Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer Buzz Buzz Buzzing!

Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer

Buzz buzz bitches the new Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer swings into stores for the Fall 2013 season and makes me go, well, it makes me go BUZZ!

Remember the vibrating foundation sponge I featured a few weeks ago from Korea? Well these buzzing foundation sponges are all the rage at the moment and I can name a slew of Korean and Japanese brands doing similar products. Of course, you might also be familiar with Lancome Oscillation which also has a buzzing, vibrating sponge head to apply foundation!

Perhaps Fall we’ll see this trend visiting our shores more often?

For now The Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer is the first of its kind to pop up here in the US.

I gotta say Pop’s Buzzing Beauty Buffer is stupid expensive at $28! WHAT?! No foundation just a sponge? That vibrates? For $28? But..but..these are pennies on the dollar in Asia…why so expensive Pop?

If the price doesn’t scare you the idea might delight! This is a vibrating sponge head which blends powders, liquids, whatever your foundation medium of choice is into skin with gentle vibrations. It’s actually created with use with the new upcoming Pop Beauty CC Cream! It blends to a flawless, beautiful finish on skin according to the brand (at this price it should walk the dog and come with the CC Cream too).

The sponge does remove from the base so you can wash it easily.

What do you think?

Read to embrace the vibrating beauty sponge trend?

This is available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

  • 7/18/13 17:15 diane:

    i’m def curious about this but not for $28…*maybe* when ulta has another 20% off the store sale (if they ever do? feel like its been forever) i’ll try it then.


  • 7/18/13 17:36 breyerchic04:

    I’d rather get a beauty blender.


  • 7/18/13 18:29 Stephanie A.:

    That price is crazy D:< But it looks cool and I think we would all love a review of it or something similar! 😀


    • 7/18/13 18:30 the Muse:

      i’ve already reviewed something similar link in the post Stephanie :)


  • 7/18/13 20:32 Icequeen81:

    If I was using foundation it would be cool


  • 7/19/13 13:15 Swimalot:

    I must have a dirty mind. All I can think or is those “good vibrations” that arrive in a plain brown wrapper.


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