June 29, 2020

The New MAC Scented Fix+ Sprays Are Available On Sale

I happen to remember the day that MAC introduced their first scented Fix+ Mist. It was 2009 and they introduced MAC Fix+Rose with the Rose Romance Collection. I was thrilled with this at the time as I collect vintage Victorian vanity sets and commonly associate the scent of roses with a fine Victorian lady. I don’t think Fix+ is really a formula I love in general but the scented versions that have popped up over the years have always tickled me. We’ve had coconut, yuzu, and many others over the years!

This year, there’s a new mini MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Vibes Primer and Setting Spray Collection that includes seven different scents.

Scents include:

  • Fix+ Passion (strawberry, plum, peach, pink pepper)
  • Fix+ Vitality (apricot, tangerine)
  • Fix+ Play (Sicilian lemon, tarocco orange, mandarin, bergamot)
  • Fix+ Balance (bergamot, orange, peppermint)
  • Fix+ Awaken (tea leaves, lavender
  • Fix+ Compassion (fresh greens, fruity berries, pear, apple)
  • Fix+ Calm (blueberry)

These are typically $16 each but all MAC is 20% off at Ulta at the moment making these $12.80.


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