May 26, 2020

Dry Nipples? I Got You!

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Remember all the good times we had when Sephora introduced Butt Sheet Masks? I readily admit to being absolutely obsessed with a good facial sheet masks but ass masks never did catch on with me. I dunno if my ass really needs masking ya know? Anyone feel that way?

INC.redible thank you for making my beauty life so interesting as you took ass mask to a new level with the addition of boob masks. The new Hydrating Boob and Bum Sheet Mask Duo tackles both your ass and your boobs. This hydrating sheet mask duo contains a Juicy Bits Boob Mask and a Feeling Cheeky Bum Mask. Listen people, if you’re giggling at the names, just remember I can’t make this sh&t up!

Apparently the masks acts to “perk up your pair” and “uplift” your behind with a mix of hydrating ingredients including watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid as well as peptides.

The set is $15 or you can purchase Juicy Bits Hydrating Boob Sheet Mask just for breasts at $9 or Baddie Double Perks Rainbow Sheet Boob Mask for $9. Because who doesn’t want a rainbow sheet mask for their breasts am I right? I also took notice of the incredible detail that went into these masks. See the cut outs for the nipples? How convenient for the perfect and contour to your breast.

As crazy as I am about a good face sheet mask I really don’t think I need one for my nipples nor my ass. I found these somewhat ridiculous….! But that’s only my opinion. I honestly expect to see some sort of vaginal mask at some point. Like I would not even be shocked if I woke up one morning and BOOM there it was available at Sephora.

Feel free to share yours.

Would you wear nipple sheet masks?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Violet

    Prob gonna be one in the future for the anus too cos there are people who are concerned with the appearance of theirs lol! I remember when I first found out that anal bleaching was a thing!
    I’m totally satisfied with using Bum Bum cream on my boobs & butt, so not interested in masks.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! anal bleaching is still a thing so we def need to mask it too! ;-D

    • Becky Neemann

      LMAO this made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  • Claudette

    I wouldn’t purchase these. Seems like a big waste of money and wouldn’t help my “girls.” Although I do admit I have used Borghese Fango clay masks on my boobs many times. I use especially in the summer if I get a little pimple. Slather over boobs then when dry just hop in the shower and rinse off. Either original green Fango or the firming purple Fango. But I suppose any goodmclay mask would do the job. I miss Borghese, hard to find nowadays. Showing my age here … i wish I still had a bottle of the original Di Borghese perfume.

  • Lauren

    Ya know they missed a great marketing opportunity by not pitching these at lactating mothers. Muse, I smell a business opportunity. We should jump on it now. Sheet masks for your nips! R&R for your lactating bits! Mommy time in the bathroom hiding from hungry baby! Rest promotes lactation! We could send samples out to stash in pumping rooms at workplaces. I bet Google would be into it.

  • Susan Consuegra

    You never disappoint. So much to love with your site.

    #1 Make-Up, the love is self understood for all of us on this site.

    #2, The humor, just makes it all better! Thank you!

    NOW IF I MAY GO OFF TOPIC and ask a question…(I have first given true time and diligence and searched and researched and researched for eons…I wouldn’t bother to boldly ask unless desperate!)

    I have EXTREMELY dry undereye and need a FULL COVERAGE concealer…preferably drugstore, but not mandatory. All I tried were very lacking..

    Do you or ANYONE have suggestions…PLEASE?

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Susan! 🙂 this made my day! I WISH I knew of one. Most of my hydrating concealers tend to apply sheerer. I just make sure I hydrate really well and use anything and everything this way. Use a drop of facial oil under your eyes, pat, wait, apply your eye cream or even an eye serum followed by an eye cream. LOAD up! Apply a generous amount of eye cream. This works for me ;-D Shape Tape is my HG of choice and it’s pretty dry but I still manage to get it blended perfectly so long as I hydrate really well!

    • Violet

      I too have very dry undereyes and have learned that layering moisturizing products is the key. I pretty much do what Isabella does, but in a different order: serum, hydrating cream, oil. The oils that don’t migrate into my eyes are the Kopari Starry Eye balm and Etude House Pure Drop Multi Oil Genie Multi Oil (Miss Muse introduced me to this one).
      No concealer is hydrating enough for me unless I do this layering. My current favorite is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer. Use the tiniest amount or it can crease or look cakey.

      • Isabella Muse

        100% agreed! I am convinced I can use any concealer even the driest so long as I am doing double duty with moisture. Ha! I still use EH Genie Oil too! Def a fav and so glad I was able to introduce you to it Violet!

  • Miska

    Geez this really did make me laugh out loud. I really needed that so I thank you. I’m a big fan of face sheet masks but that’s where it ends. I would totally buy these to gift though, just for the expression on the faces of the people who receive my gifts. Hell, on that note I would also gift anal bleach for the same reasons if I knew where to find it!