May 27, 2020

Visee is Over Here Bringing Back Glossy Lips for Summer But We Can’t Enjoy Them

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Japan and shiny lipsticks go together like peanut butter and jelly! I’ve been personally on a quest to rid the makeup world of matte lipsticks for years now. I think I’m slowly succeeding as we’ve had some solid shiny lipstick offerings lately haven’t we like Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion Lipstick and L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Glossy Lipstick.

Shiny lipsticks aside it looks like shiny lipglosses are back and there’s some irony here. How the hell can we enjoy a super shiny lipgloss if we’re wearing a mask? All my hard work and effort into ridding the world of matte lip anything is all for naught my dear friends. We’re actually going to be reaching for those long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks a lot more if we want to wear lipstick in our “new normal” situation.

Shiseido Crystal Gel Lip Gloss I want to take you home tonight but I won’t be able to wear you out of the house because face mask and glossy gloss equals hot chaotic mess.

To add salt to my wound Visee is over here releasing Juicy Syrup Lipglosses. WHY you do this to me?

But good news! My lemmings are cured as Visee was going to release this in Japan for the Summer but they have delayed the launch to Fall. Maybe by the time Fall rolls around we won’t be masking anymore and can enjoy glossy lips (I’m ever always the optimist over here). But I admit I associate super glossy lips with Summer looks. It’s ok though! I’ll have patience and wait for the day I can wear lipgloss again without smearing it all over my face in the process.

Are you a glossy or a matte lover?

I do wonder who else has glosses in the works for Summer that might feel inclined to delay the launch for a later time. Because right now makeup is a hard sale but gloss and lip products in general are a hard sale.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Barbara

    Glossy all the way. These sound right up my alley. Have eye issues and can’t wear any makeup so I’m all about lip gloss now. Didn’t order the Juicy Tubes cause I figured what’s the point. Masks all day at work and trips to the store. Maybe after this mess is over!

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s such a shame all these glosses are popping up and I’m not even interested in buying them! Masks GRRR! But better safe than sorry! Soon we’ll get back to glossy lips!

      • Dee

        We will get back to normal! But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put gloss or balm on and then wondered what the heck was I thinking. So I put it on as soon as I get home.

        • Isabella Muse

          I’ve done the same. When I get up to go shopping I do my face and put on lipgloss and I’m like, “Damn! I need to wipe this off before I put on my mask!”

  • Violet

    I have never been a matte fan; they dry my lips out. Not crazy about gloss either, but I love glossy lipsticks and balms.
    People here in West TN think that being in phase 2 means no more masks, although our leaders announce that everyone needs to keep social distancing and wear masks. I’m one of the few who still wears a mask & I correct people who tell me that they aren’t wearing a mask cos they aren’t worried about catching the virus

    • Isabella Muse

      I love gloss but give me a shiny lipstick any day and I’m a happy girl. 🙁 that sucks. Phase 2 does not mean mask-free! It’s important to keep the masks on to be as safe as possible. We haven’t even reached phase 2 yet and I see people without masks. Some people just don’t care. People need to think more about others around them 🙁

  • Kathy

    Glossy lips for me as well. I did order juicy tubes and am loving them. I have to have something on my lips all the time because I am reacting to my night guard and have dry mouth due to medication. Can’t seem to find a good resolution! Thanks for your column!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m prone to chapped lips and dry ones so I feel you! always looking for something hydrating to keep my lips from cracking!

  • Dot

    Did you see the new Fenty Slipshines? They look so pretty and moisturizing! I might have to grab some and what the hell—I’ll wear them around the house!

    • Isabella Muse

      I did! and hell yeah, even to run around the house I need a few lol!

  • Angel

    GLOSSY GLOSSY GLOSSY!!!! My lips are thin and dry enough. I really don’t need to look like the Crypt Keeper! I’m kinda picky about my glosses. They have to feel seamless. Some of them, I swear I can feel where they stop and it’s almost like they are holding in the dryness. Yeah, I’m weird like that. My current ride or die is NYX Butter Gloss in Praline. It’s practically perfect in every way!

  • Mary

    Give me a good glossy! It’s my favorite indulgence and brightens me up even when I don’t wear any other make-up.

    These masks may be necessary, but I hate ’em and so do my dry lips.