Napoleon Perdis Steals and Deals: Sephora Clearance

‘ello ‘ello lovies!

How’d your weekend treat you? It’s been a major busy few days for the Muse so I’m busy catching up on blog posts and should have some updates for you late tonight!

Hope you’re all well!

Until my updates here’s a Steal and a Deal for you:

I’m not going to say I predicted this…..honestly I won’t say I told you so…but…..Napoleon Perdis is on sale at Sephora.

Click to grab yourself a Steal and a Deal!

The Muse recommends the Eye Patrol Eyeshadow!

Quite a few of the items are out of stock but keep checking back as I imagine they’ll slowly restock or check out your local Sephora to see if it’s hit the sale rack!

Happy Shopping!

  • 5/27/08 19:56 Ethereal Prey:

    how did you know that his stuff would go on sale?


  • 5/27/08 19:59 the Muse:

    I personally felt like the line was crap as soon as it popped up in Sephora. Granted I only swatched it but I have a pretty keen sense about what will blow and go and what will prevail and make do.

    I made the same prediction for Jessica Simpson’s Dessert line six months it was off the shelf in the sale bin 😉

    Chalk it up as me being a crazed cosmetic junkie 😉

    All that china doll crap was utter rubbish. Some of the shadows are ok..the mosiac powder..crap….the foundations..crap…..

    logically speaking it was doomed to fail.

    It’s supposedly very popular in Australia but we aren’t anywhere near Australia so they could tell us they are selling snow in the Summer and we’d believe it hehehehehe!


  • 5/28/08 2:56 Ann*:

    its crap!! i agree with you. my cousin (an aussie) loves it!! my mum complains non stop about the foundation.

    hahaha! so i brought her mac shopping today. and she was happier..


  • 5/28/08 11:07 the Muse:

    hi ann!

    w00t someone else who agrees what utter garbage this is :)

    LOL!!!!!! good! Convert the evil Napoleon lovers to MAC! Your work is done here Ann 😉



  • 5/29/08 5:34 Anonymous:

    I’m Australian, and I think some of the products are great.

    The overseas pricing is very strange… here in Australia the prices of cosmetics are doubled, and then a bit extra is added :( So a MAC lipstick is $30 for example, and an OPI polish is $20.

    Napoleon Perdis seems to have taken his cue from this, and doubled the local price of his cosmetics for sale in the US!

    The Chandelier Nail Polishes are very pretty.


  • 5/29/08 19:43 the Muse:

    hi anonymous.

    I like the eye patrol but the rest I’m a bit blah on :(

    I know. I’ve heard from various folk how very sad the prices are!

    worst than europe!

    I never noticed the polishes before hmmm! Wonder if we have ’em?

    At the moment it’s all on sale and going fast 😉

    Thanks for the comment again and hope to speak to you again soon!


  • 6/6/08 13:43 Anonymous:

    Hey guys =) Actually his line did very well at Sephora. He broke his contract with them. That is why they will no longer sell his items and they are so cheap now.


  • 6/16/08 14:02 the Muse:

    hiya anonymous. I’m not a big fan of the line but the deals are sweet :)

    Thanks for giving us the inside scoop! I was curious what happened :)


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