December 4, 2019

Bath and Body Works Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread Review

5 stars out of 5

Bath & Body Works Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread is a new, limited edition Holiday 2019 fragrance that launched with the Sweet Shop Collection late November. This is probably one of the best collections I’ve seen from Bath & Body Works in a while and give me hopes for the Valentine’s Day and early Spring launches as that’s when they do another “Sweet” Collection. As you know, sometimes the names of products can be very deceiving when it comes to Bath & Body Works. I mean they’ll spin a scent with notes of a cupcake with strawberry buttercream frosting and vanilla cake and it smells NOTHING like a cupcake. For a gourmand lover like myself it can be freaking disappointing.

But this year’s round of gourmands for the Holidays are perfect. So far I’ve tried Merry Cookie and Bright Lemon Snowdrop and both were outstanding fragrances that I may need backups of! And Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread is turning out to be just as great!

Bath & Body Works Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread is available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and more. I picked up the body cream and Fine Fragrance Mist when Bath & Body Works was having a sale (when aren’t they having a sale!?)!

Layering, as always, is a good technique to making the scent last because Fine Fragrance Mist gets gobbled up by skin and never lasts. I swear I use like half a bottle of Fragrance Mist and it disappears within seconds of application. Layering with the body lotion does help things along.

This little scent contains notes of baked blueberry, crumbled shortcake and whipped cream and I have to say they really nailed it. At the opening you’re hit with a strong sweet blueberry note which is immediately follows but a sort of nuttiness that morphs into a warm, buttery Walker’s Pure Butter Shortbread note. The blueberry note is a bit synthetic but the shortbread is really, really true the life. You can smell the butter and warmth of the cookie perfectly and the blueberry just swirls around as a sweet little finish!

If you love dessert scents this is a perfect pick for you! It makes you smell like a decadent little bite of delicious shortbread!

Well worth a pick up for gourmand lovers.

Bath and Body Works Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread is available now for a limited time.

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  • Allison

    I do love the scent but Bath and Body Works scents always seem to dry down and smell musky and very similar on me. All the foodie scends, floral, amd fruity all dry down and i cant seem to tell a difference. I’m always disappointed but every once in a while i go back. Have you ever had this problem?

    • Isabella Muse

      Noooo never had that happen. I do have issues with lasting power though!

    • Jules

      I’ve had that problem in the last few years! Started around pink chiffon, maybe? Where everything has the same synthetic, sweet base. I feel like I have a pretty good nose, but yeah. It all smells alike after an hour or two. This scent sounds delightful, so I may have to see how my nose likes it!

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I am too! I’m waiting for a good sale to get some! Because these are really quite lovely!

  • Kel Berg

    oh wow i really want to smell this! i was at bath and body works on black friday and did not see it so it must be brand new. i’m really particular about my food smells (only like certain smelling pumpkin and pistachio flavors) but this sounds really unique! thanks for the heads up!

    • Isabella Muse

      It is indeed ;-D they just launched the Sweet Shop scents but surprised it wasn’t in stores for you yet! My pleasure!

  • Jaimie

    I agree Muse! I got all three scents and they are outstanding! I’m in love with the lemon and I also love the cookie and the blueberry. Lol! The lemon one is probably my favorite but they’re all incredible! I’m definitely going to have to get back ups! This is the best launch they’ve had in a very long time. Back in 2015, they did a Very Merry Cheer which smelled like red velvet cupcakes! I absolutely loved that one and have since scoured eBay to stock up on as many as possible!
    Here’s to hoping they do something similar or just as good for Valentine’s Day! LOVE!

    • Isabella Muse

      I totally agree! Their scents are so damn repetitive but these felt quite different! Loved them all! They actually have Very Merry Cheer this year! Not sure if it smells the same though! I never tried the original nor the new version as of yet ;-D Gosh yes! I’d love something fun and gourmand for v-day and spring!

      • Jaimie

        So sorry I miss spoke! The scent they had in 2015 was called Red Velvet Cheer and it’s AMAZING! At least that’s my opinion LOL!
        It smells like red velvet cupcakes and it’s divine. Do you remember it? If not, it would be worth looking up on eBay. Judging from all your posts and the type of gourmand scents you like, I think you would love it!

        The Very Merry Cheer is OK but not one of my faves. 😉 lol