August 18, 2020

Bath and Body Works Sparkling Plum Prosecco Review

3 stars out of 5

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady in possession of a fondness for fragrance, must be in want of a good fall Fragrance around this time of the year! Soon the earth will quack and the coffin buried deep beneath the grounds of Los Angeles will open to reveal the Liliths but that my friends, happens to be weeks away but feels like years as I eagerly await what dear Puddin will create to celebrate his most beloved daughter’s birthday!

For me Fall fragrance means gourmands…! Notes of coffee, the last maple syrupy soaked slices of French Toast from Sunday Brunch, the toasty scent of marshmallow, the traditional creamy pumpkin spice blend we’re all such basic bitches for…..! Those are all the things that make a great Fall fragrance. It always feels like there’s so much potential for Bath and Body Works to capture Fall in their fragrances but somehow, someway, they don’t always get it right. I mean, I really enjoyed Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte and yes, the new Sugared Cherry Crisp scent is divine. But oohhhhhh how I wish they’d do something truly gourmand and foody scented! That Vanilla Mocha Cafe just didn’t do it for me.

Before creating charcuterie boards was a thing with food blogs, IGers, and Tiktokers I was creating them. Why? Because I really can’t cook and putting together a charcuterie board is super easy and I don’t need to cook anything. Grab a bunch of pre-made meats, some grapes, some crackers, and cheese and you’re good to go. Perfect for brunches, snacks, or when you’re having company over! It’s table grape season and you’ll find a variety of them available in specialty cheese stores (try Talbott and Arding if you’re in the Hudson Valley area as towards the end of August they have some fantastic table grapes or H-Mart who’s starting to stock a variety of Champagne Grapes or even Trader Joe’s) to pop onto your board.

With Fall, comes gapes and wine and wine tasting…! The Hudson Valley really embraces the social aspect of wine. I happen to not be a drinker but I love the fragrance of a good wine and it does on some level remind me of Fall.


On a blind buy I decided to purchase the new Bath and Body Works Sparkling Plum Prosecco which is part of the Fall 2020 Signature Collection. I’d probably have been much happier with a pumpkin cookie or a French Toast fragrance but since they never do me wrong with Black Cherry Merlot I decided to give Sparkling Plum Prosecco a try out!

Bath and Body Works Sparkling Plum Prosecco isn’t really for me but that could be me only because it has some raving reviews. It doesn’t really smell Fall for me and I can’t quite put my finger on it but as it dries down and I wear it for a while the scent smells like something I already own from Bath and Body Works.

I sort of falls into the realms of Black Cherry Merlot without actually duplicating that legendary fragrance. According to Bath and Body Works it contains notes of juicy purple plums, wild blackberry and sparkling citrus. The lotion and the fragrance mist actually smell a little different to me and oddly I liked the way the lotion smelled more than I like the fragrance mist! I get a bit of cherry and blackberry sweetness from the lotion and I get the effervescent of the fragrance but the mist is a little tiny bit different. It feel like I’m smelling a bit of peach mixed with the plum when I first mist this on but as it settles on my skin the melody of sweet, tart citrus come out. The blackberry is there too but it’s sort of faded off into the distance because the plum and peach my nose picks up are the most prominent notes. The fragrance as a whole is very nice when wet but I didn’t really like the dry down as it has this odd champagne note to it that adds a bit of depth to the fruit notes.

It’s a very nice fragrance but not one I associate with Fall sadly. I also wasn’t loving the odd dry down notes I’m picking up but it does have a good throw and linger for Bath and Body Work’s Fragrance Mist because we all know they tend to wear for a shorter time.

I think you’ll like this one if you associate wines and grapes with Fall. But if you’re a more true Fall gourmand lover it won’t hit the right notes for you!

Bath and Body Works Sparkling Plum Prosecco is available now.

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