Keyword Anaysis: Popular Keyword Searches of the Week


Here’s a round up of what you’ve been searching for on my blog, what incoming traffic has been searching for, and the most popular keywords you’re using to get the deets for your makeup fix.

Take the jump for the deets!

Popular Keyword:  “Cosmetic Storage”

The past several days cosmetic storage solutions seems to generate a steady flow of traffic.  Using a popular keyword of “Cosmetic Storage” has brought readers to my own well organized stash of makeup.   It’s also led them to my full makeup stash video.   Seems my kawaii storage solutions tickled a few people to click over for a peep as well.  My Lori Greiner Deluxe Cosmetc Organizer Review also gathered a few clicks this week.

Popular Keyword: “What is a BB Cream?”

BB Creams still leads plenty of people to Musings and much of the traffic leads them to my article “What is a BB Cream?”

Popular Keyword: “MAC Volcanic Ash”

Since MAC Style Black hits shelves this week the Internet is a buzz with the repromote of MAC Volcanic Ash.  This popular keyword has readers clicking over to my MAC Volcanic Ash Review.

Popular Keyword: “Benefit Thrrob”

An interesting percentage of readers are searching for a Benefit Thrrob Review the past two weeks.

Popular Keyword: “Guerlain Holiday 2009”

Now I haven’t heard the good word on Guerlain Holiday 2009 but the keyword still manages to direct people over to my Guerlain Holiday 2007 and Guerlain Holiday 2008 reviews.

Popular Keyword: “Kat Von D Naked”

Yes well the Muse does not have naked pictures of Kat Von D but for some odd reason it leads people to my blog via Google search.

Popular Keyword: “Cosmetic Company Store”

The Muse is always babbling over the joys of CCO.  This particularly keyword seems to lead people to my Woodbury Haul posts much.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s popular keywords.

Feel free to share what you’re searching for.

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