easily with a smooth finish and just the right touch of luminosity (aside from the bronzer which was matte).

For my look in this post I used the two highlighters and the pop blush. I do wish I added a bit of the bronzer as it adds a really nice warmth to my skin without appearing muddy or making my complexion look dull.

All in all, the Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette is a joy to use. I’m very happy I purchased it and if I couldn’t get it on sale I’d still buy it. It’s a beautiful, well formulated palette. Sadly, it sold out at Sephora but it’s still very much available at Nordstrom and on Charlotte’s website.

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Nordstrom Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette is a new, limited edition face palette that’s $75 and contains two highlighters, bronzer, one blush which are 0.13 oz each. The formula reminds me of a gel powder texture or even a baked one with a firm, dense surface. This density makes picking up color a little difficult with fluffier or fiber brushes. A dense brush is the best way to pick color up! I do think the density works in the powders favor since it delivers a much smooth, soft focused look compared to a more powdery or silkier highlighter or bronzer formula. The star of the palette is the gorgeous Pop Blush which is a lovely golden pink coral but the highlighters and bronzer are no lightweights either. All the powders were a joy to use and look incredible on my skin!


  • Gorgeous round of shades that give cheeks a luminous glow!
  • Firm, dense powder makes for smooth, flawless application!


  • A little tricky finding just the right brush to use with these powders.


Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette should be a massive hit for those who love a warm glowing complexion!