July 30, 2020

Hard Candy Just Glow Silk Blush Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Hard Candy Just Glow Silk Blush in Gush Blush is my new favorite shimmer blush of the moment! I went to Wally World about two weeks ago because I’m a freak that’s addicted to all those Pioneer Woman dodads and of course, I hit up the Hard Candy display because it feels like ages since we talked. Some small part of me wanted to see the Marilyn Monroe Collection in person and it’s as uneventful as I thought it would be but Just Glow Shimmer Blush? That’s SO not disappointing.

You know my obsession with glow-y peachy blushes right? This fits the bill perfect and I’d say it even looks a lot my beloved and long gone MAC Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder but a bit lighter in color!

Hard Candy Just Glow Shimmer Blush arrives in a plastic compact with a clear lid and a pale pink base. It’s $5.97 and holds 0.25 oz blush. The packaging is basic, simple, and small enough to store easily. I wouldn’t say it’s the cutest packaging in the world but I’ve learned sometimes we don’t always need pretty packaging so long as the quality is awesome. And in this case, Hard Candy comes through with the formula.

This is a light, thin blush with a powdery formula so tapping excess off your brush is a necessary evil and does feel a little wasteful at times. Although powdery that doe not translate as chalky or dry. The texture is thin, silky, and blends easily and seamlessly onto my cheeks leaving excellent color that’s very pigmented and a gorgeous glow. At a glance you can see very fine specks of gold shimmer in the pan but I don’t see that shimmer on my face at all! I get a beautiful luminosity from the blush but I don’t look like I was hit by a glitter bomb. I love how it looks like I applied my blush and followed up with a highlighter. The product just seamlessly give you that glowing look without the additional step of applying a highlighter. For me, this is awesome because I’m a bit heavy-handed with both blush and highlighters so having one product that performs both functions is amazing.

The color, Gush Blush, is a gorgeous pink peachy that looks a lot like NARS Orgasm! I’d go so far as to say they are dupes of each other however, Hard Candy lacks the glittery look of NARS Orgasm and applies considerably more smoothly with a glow sans shimmer. The golden peachy pink sheen it leaves on cheeks looks amazing and wears for a solid 10 hours! I do lose some of the sheen but the color does remain true. I applied the blush 7:30AM yesterday and here I am at the end of the night (CLICK HERE to see the pic) in my Instagram photo still with plenty of color even though the glow has diminished.

All in all, a cheap and wonderful little budget friendly blush that has the performance of a mid-range brand. I’ll happily buy a backup of these gorgeous shade! Sadly, there are no other shades I know of that are available! It appears they only launched a single shade in this formula. There is however, a matte version of the same formula in a single shade as well! They should do more as I’d totally buy them!

This one gets a Muse Approval.

You need it!

Hard Candy Just Glow Silk Blush is a new, single shade shimmer blush with a luminous finish that launched several weeks ago. This blush is 0.25 oz in size, available at Walmart, and is $5.97. It arrives in a basic plastic case with a clear lid. I loved it! It’s pigmented, wears for a solid ten plus hours (does look it’s glow but color remains in tact), and applies flawlessly. The formula is thin, silky, and powdery but not dry nor chalky. It has finer chunks of golden shimmer but it isn’t a glitter bomb and it does apply very smoothly and seamlessly while giving cheeks a good dose of color with a gorgeous luminous glow.


  • Pigmented.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Excellent formula, beautiful application.
  • Long wear.
  • Stunning color!


  • Sadly, available in a single shade.
  • Powdery which leads to waste.


Fans of NARS Orgasm or those who love golden pink peachy blushes will absolutely adore Hard Candy Just Glow Silk Blush Shimmer Blush!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    Your insta pic looks just like that actress you got matched with via facial recognition! You also look 12 with your hair down, and i know that cannot be right, when i’ve checked in here for at least 10 years! The arm swatch picture shows very golden/ glittery. On your face, presto! Major Orgasm dupe at a mini price. Good find from you to everyone.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha! Amanda Brotzman! I’ll take it! I’ll take it 100 times ;-D I look nothing like her but hey, if you say I’ll totally go along with it ;-D I know. Without makeup, hair down, I look like a kid! It’s weird haha! It’s SUPER! totally a NARS Orgasm look! and on the cheap w00t!

      • kjh

        Did you try the Google Art and Culture app section that matches you to paintings? You gotta! Then tell us, so we can google the paintings. It helped me figure out what my unknown 1/4 of the ethnic pie is, when 90% of the paintings came back Dutch/Low Countries.

  • Stephanie Guerrero

    My Nars hinge broke and I couldn’t close it so I had to throw it away. I was so sad! This is a fantastic dupe> Tomorrow is pay day and I am going to get this for sure! Thank you for the post!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mary

    That’s beautiful on you, Muse! I’ve got to try that one soon.

    I’ve got a bunch of blushes already, but can you ever have too many? This blush looks more subtle and natural than my favorite Milani Luminoso, but what do you think?

  • Stephanie Guerrero

    I just placed my order from hardcandy.com. Walmart.com wanted too much for shipping. I live in California and there is NO way I am going into that store right now. I can’t wait to get this blush!!!!

    PS, you convinced me to get the Cosrx hyaluronic acid. I love it!!!!