Musings of the Day: The Building Up of the Immune System


I can’t be alone here.   Do you ever come across an incredible skincare, a foundation, or anything really…and after a year or so of use, suddenly, you become immune to it?

The foundation that made your skin flawless isn’t really doing the job anymore, or that concealer that hid everything isn’t really covering much at all, or how about that incredible moisturizer that soothed your dry skin which suddenly fails to hydrate your skin.



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The Muse Thinks Pink: Giveaways and Babblings


Hi Guys.

Happy Monday!  Hope Everyone had a super weekend and are nearly if not fully awake today.   I’d say I’m zombi-fied after a long weekend of partying extra hard, Halloween, gotta love it.

I wanted to take a moment out to thank each of you for joining in by donating this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I’d also like to thank each of you for commenting or posting a story about your experience with Breast Cancer.

Although It’s November 2nd today and October is over I’d like to take a second out to give you a chance, if you haven’t already, to enter into the giveaways I currently have active.  Tomorrow morning winners will be alerted via e-mail so you still have time to enter if you haven’t done so already.

With the help of some I managed to raise $71 dollars plus $200 of my own funds which will donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.  That’s a total of $271 dollars.  I hope I can perhaps surpass that and head for $300 or $350 so please if possible a donation of $1 to $2 would be greatly appreciated as it is going to a worthy cause.

Also your donation of $1 counts as a single entry into some of my great giveaways that are ongoing now. Each $1 gets you one entry, $2 will get you two, and so on and so forth.

Korres for the Cure contains an array of “pink” products from Korres which are valued at over $50.

Smashbox Pout Lipstick is also a giveaway for a limited edition Smashbox Lipstick made especially for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

And finally an Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Lip Set is being given away as well which contains an array of great items from Estee Lauder.

Please check through each giveaway separately as some are open to non-US readers which gives you a chance to win even if you live in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere.

Since I got so many comments on some of the giveaways I didn’t reply to each one personally but I did want to address each of you in this post and offer up a great big thanks for joining in during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Each of us can make a difference in fighting this disease until a cure is found.

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Clarins FaceBook Fan Exclusive Opportunity


Clarins is boiling up something special on it’s Facebook page. I dunno what is it but I’m thinking it has to be good as it is Clarins.

Here’s the deal.

Head on over to Clarins Facebook Page in order to qualify for a surprise indulgence. You must be a fan of the page no later then Sunday, November 8th and as of Monday, November 9th, you’ll receive notification of the “surprise” reward.

A friends and family event? A coupon? A free product? Who knows could be anything but hey it doesn’t cost you anything to befriend the good peeps at Clarins to find out right?

Visit to become friends with the brand and await your pressie.

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Hauled It: Bath and Body Works Lambie Slippers 2009

Bath and Body Works Lambie Slippers 2009 13

The Muse does so wish she can say that Bath and Body Works Lambie Slippers are going to sell out like no tomorrow. But ado…with the economy as is I do so notice more and more things are shelf sitters lately. Where as a two years ago you’d have to struggle to locate a pair of Lambies, you can now get tons of ’em. I do suggest snagging them early though just in case my predictions of a rather dull Holiday shopping season are wrong.

Jump ahead to hear my thoughts on the new Lambie Slippers.


Hard Candy Nobody’s Perfect Concealer Palette Review

Hard Candy Nobody’s Perfect Concealer Palette is for those of you who aren’t perfect.  Granted the Muse happens to be perfect in all ways but for the folks that aren’t quite as incredible as she is, I present to you a concealer palette to help create the illusion of perfect.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

I’m far from perfect, particularly when it comes to having to conceal problem areas. My biggest need for concealer stems from tired looking, puffy eyes.

Will the Hardy Candy Concealer Palette help me perfect those problems? Maybe…

Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette 13

Jump for it.