August 19, 2020

Bath and Body Works Sweet Whiskey Fragrance Arrives for Fall 2020

Bath and Body Works Sweet Whiskey Fragrance for Fall 2020 was posted up today by the lovely, sweet tinybubblesfloating today on Instagram (If you’re reading this I have your card posted on my fridge 🙂

I was just discussing the lack of gourmands in my Bath and Body Works Sparkling Plum Prosecco! I do hope Bath and Body Works Sweet Whiskey will be that gourmand I’m seeing as this does contain vanilla!

It might pull deeper and a bit more masculine as this contains golden amber with vanilla-infused whiskey and red berries. I have to admit it sounds interesting and maybe it’ll be the Fall gourmand I’m looking for from Bath and Body Works. I like when they attempt complex fragrances as they sometimes at excel in this area versus doing the same sweet, fruity florals they so often favor!

Fall is in the air here in New York. Today I woke up to a heavy downpour and I wanted to turn over in our bed, snuggle into my pillow, and let the rain serenade me back to sleep. Sadly, real life knocked on my door and I got up and started my hustle. If you caught my Insa-story today you know I slipped in a little Chanel Gabrielle because she’s always a nice treat for the days that start out cool but get warmer as the hours pass. She reminds me of a cool, crisp Fall morning changing into a warm Fall day.

Anyway, maybe Bath and Body Works Sweet Whiskey will be something I need to hoard away for Fall. I look forward to the season every year! It’s my favorite season but this year I find myself not wanting Summer to end as my mind is constantly on a potential second wave! We’ll see how it goes.

For now, let’s rejoice in new Fall fragrances to set our minds are rest.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Whiskey arrives soon

Will you try it?


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  • Jess

    Honestly, i feel like gourmands are all they do. Every single scent they have now is an overly-synthetic blend with some kind of food. The candles are kind of a tranwreck, too. Banana Japanese Coconut Cinnamon Waffle or whatever equally outlandish name. I sound like such a naysayer, I know– but I remember the BBW of the 90s where they had awesome single-note scents. Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean, Juniper Breeze– still a lot of of food scents but somehow more palatable to me. I loved their peach scent. I feel like too much of their stuff now is just Eau de High School. 🙁 I’d love to see them explore the Aromatherapy-style scents they have, but in the normal range. I only ever buy their stuff at the Semi-Annual now. Even the most recent one I did not buy anything because I was so turned off at the “come get the best deals (and COVID) in-store!!!!” junk.

  • Meg

    Now this, I will try. Maybe it’s because my husband is from Scotland but I’m intrigued. I’m not a huge whisky drinker, in fact I’ve only had a few drams while in Glasgow, but based on the notes, it may help me feel more “fall” down here in Orlando. Looking forward to the release!

  • kellly

    I like whisky fragrance so I might see what this smells like in the store. My store is set up with tester sprays and those paper cards that you can spray and sniff. I’m not much for foody fragrances but whisky is in a different category!!

    • Lilsal

      I totally agree! I am not so patiently awaiting its debut… come on already!! I hope im not disappointed. I LOVE their Bonfire Bash as it has bourbon in it….

  • jill

    i’m definitely intrigued.

    if i know bath and body works (and i do), this one will either go out of the park or be an epic fail. my spidey senses are saying it’s headed out of the park.

  • Kelly Gallagher

    Shut up and take my money! I live for bbw bourbon candles. Hoping this is along those lines.

  • Norah

    Luckily I was at their store and saw it in a box. I asked their employee to see it, and she said okay but couldn’t sell it to me as it’s not out yet.

    The smell is amazing , musky , vanilla is a light undertone. Green notes too. I will be buying.