March 25, 2016

Great Value On Atelier Cologne Sets

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Atelier Cologne Set

With Mother’s Day upcoming you’re going to be bombarded with a ton of fragrance gift sets. It’s already starting to happen even though we have several week’s before the big day!

I ran across some fantastic deals on Atelier Cologne on if anyone is a fan of the brand. They have a variety of sets that run from $195 to $350 which includes a 6.7 oz fragrance as well as a 1 oz travel spray with a customized sleeve (color of your choice) to hold it it (you can have your name or initials or someone else’s printed on it free of charge).

One of my favorite fragrances from Atelier, Vanille Insensée, is available in this set for $210. The 6.7 oz alone is $210 so this is like getting the travel spray and case free!

You can grab these now at

I admit they’ll make a fine gift but I’m greedy and only thought of myself 🙂

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March 25, 2016

What Makeup and Beauty Are You Currently Hoarding?

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makeup hoarding

No matter how simple and organized a person you might be I bet you have at least one makeup, beauty, or skincare product you are currently hoarding. You may be hoarding it because you’re scared that it’ll be discontinued, or maybe you just love and don’t wanna be without it, whatever the reason I bet you have at the very least one item you’re hoarding at the moment.

So spill it, what makeup and beauty are you currently hoarding?

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March 24, 2016

Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Glaze Lipgloss for Spring 2016

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Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Glaze Lipgloss

I’m pretty sure I need at least one (or all five) of the new Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Glaze Lipgloss ($20) shades!

Fruity and candy flavors, a sheer wash of color with a moisturizing formula and the promise of long wear make these new Sweetheart Glaze Lipglosses a hit on my wishy list!

Shades include:

  • Caramel
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Sweet Rose
  • Tangerine

Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Glaze Lipgloss are available now at

P.S. How are you doing? I’m a little behind on comments sorry about that! Hope your week is going great! Mine is busy, busy, and more busy. The crush of my renewal is finished, but I’m still so crazy busy at work. Today is like the day from hell as I literally had one client in my face for the better part of an hour screaming at me about a return premium.

At least, the weather is looking up and Batman vs Superman yo!

I can’t believe Easter is Sunday! It’s so early this year.

Well, back to the work grind.

Have a great rest of the week, kids!