October 16, 2007

Bobbi Brown Forest Metallics FOTD

Gosh after a LONG time I finally got around to doing the FOTD that was requested when I originally purchased the Bobbi Brown Forest Metallics palette!

You can see my prior FOTD (and review) using the Burnt Sugar Metallics Palette by clicking here.

You can see my first impressions about the palettes by clicking over here.

Ok….I hadn’t yet used this palette until this morning and I have to give everyone a fair warning if you haven’t used yours or if you are about to purchase this. The warning is this is a very, very, very, very dark palette. Obviously when you see the palette you’ll notice how dark the greens are but they go on even darker and it’s a bit of a challenge to create a look with this! Not to say I don’t love the palette, I most certainly do, however it is a bit hard to work with as the colors are difficult to blend correctly without the entire look looking BLACK. So a word to the wise prior to using or buying this practice caution with your application 😉

What I Used:
Bobbi Brown Forest Metallics Palette
MAC Technakohl in Jade Way
KATE Gel Mascara
KATE Mascara Primer
Kiss Passion New York Division Eye Nuance in 08
MAC Technakohl in Black
Bare Escentuals Glimmer in Lime
Sana Egopri Silver Glitter Mascara Overcoat


October 16, 2007

Givenchy Lash Sparkles on a Budget

Givenchy Lash Sparkles aren’t so expensive at $22 per a pen but certain bits factor into that cost and the Muse will happily share those factors with you!

For one thing the possibility of the Lash Sparkles selling out before you have a chance to purchase them is very high! Secondly, the pen doesn’t hold a whole lot of product and you’ll get quite a few looks from them but you’ll be wary of applying too much for fear when it’s gone it’s gone as it is limited edition (at least, as a cosmetic collector, I have that fear!).

The good news is the Muse offers you some slightly cheaper ways to make your eyes sparkle and pop with glittery bits of silver without having to spend $22 or having a deep fear of using these if you did purchase them 😉

Some of what we’ll be discussing:

For $18 you can nab yourself some Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner and swipe it across your lashes (instead of lining your eyes with it) to encrust your lashes with funky glittery bits for the holiday season (or any season you deem as a good time of the year to sparkle!).

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner

Now $18 isn’t such a big savings over $22 however you’re getting a bit more product in the liner than you are in the Lash Sparkles and it’ll last quite a while longer plus it’s not limited edition so when it’s gone you can drop by Sephora or head over to Urban Decay.com and nab yourself another one!

Glam Rock would be the most fitting color in the lot that matches what you’d receive if you purchase the Givenchy Lash Sparkles. It’s silver in color and has a high sheen of glittery bits to keep you shiny and sparkley all season long!

Too Faced has a similar style liner called Starry-Eyed Liquid Eyeliner and works in the same fashion as the Urban Decay liner but the price tag is a bit less! $17.50 will get your lashes all glammed up! The best color to get the same effect as the Lash Sparkles would be Ooh & Aah!

Too Faced Starry-Eyed Liquid Eyeliner

For $25 you can nab not one but three glitter liners that again will basically do the same thing as Givenchy’s Lash Sparkles. Sugar Cosmetics has a trio of glitter liners in blue, pink, and the perfect silver which matches the look we are trying to achieve!

Sugar Cosmetics Glitterama Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Trio

One of the Muse’s favorite Japanese Brand (when is a Japanese Brand not a favorite brand of mine right?), Sana, has out Shiny Mascara which is a silver overcoat to top your lashes with! It works a treat too might I add! Shiny Mascara is available in gold and silver and of course to keep with the theme of things the best way to achieve the Givenchy look would, of course, would be to get the silver one! This has a comb on applicator and makes it easy to swipe over your lashes!

Sana’s Shiny Mascara can be purchased off of E-bay for around $7.99 (plus airmail shipping costs).

Sana is exclusive to Japan so e-bay is the only option for purchasing at the moment however, if you have some lovely friend in Japan they can snatch you up a few and ship them your way!

Sana Shiny Mascara

The comb makes for easy application!

If you’re willing to shell out $59 you can purchase Bare Escentuals Classic Rock or Pure Platinum kits which includes Luminous Lashes in silver toned colors to add sparkle to your lashes!

At the moment Luminous Lashes is available for sale by itself but the colors available won’t achieve the look we are seeking so purchasing the kit is the only way of getting these special overcoats that are included in each kit! A slightly expensive way of getting the look but still you do get a buncha of other goodies with your purchase 😉

At the moment their are quite a large array of different products you can use to create the same look that Givenchy’s Lash Sparkles will give you! Some of these products may not be the cheapest however I find they contain more product for the price and therefore are appealing if you’re on a budget! As much as I adore limited edition products I also enjoy the safe, secure feeling of knowing an item I love to use will be around for a good, long while! A majority of these products offer the security of being available when you need them plus as I said they contain more product for your dollar!

Get out there and glam your lashes up 😉


October 16, 2007

MAC Antiquitease Color

Choices, choices, choices! It all comes down to choices this Holiday season 😉

Antiquitease is up and available at MAC for your purchasing pleasure and will be at your local MAC counter on October 11th.

The Muse hasn’t yet purchased her Alexander McQueen as of yet due to the fact that with so many MAC collections up and coming it’s difficult to decide on what to purchase and what to skip!

Have I mentioned I hate deciding and making a choice? I just want it all, NOW! But realistically I need to decide what I really want as opposed to the inner demon that demands me to get it all!

Soon after Antiquitease Color the rest of the line up will be releasing through October and into November which includes the brush kits, palettes, and lip sets.

So it all comes down to choosing what I really need and leaving what I know I won’t use 😉

Antiquitease Color consists of all of the following yummie goodies:

Your Ladyship
Gold Stroke
Sweet Sienna

Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
Earthly Riches
Family Silver
Mi’ Lady

Her Fancy
Queen’s Sin
Budding Lust
Guilty Kiss

Red Romp


Fibre Rich Lash
All Black

Nail Lacquer
Vestral White
Gold Veneer

We already established the Muse is mad with want for it all 😉 So what are you getting ?

Might the Muse direct you to her favorite source for all good things MAC! Have a visit with Janice and check out all the news on this collection and upcoming collections at Specktra Blog!


October 16, 2007

Pop Day to Play Palette

I do indeed like the look of the new Pop Day to Play Palette!

Count the Muse as possibly adding this to her wish list!

This new limited edition palette has 24 eyeshadows that range from eye popping to soft and subdued!

Lots of room for play in this palette and the colors are good enough for venturing from work to play, day to evening in a snap!

$42 nabs you this wallet full of fun 😉 but sadly it’s out of stock at Sephora! Keep checking back to see if it pops back soon!

I’m not entirely sure about the price tag at this point but I do already own one of the Pop wallet palettes which I really like so this could possibly be worth the high price tag 😉 We shall see!

Pop Day to Play Palette

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October 16, 2007

Early Gift Giving from Bath and Body Works

It’s never too early to start shopping and my little eyes have spied some nice deals on Bath and Body Works all wrapped up and ready for buying and giving!

$15 will nab you a duo of a jumbo 12oz size of Hand and Body Lotion plus a Hand Soap in a cute caddy!

These are available in the three popular winter scents that are always available at Bath and Body Works around the Holiday Season and those are Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Frosted Cranberries.

Personally, for $15 each these make a cute little gift for your mail lady (if you have a woman delivering your mail), something for a neighbor, a nice grab bag gift, or it’s just nice having these around for what I call “the unexpected”. We all get unexpected gifts sometimes and it’s always nice to have a little extra gift tucked away for those times when we can whip it out and offer it to the person who has unexpectedly surprised us with something sweet!

These are $15 at the moment and I’m sure as the Holidays approach they’ll go back to their regular $22 price range so why not nab a few now and save some money 😉