May 25, 2021

Replica Matcha Meditation Doesn’t Bring Out Your Inner Zen but Does Capture The Essence of Green Tea

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.
5 stars out of 5

Maison Martin Margiela added Matcha Meditation to the Replica Fragrance Collection back in March. The scent evokes the peaceful tranquility of enjoying a cup of matcha tea with fresh notes of bergamot and green tea accord.

I think when I heard about this I was convinced it would be a lot like Replica Coffee Break in the fact it wouldn’t capture the essence of green tea but would smell more like a meditative moment! Something along the lines of a relaxing spa day. This evoked images of the long gone but never forgotten Bliss Perfume that had beautiful aquatic notes that were fresh, clean and spa-like smelling.

Coffee Break is just one instance where Replica doesn’t quite bring fourth what we’d expect something to smell like but more of an interpretation of a moment. I expected creamy, sweet, delicious coffee from Coffee Break but it comes across as something far darker and deeper that evokes walking into a small cafe in the middle of the night where someone is reading poetry on a low lit stage with jazz music playing softly in the background.

This isn’t to say that Replica can’t evoke a true sensory experience. They do so with Lipstick On! Capturing that rice paper note from vintage lipsticks of the past! The scent of violet that makes us close our eyes and think of our favorite Guerlain powders and meteorites.

If it’s a true green tea fragrance your heart desires I think you’ll be very happy with Replica Matcha Meditation. There’s nothing spa-like about this fragrance. It relies on a heavy green tea note to simulate a very true matcha jasmine green tea with milk.

The initial mist of Replica Matcha Meditation has a heavy green tea accord note which is almost instantly cocooned in one of the middle notes of jasmine. I can easily shut my eyes and smell a hard jasmine note that sneaks around the green tea in the background. I know I’m supposed to be smelling mandarin at this stage as well as bergamot but I’m only smelling matcha green tea with hints of jasmine. It’s the perfect cup of green tea made at that pretentious cafe that creates a little bunny with your milk froth before presenting you with your cup. You can literally taste this scent! It’s just that realistic!

Orange flower should set off at the middle stage but it does not…! I think it comes later on and develops more at the base when the fragrance morphs just a tiny bit into a fresh white floral fragrance with hints of tea. Apparently white chocolate and moss should also, play an important role at the dry down but I get neither. The green tea remains and the jasmine becomes heavier and a tiny hit of the orange blossom plays in the distance with the warmth of cedar.

The scent is very much unisex and should play differently with body chemistries especially a man’s body chemistry since they tend to run a bit warmer. My friend tried it and on him you can detect a bit more of he moss and cedar. You kind of just want to snuggle into a man that’s wearing this because it gives off a harder yet warmer depth of scent. On me, it’s fresher, less warm, and all green tea and jasmine. I think some people will feel it’s mature and others will wonder why they aren’t getting a more fresher, cleaner tea note from it.

But for those who drink and know green tea you’ll adore this. It captures matcha beautifully well making for a beautiful, elegant, and rich smelling fragrance that’s very unique.

Replica Matcha Meditation is available now exclusively at Nordy’s but should branch out soon to other retailers.

Have you smelled it?

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This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Kimmwc03

    I purchased this shortly after your first post about it and I love it. It is very unique to anything I own and it captures the matcha scent very well.

    I also got a sample of the Coffee Break one and I really like that too. I don’t like coffee so I didn’t think I would enjoy it but it’s more of a moment than an actual drink scent.

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise! It’s a very interesting and different scent. I can’t say I have any dupes for it. Coffee Break is nice but I really wanted it to smell like some fancy coffee drink and it didn’t which was a little disappointing!

  • Christina

    That actually sounds like it smells heavenly. I drink jasmine green tea almost daily, and if it is heavy on the tea scent, it might be a fragrance I can actually wear! That would be a miracle…me and perfume…Then again, maybe I’m better off smelling my cup of tea than smelling like my cup of tea…Running to Nordies after work to smell it. LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s very much a spot on jasmine green tea…! It’s very hard on those notes ;-D Go smell! haha let me know whatcha think!

  • Catherine

    I am sooo excited about this scent! I am going to wait until Sephora carries it so that I can see how my body chemistry works with it. I have so many fall/winter fragrances and I am hoping this can expand my warmer months selection. I just bought Luke and Skye’s 11 11 for summer but would like more options.

    Thanks for the review Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure 🙂 glad you enjoyed the review. Sephora should get it soon! I’m going to do a Summer scent round up soon! Hopefully it helps ya!

  • N

    I have the travel size and it is a like, but not a love. I like the opening which is like pure green tea. However, on my skin I get a lot of too sweet white chocolate in the dry down. Fragrances on my skin tend to pull sweet and I think that is why I’m not a gourmand lover, because they can become cloying on me because of how they mix with my skin chemistry.

    • Isabella Muse

      I wish I got the chocolate! I don’t smell it at all! It’s just hard jasmine and green tea on me! It’s a bit powdery at the end! I don’t really think of this one as a gourmand! It’s more a white floral!

  • Dot

    Thanks for reviewing this! I had wanted to try it out and forgotten about it—now it’s definitely back on my radar.