September 25, 2019

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette ($25) is a new limited edition palette featuring six eyeshadows in coppery neutrals that launched with the Too Faced Holiday 2019 Collection. The palette is in the vein of some of the mini palettes that Too Faced has launched in the past like the Tickled Peach Eyeshadow Palette that was available with the Holiday 2018 Collection and the Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette which was also part of the same collection as well as the recent Shake Your Palm Palms Eyeshadow Palette that launched for Summer 2019.

Too Faced did a round of these smaller palettes during Black Friday 2016 and you might recall me reviewing them one of which was the Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette. They were a horror show sadly as he formula was just really bad. However, since that time they have improved considering. The packaging, the formula, everything has improved thankfully.

As jaded as I am when it comes to Too Faced I have to admit these mini palettes are cute and I do like them. Not only that but also, their Holiday Collection wasn’t too bad this year. So far, it’s one of my favorite mid-range launches.

That’s part of what led me to my purchase of the Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette.

The Too Faced Hot Butter Rum Eyeshadow Palette is about the size of a business card. It’s slim, portable, easy to store, and has a very generously-sized mirror inside along with eight shadows. Six of the shades are 0.02 oz each and two are 0.03 oz oz each. The Tickled Peach Eyeshadow Palette from last also contained eight shades but it was $26 and six of the shades was 0.02 oz each and two were 0.03 oz. Interesting they reduced the price by a buck.

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette

The packaging is adorable with a cute cup of hot buttered rum decorating the cover and all the shade names are listed on back. The palette is bulk made in the USA and assembled in Dominican Republic which is the norm for most Too Faced launches lately.

I keep reading and watching reviews telling me all about hot delicious this smells but I smell nothing! Not even the cocoa scent that Too Faced eyeshadows are so well known for. It’s supposed to smell like Hot Buttered Rum but I’m not getting that all and I admit this disappointed me as I really quite like the novelty of scented makeup!

According to the marketing the Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette contains eight exclusive matte and metallic shades. Exclusive that’s the key word here. However, that’s not quite true as the shade Buttered Rum seems to be available in the new Extra Spicy Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette. However, it’s called Butterscotch! The two shades look a lot alike to me! It’s a great shade and could become the next Peanut Butter Eyeshadow that every so dearly loved from the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Eyeshadow Palette. This is a matte orange-toned butterscotch that’s quite pretty. It’s one of the reasons I purchased the palette.

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette review

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette Swatcjes (Whipped Cream, Bottoms Up, Born To Rum, Spiked)

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette swatches

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette Swatches (Vanilla Extra, Warm & Fuzzy, Sin-Ammon, Buttered Rum)

I do think the palette in marketing looks a bit more orange-y and pumpkin spice-like than it is in person. When it arrives I was surprised that I didn’t like it as much as I thought it would simply because I felt like many of the shades I could easily dupe from past Too Faced Palettes as well as other eyeshadows I own. Spiked is one of those matte browns with fine gold shimmer that seems to make an appearance in a lot of Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes and Born to Rum is a metallic copper that also feels very re-runny. Also, Whipped Cream is a frosty white that always seems popular as a highbrow highlighter in a lot of different palettes.

So, yeah, I guess it wasn’t as orange-toned as I was expecting. The colors looked a little more unique in the promo images. None the less I still quite like it. Both Buttered Rum and Sin-Ammon are too very nice shades and combining the shades together did create some very warm, Fall friendly looks. They are keeping with a “Holiday” theme here calling it Hot Buttered Rum but it can easily pass for a Pumpkin Spice Latte Palette any day of the week! It reeks Fall and it proves my point about how Fall and Holiday Collection seemed to have merge together.

The palette contains four matte shades, one semi-matte shade with fine gold shimmer, one frost, and two metallics. I didn’t struggle with any shade. They all applied and blended well with plenty of pigment and thankfully, very minimal fall out. The mattes are firm but still applied quite nicely! I do wish they were a LITTLE more powdery as I do find mattes that are powdery a little easier to apply and wear by themselves. The metallics were equally as nice with a soft texture that applied and blended well. I wasn’t particularly keen on Whipped Cream as it was a bit too frosty for me but aside from that shade the rest were all great.

All in all, at $25 it’s a fun eyeshadow palette. Granted, it isn’t terribly unique! It has a few shades that are different for sure and that might make it worth a purchase but a lot of the looks you can get from this palette might achieved easily from shades you already own at home. None the less, if you’re looking for a warmer pumpkin spice Fall kind of palette I think you’ll get on well with the Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette.

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette is available now.

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Sephora Ulta Nordstrom Too Faced

Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette is a new, limited edition Holiday 2019 release that includes eight eyeshadows one of which (Buttered Rum) makes an appearance in the Extra Spicy Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette. Six of the shades are 0.02 and two are 0.03 oz. I had no issues applying and blending the shades. They all applied very smoothly and had excellent pigmentation with very minimal fall out. It’s supposed to be scented like Hot Buttered Rum but I detected no fragrance during the application of the shades nor when I opened the palette. I think the palette is quite cute but not as unique as it appears online as some of these colors will be easily duped across past Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes or even from other brands if you tend to purchase a lot of warmer natural shades.


  • Cute packaging!
  • Affordable.
  • Great selection of warmer shades that work well in the Fall and Winter.
  • Nice formula!


  • Not a unique round of shades (some might be easily duped from past palettes).
  • Not fragrance/scent?
  • Mattes are a little too firm.


The Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Eyeshadow Palette will be a success with those who love warmer eyeshadow looks!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Adrienne

    Thank you as always for your review. I totally agree with you as I was on the fence and waiting for your review and found one display (none for purchase) and found it to be quite dull or not as orange and vibrant as the picture. I immediately did the same thing you did and went back to my PB&J palette that I never used and then thought of the physicians formula palette and wondered if there were good dupes in that one as well. Did you purchase the Too faced large palette as well? Are the same colors repeated with a few vibrant more orage and copper?

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure! Right? I was like aw this isn’t really as orange as it looked. It’s more copper and brown which is very much a look that I can replicate dozens of times with palettes I already own! I didn’t compare to PB&J but I’m sure there are a few. Which one? There are three this year…!

  • Jaimie

    I was planning on purchasing this at some point, but now that I know it doesn’t smell like Hot Buttered Rum, I’m thinking twice about it. I noticed many of their past seasonal releases advertised “scented” like a particular dessert and they didn’t smell much different if different at all than the regular cocoa palettes; i.e. The Holiday Macaroons, The Pumpkin Spice, The Peanut Butter, even the Gingerbread. They all basically smell the same to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like all these palettes. Just wish they wouldn’t advertise the scents were different when they’re all the same. LOL!
    Now, the Too-Faced Tutti Frutti collection is great! I do notice a difference in scent with that collection and I love it!

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed 200% The only collection that had a strong smell was the Sephora Peaches & Cream exclusives but all the rest don’t really have much scent at all! Especially the holiday ones that promises to smell like sugar cookie, candy candy, etc etc! I never smell any of that. This one doesn’t even have the cocoa scent imho! True! Tutti Frutti does indeed have a strong scent and the different blushes you could smell each different fruit!