April 14, 2020

No More Sephora Play Boxes for You! But That’s Ok It Kind of Sucked Anyway!

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August Sephora Play

Sephora Play Box for April 2020 is the last Play Box to ship as the Sephora Play service will be discontinued going forward according to a statement made on Sephora’s website. Yup, goodbye Sephora Play Box as the service will be no longer available and replaced with a new subscription service going forward.

For those that aren’t in the know Sephora Play Box was a subscription based beauty box that cost $10 that included 5 to 6 sample products that were shipped out monthly to subscribers. I personally got some of the first boxes that were shipped and I wasn’t terribly impressed by the service as I felt the items were ones I’ve already tried before.

On Sephora’s website they made the following statement: “…Sephora is ending the PLAY! by SEPHORA subscription box program to make room for new ways to discover brands with Sephora Favorites sets, giving clients more beauty choices than before. We will be launching three new sets, starting with our LUXE set on April 28.”

Sephora Lux Box is not a subscription service and isn’t new by any means as they have had Lux Boxes available in the past as I’ve reviewed a few. One of them was the Play by Sephora The Iconic Edition which was $20 and in my opinion not worth it! The good thing about some of the Lux Boxes is you were never sealed into a subscription! It was an individual purchase. The boxes typically contain six deluxe samples.

The price has gone up slightly with this “new launch” and will be $25. This month’s box will include products like La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream, Armani Beauty Lip Maestro, and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.

If this isn’t appealing there will be a replacement for Sephora Play! If you did enjoy the $10 Play Boxes there will be two added to the Sephora Favorites Sets which are called Hello and POp Boxes. Sephora Hello Beauty Boxes will include five beauty products for $10 like the original Play Box and Pop Beauty Boxes will include six beauty products for $15.

For those looking for a more comparable replacement to Sephora Play! (which cost $10 per month), the retailer is also expanding its Favorites offerings, which are curated sets of sample-sized products. The two additional lines, “Hello” and “Pop,” will be available for purchase soon and will roll out frequently, according to the brand, following the release of the Luxe box. The “Hello” box will include five product samples at $10, while the “Pop” kit will have six items at $15. Sephora has offered Play Boxes as individual purchases in the pasted and people genuinely seem to like to be able to pick and choose the boxes they want to buy. I think it’s sort of nice knowing what’s inside the box and being able to say, “Sure, I’ll buy that” or “Naa, that isn’t for me!” The surprise element is always fun with a beauty subscription-based box but I was pretty disappointed with what I got in my Play Boxes so I’d much rather see what’s inside and decide yes I want that or no that’s not for me.

Will you miss the Sephora Play Box Subscription?

The new boxes will be available soon at Sephora.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Maxine

    I subscribed the first year Sephora introduced their Play box. It started off great. The boxes that the products came in were sturdy and reusable. The products were great because it was new and there wasn’t room for repeat products yet. Also, the bonus cards were 100 points. I cancelled after a year because the quality of the subscription was on the decline. The nice boxes were discontinued and replaced with cheap bags, products samples were on repeat, and the bonus card value would eventually drop to 50 points.
    Come to think of it…Sephora’s rewards in general was on the decline. Ulta starting taking over and getting my hard earned money.

    • Dee

      I never got a subscription but I do agree with you on the rewards. Ulta has it all over Sephora in that department.

  • Adrienne

    I agree with you as I was never impressed with their boxes and I will include Macy”s box with that as well. I found many of the items I personally received were old, dried out (mascara), samples left over from past promos or gifts with purchase and just not worth it and like you I already had them. That “Too Faced” mascara showed up in everything they sent. I had far too many and it was never a favorite of mine.

    I do wish Target would do more of the Dermstore box collaborations. They were a little more expensive but I enjoyed them.

    • Isabella Muse

      don’t even with TF mascara! lol! That’s like every sample in every single box and freebie I get. NOO just NO!

      • Zelda

        I was so excited when Sephora announced a subscription box but ended up canceling after a year. It was too repetitive. Every eyeliner was black. Every lipstick was either neon bright or mud color. I have three cream/stick eyeshadows, they’re all the same color.

        The Hello box sounds the same as the Play box. Or I can pay $5 for an additional tiny sample? No thanks.

        My husband did like buying a couple of boxes and using the products for stocking stuffed. But he got them at a reduced price and picked out the ones he thought I would like.

  • Kitten

    Awww bummer, I actually really liked the Play boxes D: I don’t usually buy the newest things from Sephora so it was a great way for me to try things!

  • Carolina

    I subscribed to the Sephora Play Box for a year-and-a half and was happy to say goodbye. It was the constant samples of colors that didn’t match my profile or endless primer that made me pull the trigger and close my account. I have purchased one Lux box and actually kind of liked that one. Oh Well! I look forward to checking out these new options.

  • Cliff

    It was always red lipstick in it anyway. No matter what the month was. Not everyone is crazy about red lipstick.

  • Randi Macdonald

    I cancelled about a year ago. I used to love it a lot, then I started receiving samples that were not appropriate for my skin( dark foundation, etc) so it wasn’t worth it to me.