Bourjois Paris Spring/Summer Collection 2010: Bourjois Paris Pretty Paris Collection

Bourjois Paris

How I miss Bourjois Paris releases here in the US.

But I can still drool over their releases abroad!

Jump for the Bourjois Paris Pretty Paris Collection released for Spring/Summer 2010.


Bath and Body Works Liplicious White Hot Summer Lip Gloss Collection

Bath and Body Works

Ooo I was so gooood! I saw the new Bath and Body Works Liplicious White Hot Summer Lip Gloss Collection and I somehow pulled myself away from it.

Mmm these glosses look so tempting but I was good and reminded myself I have WAY too many glosses already right? Right.

Wanna drool over ‘em with me?


Guerlain Fall Collection 2010

Guerlain Fall Collection 2010 Photos 1

A brief glimpse at Guerlain Fall Collection 2010, one word, stunning!



Beauty Rewind: A Rewind of the Week of May 3rd to May 6th, What Did You Miss?

Happy Weekend chicklets!

Any good plans? I’m heading to my Summer home this weekend with some friends and hope to catch Iron Man 2 tonight.  Even upstate New York has movie theaters, amazing right?  Thank god for that really need to get my RDJ fix.

I convinced my best friend Jai to do the driving so I can sit in the back and take a little nap or curl up with the latest trashy book I picked up from the Warden, sex, rap, and kick ass vampires come together, mindless brain candy, loves it!

I’ll be back in time to spoil my mum on Mother’s Day, sadly I still haven’t found her a gift! Jeepers! Must get on that.

Here’s a rewind of what you might have missed on Musings this week. Have fun reading or re-reading what you may have missed!

Beauty Rewind

That’s all dears. A mad recap of this week on Musings for your viewing pleasure.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there. You’re all very special and deserve a ton of spoiling and makeup goodies too!

Talk to you Monday!

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5 Must Try Concealers


Ahhh concealer. If there is anything I like more than color cosmetics it would be concealer. I’ve been on a mission to find the best concealer in this universe for years now. My concerns pretty much consist of concealing mega dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

Believe you me I’ve tried plenty of concealers and known the ins and outs of many of ‘em. Here are 5 Must Try Concealers from the Muse as in you MUST try them.

Check out the reviews of the concealers featured in this slideshow (If you’re reading from RSS please visit my blog to see the slideshow)!

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