October 10, 2019

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

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5 stars out of 5

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette ($18) is a new, Fall 2019 12-pan eyeshadow palette that contains a mix of gorgeous burgundy shades, warm terracottas, stunning cranberries, and coppers. It happens to be one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of the season.

Fall has come and gone in the makeup world. There have been some gorgeous palettes that launched for Holiday 2019 like the Too Faced Extra Spicy Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette which have sort of merged the Fall and Holiday season but on a whole everyone has rushed right into Holiday launches and Fall somehow got left by the side lines.

I love Fall but it’s truly been rushed away this year. This year, seems like we totally skipped over Fall makeup collections which is why I was ever so happy that the Colourpop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette popped up. When I saw the Call It Whatever Collection launch I splurged the $99 to get the entire set. It included the Whatever Eyeshadow Palette along with six gorgeous blushes, six lipglosses, and an pot eyeliner and pencil liner set. These shades are just so me so screw it! I got 10% Off as well from a coupon code.

Needless to say now I feel ready to celebrate Fall.

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette is an $18 palette featuring 8 Pressed Powder Eyeshadows, 1 Pressed Glitter, 2 Pressed Pigments, and 1 Super Shock Shadow. The Super Shock Shadow is 0.05 oz and the Pressed Powder Eyeshadows are 0.05 oz and Pressed Glitter is 0.05 oz. Out of the twelve shades three are not safe for eye use and those shades are the Pressed Glitter in Duh and the Pressed Pigment shades in Bad Guy and Ms Brightside. I am very guilty of using Bad Guy and Ms Brightside on my eyes and I did experience some staining from both but it washed away after two cleanings. I do wish I could use that glitter shade in my looks but to me it’s a bust! It’s too chunky to use anywhere on my eyes and I won’t use it on my face so, it’s sort of useless. They really need to start not using glitter shades in these palettes if they aren’t safe for eye use.

The palette has a goth Rockabilly design with a burst of red roses decorating the front and block ransom lettering. It contains no mirror and is thin enough to easily store and travel with. The wells are nicely sized to fit a brush and the names of each shade are printed above the shade at an angle. One thing I noticed was that they didn’t put an asterisk next to each of the unsafe eye shades which is something they did in the Colourpop Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette and I really appreciated. I wonder why they didn’t do that here!

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Ditchin’ U, In Bold, TTYN, Ms. Brightside)

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Tardy, Pink Slip, Maybe Later, Copy Cat)

ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Pass It On, Bad Guy, Duh, Not Ok)

The palette is dominated by mattes, seven in total to be exact. There’s also one Supershock Shadow in here which has a soft creamy texture and a shimmer finish and of course, the pressed glitter shade where as the other shades are metallics. The mattes are very soft and silky. It seems like Colourpop improved a bit on their matte formula in this palette as I thought they applied beautifully! Not they haven’t in the past but these just had a silkier feel not to mention they are very, very, very pigmented. There is some fall out but it was really minimal. The metallics are very, very soft and powdery but not dry nor chalky and they weren’t frosty either they had a really nice pop of sparkle on my lid. All the shades applied and blended like butter! I was pleased with the performance of this palette and can’t say enough nice things about it!

The shade range is just amazing as well! So many gorgeous cranberries, burgundies, and coppers! A perfect Fall palette that reminded me of the falling leaves. Also, these shades all just jive so well together and provide great contrast without being going muddy during the blending process.

The Colourpop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette gets a huge yay from me! I loved this palette and think it was a great pick up for Fall looks. Sadly, it’s currently out of stock but I highly recommend signing up to snag it. Or I think they sells these shades individually so you can create your own palette! You can also grab the entire collection which is available and includes this palette by clicking here.

All in all, a very Fall friendly and beautiful palette with an excellent formula.

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ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette is a new 12-pan eyeshadow palette that launched for Fall 2019. This palette contains an assortment of gorgeous coppers, golds, cranberries, and other Fall friendly shades. I LOVED this palette. The mattes are soft and silky with a buttery texture and the metallics are velvety smooth. These apply and blend well with minimal fall out and excellent pigmentation. A few shades are not safe for eye use which I listed above so do beware if you have sensitive eyes. I don’t have sensitive eyes and experience no eye irritations from the non-glitter shades but I did have staining issues.


  • Beautiful assortment of Fall shades.
  • Pigmented eyeshadows with soft, buttery textures.
  • Affordable.
  • Eyeshadows apply and blend easily.


  • A few unsafe eye shades.
  • A few shades cause staining.


ColourPop Whatever Eyeshadow Palette is an ideal pick for those that love Fall shades!