May 12, 2020

The Fragrance I’m Gagging To Try!

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So, what’s on your fragrance want list at the moment? I recently did a blind buy of Ellis Brookyln Sweet during the Sephora Sales Event and it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I mean, it isn’t bad but it doesn’t live up to its name either! The notes include pear, ambrette and marshmallow but there’s also orris in the mix. I think the combo of ambrette and orris make it more of a masculine gourmand. I thought it would be a fluffier scent if that makes sense. It’s still lovely but yeah, not sweet by any means.

But I think I’ve found my next sweet fragrance and I’m gagging to try it. Should I blind buy it?

Michel Germain Sugarful is a new Eau de Parfum that launched for Spring 2020 and the reviews have been excited to try it. I will say that Michel Germain isn’t really on my fragrance hit list. I find his stuff either smells like a bad version of Pink Sugar (P.S. I hate Pink Sugar don’t throw rotten tomatoes at my head! I prefer Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman!) or it just smells really cheap! Like something you’d purchase for $9.99 at the drugstore. I dunno his stuff just doesn’t hit right for me.

When I first came across Sugarful I was convinced it would be Pink Sugar reincarnate. The thing is Michel Germain already has a Pink Sugar dupe so, I wasn’t sure where or how Sugarful would fit into the range. I started reading reviews on Fragrantica and people are saying it def isn’t a dupe but it does have a cotton candy note with softer, sweeter florals. Notes include Sparkling Tangerine, Wild Strawberry, pink peony, cotton candy, sandalwood, and musk!

Hmmm…..! I dunno if I should blind buy this one but count me curious.

Anyone sniff it?

Do share!

What fragrance are you gagging to try?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jordan

    I’ve smelled it in store, it smells like strawberry cotton candy,really good.

    • Isabella Muse

      Where do they have it in store? Where I get out of isolation maybe I can go have a brief sniffle! and strawberry cotton candy that sounds amazing!

      • Jordan

        Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, so not much help to you lol. I found it to be quite different from Pink Sugar if that helps, it doesn’t have any of the licorice notes.

        • Isabella Muse

          aw damn! How’s things over there in Canada? I have family in Toronto. I HATE pink sugar so I’m quite happy to hear it doesn’t smell like that!

          • Jordan

            I’m in Nova Scotia, so significantly less bad here than Ontario and Quebec are doing, but I think as a country we’re doing ok. I have family in NYC and the situation there is very worrying.
            I loove Pink Sugar but I definitely don’t want everything to smell like it haha, so I was happy that it was different. I haven’t picked it up yet but I probably will once things are more normal again. I’d hate to be that person going into a store to buy perfume!

          • Isabella Muse

            I love NS! what a wonderful place to live! I’m in NY, it’s pretty bad. We are bracing for phase 1 opening this week and it feels scary as hell. I don’t mind smelling all sweet and girly ;-D But Pink Sugar gives me a bad headache! Def not a good cotton candy scent for me 🙁 LOL I know what you mean! I did a curbside pick up at Target order the other day and I cringed because I had ordered a cute birdhouse along with some essentials. I was like, “Why am I this person ordering non essentials!?”

        • Maritza

          Uh nice, I am going to shoppers today for my prescription, I will grab it

  • Amy

    Oooh! Sounds lovely and the bottle is awesome. I’m in favor of you blind buying it so we don’t have to! 😉 Honestly, I can’t offer advice. I would have blind purchased the Ellis Brooklyn Sweet if it hadn’t been out of stock. From your description, I would have been disappointed too.

    • Isabella Muse

      Haha ;-D I’m the guinea pig right? ;D Sweet was…it kind of reminded me of Histories This is Not a Blue Bottle. A true gourmand scent not a sweet gourmand if that makes sense ;-D It’s nice but you def don’t need to get a huge bottle of it on a blind buy. Def get a smaller sample to try!

  • Linda

    I purchased Sugarful and was a bit disappointed. The atomizer sprays little product, the top doesn’t stay on (maybe a got a dud) and I found the fragrance rather weak. It last for a bit on clothes and but not so much on skin. Smell is nice, not too sweet but ugh so weak. It smells like a perfume I had before but can’t place it (maybe an old fragrance called exclamation but not nearly as strong). I have body sprays that last longer. I wanted to love it but won’t repurchase and will use up what I have.

  • Chanty

    Oh I’ve smelled it and it smells divine. I wanna purchase it as well

  • Joann

    I blind bought Sweet too and was also disappointed I got a sample of Salt and enjoyed that way better. I love Raven from them so I was surprised sweet lasted 2 seconds on me since Raven literally lasts forever…….

    • Isabella Muse

      were you disappointed the scent or the wear? The wear was good on me but I was sort of disappointed it wasn’t actually sweet!

      • Joann

        I smelled pear for like a second which I liked what I smelled….then it was gone. And I do like heavy smells, unrelated I recently tried Coco Mademoiselle again and enjoyed it way more than I remembered. I forgot about Chanel completely!

        • Isabella Muse

          I was so wanting more marshmallow but it just doesn’t come through that great. Oh yes Coco M is a lovely one ;-D

  • Bya

    I love “Pink Sugar” and get compliments all the time when I wear it. It is my go to
    fragrance for daytime. I won’t throw any rotten tomatoes at you!! (lol) I am always
    interested in other fragrances that are similiar or vanilla type fragrances. I just got a new
    fragrance recently “La Vie est Belle” which has notes of iris, vanilla, & praline. I only wear it at night and I am still on the fence. Sometimes I like it and then others I think it is a bit strong. You have me curious about “Sugarfull”! Sounds intriguing. Let us know if you purchase it or get a chance to smell it.

  • Brooke Jones

    I am with you! I hated Pink Sugar! I thought it would be the cotton candy fragrance of my dreams but it wasn’t. I still haven’t found one. I have tried some indie ones but I don’t usually like what it is blended with…so bummer! But if you have suggestions I would love to hear them! As my fragrance twin, I always love your suggestions!

    I am currently lusting over By Kilian’s Straight to Heaven Intense. I want it so badly…but I have the regular one and they are so dang expensive that I can’t justify the purchase right now. I hate to hear about your disappointing marshmallow fragrance! Have you tried Love or Love Don’t Be Shy By Kilian? Those are my favorites by far!

    On a different note, you told us about Maison Lancôme and I quickly picked up Oud Bouquet and Jasmins Marzipane. I HATED Oud Bouquet…even washed it off! But this week, I watched a YouTube video where it was included in a “top five fragrances ever made” video. Determined, I tried it again and hated it…for thirty minutes. After that it morphed I to some kind of woodsy, marshmallowy, vanilla heaven that I could smell the next day! So it is my new favorite and as usual I have you to thank.! I don’t know if you have tried that one and it doesn’t list marshmallow as an ingredient but that is where it goes on me. I don’t remember if you wrote about that particular scent, but if you haven’t tried it you might love it!

    P.S. Thank you for this blog during this craziness! We have re-opened in Georgia but I refuse to participate. As per the usual, you are helping me stay sane! ❤️

  • Chris

    Sephora sent me before Mother’s Day a lift the plastic & sniff the fragrance circular. So I saw Givenchy has put in rollerball their Le Interdit fragrance. I enjoyed that as a young adult. I hope it’s smell wasn’t reformulated. I blind bought the YSL Libre rollerball. I bought them at Ulta online so I could accumulate the reward points.

  • Megan

    I bought Salt and Sweet; Salt I love! It’s different than I expected. I can’t get enough! I’m with you on Sweet; it’s “just ok.” I’ve seen Sugarful advertised daily on my feed! I’ve had it in my bag but have not brought myself to checkout yet. I’m so curious that I think I’m going to give in…!

    • Isabella Muse

      Me too! I’ve had this in my bag for ages and I really need to just submit already 😀