June 9, 2020

Sephora Points Can Be Exchanged For Donations To National Black Justice Coalition

Sephora Reward Points can now be exchanged for donations to the National Black Justice Coalition. For the month of June, you can head over to the Sephora Rewards Bazaar and exchange 500 points into a $10 donation, 1000 points into a $20, and 1500 into a $30 one.

There’s a lot of feelings involved with this one.

Some small part of my heart it saying that I don’t use my points anyway because let’s face it Sephora Reward Points are useless. They made some weak attempt at allowing us to redeem reward points for cash but it’s $10 per transaction only. Since my points are sitting there unused why not use them for something good like donating them?

However, another part of me rebels at the idea. This feels like a really weak attempt at activism on their part. For one thing, they combined two fights into one donation. It’s like they want to address BLM and Pride Month all together. Don’t get me wrong, the National Black Justice Coalition is an amazing organization that benefits American civil rights for the LGBTQ. However, they should have chosen two charities to represent one cause.

Secondly, if you want to donate money to any organization supporting the LGBTQ or BLM movements I highly advise doing so personally and not through a second party. I do my own donations as I always do to LGBTQ organizations each year. I don’t really depend on doing those donations through “rainbow washing” product launches unless I know the brand is heavily active in the LGBTQ community plus I carefully a new organization to support as well as one I donate to always (The Trevor Project) Likewise, for any donations I made to BLM organizations. Again, some part of me is thinking, “well, I’m using my points for anything anyway!” but consider the fact this is actually a great way for Sephora to get a tax write off. On the upside your points have no actual cash value which means Sephora is converting them into money which means a bigger tax write off for them at the end of the year.

I’ll tell you what would be great. If they actually allowed you to exchange your points for a donation and they matched your donation. If I use 500 points to do a $10 donation how about they match that $10 bucks making it $20 that goes to the National Black Justice Coalition? I’d be here for that.

This just feels a little phoned in. When it comes to Sephora sometimes it feels like they will never make any of us happy with the way they do things. But right now, during trying times, they need to do better than this.

What do you think?

Is offering a donation for reward points a good way to go?


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  • Dot

    I’m with you, Muse. This feels really shallow and like they’re just doing what they can to capitalize on the moment and make themselves look good—not because they actually really want to make change. This is all the more shallow after we’ve heard about how how awfully they treated their workers during the pandemic, and we know they only really value their bottom line.

    • Isabella Muse

      exactly my issue. Too many brands just trying to appear like good doers but when it’s all said and done no one actually did anything at all to bring about change. Let’s hope more brands bring change versus empty promises!

  • kjh

    I probably will do this. But it really does sound phoned in and bandwagon-y. And only for the remainder of Pride month? This year, when the BIPOC and LGBT+ issues are foremost, on a par with Covid, in the collective consciousness? And no matching gift? It feels totally self-serving. Not to mention that we cannot access our rewards without buying something. I mean, wtf? No loss to them. It’s OUR SUNK COST, nothing comes from them. As usual, their attempts ring false and hollow.

  • Melissa

    I agree. I’d feel a lot better about it if they pledged to match donations.

  • Michelle Thong

    It’s absolutely phoned in and it makes me angry. The SOLE advantage I can see to this is for people who have no money to spare but have been saving up points for years and have nothing to use them on. If this is a person’s only way of contributing, then I’m ok with it. Outside of that, it feels cheap and the biggest question to me is…. what did Sephora THEMSELVES contribute? I can’t seem to find anything outside this points=donation program. That’s lip service to the cause at best.

    Sorry I’ve been so silent on your page for ages and ages. The years, overall, were not kind. Still read you ALL the time, though. :hugs:

    • Isabella Muse

      Valid point Michelle about someone not being able to afford a donation and using this as an option! I’d be ok with that as well but it does feel like the really smallest thing Sephora can do. They can do better :-/ I’m not sure they have…! But I need to research further. Oh gosh I hope it wasn’t me that cause any issues for your silence? big hugs back! thanks for speaking up today!

      • Michelle Thong

        Girl – NEVER. Chatting with you and reading your blog is always a source of joy. I’ll email you with all the stuff that went down.

        If you find more about Sephora please let us know. I can’t find ANYTHING and it’s very disheartening considering they have been going HARD on a platform of “inclusion and everyone is beautiful”. I hate lip service and want to see more from them.

        • Isabella Muse

          thank you thank you! Please do! I hope you’re ok! Life is never easy 🙁 I hope things get back for you soon! I can’t either. I’ve been researching a variety of brands to see who is doing what and reaching out to them. I want to give these brands the benefit of the doubt but some will talk the talk but never walk the walk!

  • Dee

    I think you are right. Honestly, I am at the point with Sephora that when I get an email from them I delete it.

  • andrea

    This feels like a really weak attempt at activism on their part. 100%%%%%%

    I will not be trading my points for THEM to benefit from.

    This is borderline offensive to both their customers and the communities they are claiming to help.

  • Vex

    I comment very rarely, but I just wanted to leave a line and say that I appreciate seeing you stand up for what’s right so much. I genuinely can’t emphasize enough how glad I am to read your words. Thank you, Muse.

    To remain somewhat on topic, I also agree 100% that Sephora’s gesture seems phoned-in and even slightly dishonest what with the tax write-off thing; I think matching the donation would certainly be the way to go. I mean, I guess it’s not really properly dishonest, and I prefer their approach to the companies that are radio silent — at least they’re proclaiming a stance, somewhat — but I don’t think it’s entirely the way to go.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Vex that means A LOT to me! I really appreciate it. I feel like they could do better than just this ya know!? It feels like they put so very little effort into it!

  • Susan

    I don’t like any company that donates to any cause on their behalf when the money comes from me, whether it is “We’ll donate 10% of our sales” or this type of tactic from Sephora. Just donate the money and don’t depend upon your customers. And I’ll donate my money to where I want it to go.

  • Kyuu

    The other reason I find this scummy, on top of the fact Sephora laid off 3000 part time employees over a Zoom call without answering any questions after reassuring them they wouldn’t be laid off for weeks, is that this lets them use money you spent at Sephora as a tax write-off. That’s also why I don’t donate when people ask at stores… even though I use the standard deduction, I don’t personally want a corporation using money I’m giving to a charity as a tax write off for themselves *rolls eyes*

  • Chris

    I feel the same way, Isabella; a box checked off by a large company saying : we did something!
    Two organizations that are doing something for all are the ACLU & Southern Poverty Law Center.
    I feel these 2 groups actually do something to better all of us.

    • Isabella Muse

      Second vote for Southern Poverty Law Center! It’s an incredible charity! Good pick! 😉 Since I posted this they now decided to donate 15% of their shelf space to black owned beauty brands. We’ll see how they do!

  • Brandy

    I was going to write that Sephora decided to dedicate 15% of their shelf space to black owned businesses, but I see you mentioned that on another comment. Having said that, I agree with everyone else saying Sephora should match donations to really feel like they’re doing more for BLM. Personally, I haven’t shopped at Sephora in over a year just because I prefer the brands at Ulta and have discovered some really nice indie brands online for my beauty needs.

  • TC

    Given their ‘we belong to something beautiful’ campaign and focus on inclusivity for the trans community it would have felt more genuine and on brand to donate points to a trans charity, especially with June being pride month. Perhaps that was their intention and they switched out the charity given the current climate? . I like the idea of matching or even donating their tax write off there too. What oversight is there to ensure all donations are made? I’ve seen too many ‘share this we will donate a dollar’ that’s shared millions of times but small print says (up to a max Of $10,000) which makes me sceptical of ‘charity giving promos’,also, only US what about Canada? Finally over 750 points are shipped free, so should not need to place an order to donate points.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah! I was really loving and supporting it too! shame this is going on! I’ve always really skeptical of any and all in store donations!