June 16, 2021

So, Did You Have To Wait On a Big Line To Get Into The Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale?

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale 2021 started this week and even though I did place all of us on a ban I did go nosy around and I got tempted by Cherry Limeade and Strawberry Soda…! Guys, I’m only human and when you present me with fragrances that smell sweet and I can’t resist!

I did make a virtual cart and I felt AWFUL about it because it contained a host of stuff I didn’t need! So, I made sure I didn’t go on the site at some stupid o’ clock hour because I knew if I wasn’t thinking straight I’d hit submit. Imagine me stumbling for my phone when I wake up and seeing that cart? I’d hit submit in a flash!

I made it my mission to go to the store and check out what was going on!

But wait, that didn’t happen.

Last night I went to a very early dinner with my sister. We had a lovely dinner sitting outside in the sun. I explained to her Bath & Body Works was having their sale and she was like, well, let’s go after dinner.

And that’s what we attempted to do.

We walked to the store and got confused for a moment because there were people everywhere and we thought maybe the mall was having an event. Turns out they were all lined up to get into Bath & Body Works.

I literally felt my mouth drop open haha….! WHAT! I mean, the only time in my life I ever had to wait at a Bath & Body Works store was last year when they were limiting the amount of people inside the store.

The line was literally wrapped around the back of the building. Needless to say we didn’t wait….! If we really, really, really needed something we could just snag it online and call it a day.

Did you have to wait on a big line to shop the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?!

I’m baffled why anyone would wait as the sale isn’t that big deal anymore imho!

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  • kimkats

    Never have, never will. BBW doesn’t have anything I need that badly. they stopped making the scrubby hand soaps so I’m pretty much done with them. I have quite a few stocked up in the pantry since DH used and liked them. The ones I have left will last me quite a while, so I don’t see me venturing in to BBW. Maybe never again. I like the candles I get at Aldi as well as or better than BBWs, and they’re cheaper too!

    So there BBW. Take that. Nyah

  • Frozendiva

    I went yesterday around lunch time. With our Covid restrictions being slowly lifted, the store fire code capacity allows more shoppers. Probably around 20 or so in the store now.

    I am actually running low on stuff. One kitchen lemon soap left, maybe a half dozen in my stash, one in my bathroom being empty by tomorrow. One shower gel left along with one Body Shop shower gel and discontinued body sorbet. Haven’t bought anything since maybe last fall.

    The sale is not a big deal and some of the scents were not for me. Picked up a couple of kitchen lemon soaps (not on sale), some mandarin orange kitchen soap on sale, a couple of others, and a couple of shower gels and body lotions. The grapefruit frose one seemed interesting.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think our stores have a higher limit than 20 but I still wasn’t interested in waiting on line. I HATE when I go in and something not on sale catches my eye haha! I’m determined to not go back and stick to my ban though!

  • Dee

    I might go today to see what is there but don’t absolutely need anything. I will be stunned if there is a line out the door! If there is I’ll leave.

      • Dee

        No lines. Maybe ten of us in the store. Really disappointing as far as the sale goes! I had a 20% off coupon to use so I got a few candles. Very limited selection and the price was $12.95. What is so great about that? That’s the usual sale price but with 20% off I got a few anyway.

  • N

    I’m still on my ban. Honestly, I think some people in those lines buy the stuff on sale just to resell it online for a profit. No judgment, just saying. Even if I was shopping the SAS I’d take into consideration the the cost of the ‘misery tax’ waiting in long BBW lines would cause me. I’ve done it years ago and it isn’t worth it to me. Perhaps it is better to shop there later on in the sale at an off peak time such as in the early afternoon of a weekday or just online.

    • Isabella Muse

      YESSSSSSSS they do! Freaking flippers lol! I wouldn’t want to wait either. I have no patience for it. It’s just easier to grab it online imho!

  • kel b.

    wow you must have some local store! i did make an online purchase and luckily waited a day after the sale started as a coupon came in the mail, natch! i got another pistachio candle because i’m obsessed with the smell. also got a few of the pride hand soaps to celebrate the month, and an ice cream bar candle….i sniffed it at the store and i liked it. also got 2 wallflowers – a coconut refill AND one i hadn’t seen before – hot cocoa and cream. thought that would be fun in the winter but we will see… it might totally be gross:)

    also thank you for posting the sale date. i was able to put it on my calendar in advance and not miss it:)

    • Isabella Muse

      No no no cocoa and cream is gorgeous! You’ll love it 😀 NICE HAUL! 😀 Awwww my pleasure so glad I helped!


    My favorite candle (a seasonal candle) was on sale for 1/2 off. So I bought everything they had in that scent. But only online.

    • Isabella Muse

      good on you! I think it’s easier to just grab it online! No crowds, no lines, no aggressive reps!

  • JoElla

    I placed an order on Sunday. I was soooo good! Only 3 candles and 4 wallflowers. Went to one location on Tuesday, no lines and only spent 15.00
    Very small 75% off selection to choose from, and I was able to sniff a few things.

    Ever since I discovered Korres body wash, I’m all “BBW who”?? Lol

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t even dive in yet and feel proud of myself. I have a cart filled but didn’t hit submit hehe! Korres makes a great body wash for sure!

    • kjh

      K is one of the best for b/w. when they d/c’d almost all m/u, i was quite sorry, though i think they still have some lips. I’ve even gone on the Greek site, to see if that site is more expanded than the US. The coordinating bath mists are/were also great. I think K comes much close than BBW to the actual scents, so agree with you.

  • LS

    I am staying strong! I have enough hand soap to last me until the next sale, as well as more candles than I will burn for years!

  • Randi Macdonald

    No lines in Socal. Our State has opened up 100 percent. Vaccinated ppl don’t need to wear masks in public either.