July 28, 2007

A Storage of Coverage

Today’s blog will focus on good coverage! This will be a rather short entry! I can hear all the disappointing sighs already. Fear not it may be short but it’s filled with tons of good information about good coverage!

Let’s begin shall we?

If you’re a girl (and maybe if you lean towards metrosexual, transsexual, or other sexual sides) you won’t leave the house without foundation on your face. Oh why oh can’t we all be fresh faced and gorgeous all the time minus foundation (and if you fall into the catagory of being able to leave the house without foundation…well…we HATE you! Kidding Kidding! We envy you mostly!)! Reality is reality and I personally don’t live the house without my face in place! I know of only one man who’s seen me without my face on and I had to kill him soon after! Kidding, he lives in another country so I think maybe I’m safe for now!

I’m going to cut right too it and say I hate foundation! I have a wicked combination of skin that varies from season to season which makes finding proper coverage impossible. In the winter I’m as dry as the dessert, in the summer my forehead shines like a mirror, and during the fall and spring it’s a combination of both dry and oily.

I always have little adventures with coverage and I try all sorts of brands but 4 take up resident in my beauty arsenal for many a fine year and never shall we part! I’ll tell you about my gems in a moment!

I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there and watch the entire female population come down on my head for it. Bare Minerals blows ass! Yes indeed it does! Kill me, shoot me, sue me, do whatever it is you want but I won’t change my mind! The entire kit blows right out of my ass! I brought it and sold it on E-bay within 2 minutes of having it! This is not to say the rest of the line blows, just the foundation. I love the glimmers, shadows, etc….but the foundation can take a leap right off the nearest cliff and I’ll sit happily on top and blow kisses of good riddance and don’t come back!

Pray tell who is it that writes such star reviews about this kit? Where are you? E-mail me I wanna talk about these 5 star ratings you’ve given this rubbish product! It’s crap!

I imagine at the moment Leslie may very well be reading this and calling her lawyers up to sue that small chubby chick on myspace for dissing on her product! Sorry Leslie! I HATE your foundation/coverage kits!

Now that, that is out of my system we can get on to my secret for flawless skin finish 🙂

You need four products to make your face perfect in all ways!

Morgen Schick Hide and Hilight Concealer
Morgen Schick Whisper Set Powder

Benefit Bo-ing
Sofina Raycious Skin Powder (Asia Only)

I’ve been using Morgen Schick’s concealer forever and I’m always delighted with the coverage they provide and the fact that it makes my skin look so healthy and lovely!

Hide and Hilight works as a great coverage and you can keep it fresh and long wearing by using the whisper set powder on your face afterwards. Benefit Bo-ing I use for under my eye area and to prep my eye for shadow. It also provides beautiful coverage and makes me look like I got at least 8 hours of sleep in when in reality it was more like 5! And finally Raycious Skin Powder always stays with me for quick touch ups!

If you’re overeager to try Morgen Schick you can purchase it directly but I’d suggest going on E-bay for cheaper prices! Raycious is not sold in US stores, again, E-bay is a good place to look! And Benefit Bo-ing can be purchased wherever Benefit is sold! Sephora and Macy’s carries the line!

All of these items are a part of my everyday make-up and I can’t live without them! If you’re looking to try something new I strongly suggest you give them a whirl and see how they work for your skin!

A girl with flawless skin coverage is a happy girl indeed!

I look forward to hearing your reviews and your story of coverage if and when you try them!

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July 28, 2007

Purple is Passionate

Purple is so passionate!

What I used:
MAC Kitchmas Pigment (All Over Lid and Within Crease)
Urban Decay Grifter (Within Crease)
Urban Decay Ransom (Outter Lid)
Urban Decay Fishnet (Outter V of Eye)
Tony and Tina Glitter Eye Liner (Bottom Lower Lash Line)
Bare Escentuals Brushless Mascara

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July 28, 2007

An Ode to Parrot

An ode to that legendary MAC color that is sadly gone from our graces!

Parrot how I adore thee and will miss you when I’ve used you all up! Moonflower tries to be like you but it doesn’t fill my heart the way you do!

When oh When will they repromote you? I have dreams of stocking up when you regrace us with your presence and beauty!

On the bright side I could always sell a kidney to afford a new pot of parrot which ranges from $60-80 on E-bay!

Well…maybe not!


July 28, 2007

MuseTV Presents: Fall Collection Haul

‘ello there!

I was lucky enough to get a delightful little package in the mail of which contained the Fall Japanese goodies!

I did a video blog of ’em for you guys! I’ve added in pics as well and will be doing reviews and Face of the Days pics very soon!

MuseTV Presents: Fall Collection Haul:

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures 🙁 I normally take photos with my trusty Kodak DX6490. I decided that I’d go with cute and super portable so I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot T20 this past week! I was excited to have a smaller cam to use for taking pics for my blog and just generally toting around for small shots here and there!

My DX6490 is only 4MP’s has a virtually no ISO so the T20 was quite appealing at 8MP with an obscene ISO, HD output, onscreen editing, and a tons of other bells and whistles.

Upon getting it in the mail I flipped out at how cute it was. I proceeded to try some Face of the Day pics plus some additional variety, random shots and………it’s crap. I strongly suggest not bothering! I’ve just now finished wrapping it up and it’s going right back for a full return! I am astounded at the crap quality of the pics! Everything had a weird orange tinge too it plus the ISO had a setting of 300 because anything more would cause some mega crap quality photos!

Do tell me whatcha think of these pics taken with the cybershot as compared to my older pics in my blog taken with my trusty kodak!

I’ve been sorely tempted to purchase a Nikon D40 but can’t justify the cost for a hobbyist like myself. It’d be far different if I had a family with children and such but just to purchase the D40 for hobby shots of cosmetics, some vacation photos, and random shots seems just a silly purchase really! I adore photography but the general idea of the D40 seems a spoiled indulgence on my part!


On to the pics 🙂

New Lavashuca Palettes

Older Lavshuca Palette, New Color!

New Lavshuca Glosses

Lavshuca Glitter Mascara

MJ Honey Plump Glosses

MJ Fall Eyeshadows

New MJ Mascara and Neo Lash Expander

MJ Fall Collection Glosses

MJ Fall Collection Eyeliners

KATE Fall Shadow Collection

KATE Gel Eyeliners

KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow

Kiss Lipgloss

Maqulliage Pressed Powder

Visee Eyeshadow Palette