May 4, 2020

Bath and Body Works Is Coming Out with a Boardwalk Taffy Scent Which Means They Are Obviously Listening to Us

One of my very favorite Instagrammers posted about the Bath & Body Works Summer 2020 Collection featuring the new Boardwalk Taffy fragrance and I’m pretty excited. Finally, Bath and Body Works may just be listening to us demanding more gourmands.

Let’s be honest for a moment here ok? Bath and Body Works releases a lot of repetitive fragrances that are fall into the fruity sweet world or the fruity floral one. I don’t mind these scents in the least however, after a while everything just smells the same. They have endless seasonal releases every few weeks and most times each new fragrance launch is exactly like the last. Hell, even candles seem to smell exactly the same with a new name. It’s annoying.

For years now I’ve bitched myself hoarse about the lack of gourmand scents from Bath and Body Works and finally they are listening. They launched some amazing scents for the Holidays this year and also, more recently they launched another round up great fragrance for Spring like Strawberry Pound Cake. It truly is a step in the right direction in my opinion!

And it doesn’t end there….

It looks Summer 2020 may be shaping up nicely as well. That Instagrammer I was talking about above, TinyFloatingBubbles, teased some of the Summer Collection and Boardwalk Taffy is a new scent popping up this upcoming season! Bath and Body Works is notorious for releasing some great keeper fragrances in the Summer (who doesn’t love Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds and Beach Nights).

I have hopes that this collection will include other great gourmand scents!

What you think of all these new gourmands Bath and Body Works has been treating to us lately?

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  • kimkats

    Now – if they’d just bring back the 3 in 1s they had. Those. Things. ROCKED. And they came in the most amazing scents… caramel popcorn was to DIE for!!

      • Erin

        I miss the Tutti Dolce Lemon Meringue. I had Apple Torta and Angel Food as well, but the lemon was excellent. Tart & creamy. The new Christmas Lemon Poundcake (?) was too sweet, the TD lemon was perfect.

        I know you’re too young to probably remember (I mean this as a compliment ) but in 1995-96 BBW had vanilla perfume in aluminum containers, similar to Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and had a variety like Vanilla Café, Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Musk. I’d love to have them back!

        • Isabella Muse

          I miss TD too! The relaunch of TD was mediocre! Oh my god I do not remember that! Sounds divine!

    • I totally AGREE!!! Loved the caramel popcorn. I haven’t purchased much in the body collection from BBW in quite a while just because of the repeat scents. I did get the Strawberry Poundcake spray(incredible!) and managed to buy one of the last Blueberry Muffin (delicious!) lotions, but other than those, nothing. I hope they do bring back some dessert scents for summer. I’m stocking up this time if they do!

  • Stacey Damiano

    I can’t wait for that scent!! I am a fellow gourmand fan!!! Hope you are safe and healthy!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I am thanks! hope the same for your Stacey! take good care of yourself. I can’t wait to smell it too!

  • Bya

    Love the gourmand scents! One of my favorite candles is “Summer Boardwalk”!! I am excited about the new Boardwalk Taffy scent. Can’t wait to smell it!!

  • Julie Murray

    Back in the day, my favorite holiday sweet scent was Caramel Corn. It was really popular but disappeared and never came back. I remember buying from ebay, I was so desperate to get more. That would be one I would welcome back for SURE!!!

  • Jennifer German

    I really miss the Tahitian Coconut Vanille/ Ille de Tahiti line. I still have some of the lotion although it is very old.

  • Colleen K Brault

    You mentioned my 2 favorite scents EVER in Beach Nights & Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds!
    Thanks for your amazing reviews and every time you let us know about a new product or an upcoming sale. You are a bright light in my day!

  • FrugalCat

    Boardwalk Vanilla Cone is one of my faves of all time. Can’t wait to try the others!

  • Erin

    I’ve heard its incredible, the taffy one. I’m totally getting it. I’m all about cotton candy scents.

    I also like Whipped Vanilla Chiffon, very sweet and peachy.
    Now if they’d only bring back Peach Nectar and original 1990s Vanilla Bean I’d be a happy panda.

  • Kim

    Hi. I’m obsessed with the Boardwalk Taffy!!! The body cream is fantastic in that scent. Have you heard that there is a Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream coming out? It’s must for me if it does.

    • Isabella Muse

      I doubt it sadly! It would have already hit shelves! It’s def a gorgeous scent ;-D I’d love a hand cream too! Maybe next year!?

  • Jasmine Roman

    Omggggg I miss forever midnight . That was my SMELL!! I don’t know why they retired it but they did