April 6, 2020

Feeling the Love for Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow Palette is a new addition to the Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection. If you recall Too Faced also launch new shades of Fruit Cocktail Blush Duos last year for Summer 2019 which makes it no surprise they went and did another eyeshadow palette. I have the Too Faced Sparkling Pineapple and Razzle Dazzle Berry Eyeshadow Palettes already but I’m curious to see Papaya in person.

Plus did I mention it’s all peachy and delicious? You know how I feel about peach and coral eyeshadows! I’m taking a wild guess it smells like papaya as the last two palettes were scented! It contains seven shades and this time around it appears they left out the creamy glitter shades included in the prior two releases. There’s a rather great duochrome shade or at least I assume its by the photos!

Right now the Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow Palette is exclusively at QVC. I’m playing with the idea of picking it up!

What do you think of this one?

P.S. Happy Monday! Isn’t it weird to say that because I imagine some of us have forgotten what day it is! Haha…! Today I had to fix a fixture on my kitchen sink and my BF is in his headspace working so I facedtimed my dad for help and he walked me through it. I ended up getting pretty emotional after as I realize it’s been four weeks since I saw him. He had a pacemaker put in this past Fall. It’s not something I shared on here before but let me tell you I was terrified when it happened. Needless to say right now I don’t want to be anywhere near him right now just in case I’m asymptomatic. I felt really bad after hanging up from him because I feel like four weeks is way too long not to see him. It’s sort of sad right now the only contact we can have with certain loved ones is via the phone. But hey, thank god we have technology like Facetime right?

I hope you’re not missing any of your loved ones today and if you are I’m sending good vibes your way with a virtual hug. We’ll see them all again soon!

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  • Melaina

    I love how this looks, and have really enjoyed all the TF tutti frutti items I have, so while I will wait for this to go to Ulta, it’s definitely going home with me!

  • Denise

    I want it, but I’m going to make myself wait. I bought the last two for half price during the ULTA 21 days of beauty just seven months after they were released. I can’t bring myself to pay full price for any palette anymore!

  • kjh

    It’s very sad not to be able to see your helpful dad, esp since he had surgery, and especially for Easter. I can just imagine the feast. But you are so right about C19 behavior. I hope fam is grossly doable by Mother’s Day. NY….and they say Boston Strong after the marathon bombing…NYers can conquer anything! Stay in and stay well.

  • OliveUncorn

    If this really smells like Papaya I may pick this up . Now they need to make a Guava palette with pinks , greens and white.

  • Kellie

    I love love this color story! It’s so refreshing and happy! I’ve been scouring the internet to see swatches.

    ((((HUGS)))) I hear you. Staying away from loved ones, even if for their own good is so hard. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved soon and we can reunite with our families and friends. 2020 has been a crazy ride so far.

  • Dee

    So sorry to hear about your dad but glad that he has recovered! I understand how hard it must be for you not to be able to see him right now. These are the things I miss so much! Being able to be with family. Our son’s disposal went out, and he could call the building maintenance to fix it but who knows who that person has been in contact with? So my husband will go over in a mask and my son will have one on (In CO we have been told to wear any type of mask when you go out) and they will stay away from each other. If I went to my son’s apartment and couldn’t hug him I would cry.

    I’m taking groceries to my parents who are in their 80s and have health issues. They stand by the house and I drop their things off at the edge of the driveway and wave and talk to them that way.

    I know we are all doing these same things and it’s hard on everyone. But it’s also necessary, so we do it.

    Stay safe!

  • Miska

    Hello there! Just a heads up for those allergic to Sulfa drugs. There’s an ingredient in the previous scented Too Faced eyeshadow palettes, sodium saccharide (not too sure of the spelling) that can be a potential allergy trigger to some folks. It’s an ingredient used to scent the product. I was forewarned about this from a friend with a Sulfa allergy like myself. I haven’t personally experienced this but saw the reaction that a friend had and that was enough to make me stay far away from scented eye products. I really don’t understand why Too Faced thought it was a good idea to put fragrance into their eyeshadows. I have enough allergies as is. But to each their own, wear what makes you feel good. I just wanted to make people aware of a potential allergy trigger. I would never have known if not for someone telling me. I always trusted companies to put out eye safe products. Now I read and research everything.

  • Jennifer Bortolin

    Hi Isabella, I hope your dad continues to be well and I can understand how you feel about not seeing him. It must be very hard for both of you. Does he have someone in his household to help him out?
    I read about what is happening in New York, where you live and how devastating this virus has been for you wonderful city.
    Are you able to work from home? I hope you stay well and healthy.

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw it sure is tough but he’s doing well! He’s with my mom. Both of them have been under quarantine (put in force by me LOL since March 1st) together. I’m having their groceries and essentials delivered as well as their meds. Anything else they need either my sister or I bring to them and leave outside the door. I am at home right now thankfully working! 🙂 Thank you dear! I hope you stay well and healthy too!