August 13, 2008

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara Review

As part of it’s Fall Collection Majolica Majorca released a new mascara entitled Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara.

The Muse is not impressed.

I’m normally not one for fiber mascaras but I couldn’t resist purchasing one of these since I’m a big lover of Majolica Majorca mascara however this is a big disappointment for me and of course the main reason is the fact it’s a fiber mascara.

Although to look at it you’d never know it was fiber based as the wand doesn’t have a ton of fibers sticking from it once it’s removed from the tube however once applied I instantly get that lash in the eye feeling that’s both irritating physically and emotionally. Damn right I said emotionally! I got emotional when I have to go through a work day feeling like I have lashes stuck in my eye and unable to do a damn thing about it! Ahhhhhh! The irritation is too much to take!

Lash Gorgeous Wing is not the first fiber mascara released from Majorca Majolica but it is the first mascara that has a brush applicator as all previous versions sport the Muse beloved comb applicator which take lashes to crazy long lengths!

The mascara does exactly what it promises in providing you with feathery light lashes that keep the curl all day long however if you’re not a big lover of fibers you might want to avoid this. I, for one, picture this making a guest starring appearance in the bottom of the makeup draw graveyard.

I like my lashes to look fat and long. Although Lash Gorgeous Wing did give me ok lenght I wasn’t loving the fact that it separated my lashes and made them look alot less full and more natural. The Muse does not like the natural look. I also felt like the mascara didn’t have the exact same inky black formula Majolica Majorca mascara is known for, it seemed much lighter.

The brush wasn’t exactly working to my satisfaction either since it didn’t give me the volume I’ve come to expect from Majorca Majolica due to the awesome comb applicator previous versions had. I’ve always loved how fat and full the regular version of Majolica Majorca made my lashes this however fails on that account terribly.

I’m glad I paid retail at 1,290 yen because I’d seriously be upset if I had paid more. This, I sadly have to say, isn’t exactly what I wanted from Majolica Majorca. I’ve come to expect better from there mascara and this is definately no where near the best.

The Muse gives it a thumb down! Definitely not loving it! Perhaps I’ll have better luck with the new palettes! Stay tuned for my review!

Anyone try it?

Love it?

Love or Hate fiber mascaras?

Love Majolica Majorca mascara?

Tell the Muse!

My good mate Iris is kinda loving Lash Gorgeous Wing! Check out her review by clicking here.

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  • the Muse

    lilly…your comment got swallowed up here 🙁

    but I thought I’d reply anyway!

    I got this from a friend who lives in Japan. She airmailed it over 😉

    As for the list of shops I like Adambeauty best as the prices are cheap, shipping is cheap as well and good cs 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Also replied to your other question!

    Funny you asked about this and hears the review 🙂 hehe!

  • ???

    hi there!

    i’ll pass Lash Gorgeous Wings, though I love the name. I think they shud just stay with their comb mascaras…

    i am gonna haul in Etude’s stuff! Their stuff are just too cute!

    And Lavshuca’s and Kates new palettes too! 😀

    And Coffret D’Or new palettes!

    I am such a poor girl now! 😛


  • chibishink101

    Oh man, that sucks. I was reallly looking forward to this one and really wanted to try it, i havent tried any fiber mascaras yet since i’m scared it’ll get in my eye since i have contacts( paranoid i know) but i wanted to try this out since the MUSE raves about MJ mascaras so much:(

    well at least now i know

    thanks for another great reviee THE MUSE!!

  • Mizz x

    Well good to hear it’s crap cos I was wondering whether to order it. I won’t. Don’t really like fiber mascaras, had Fiber wig, blaah, threw it away. Now I have Loreal’s Beauty tubes.. well it’s ok, but I want thick lashes too, not just a bit longish. BTW, what are your favourite mascaras, that perform?

  • the Muse

    hi plue!!!! How are you!?

    Agreed 100%! just not loving the brush 😛

    Ahhh! lucky duckling 🙂 Have fun hauling!

    I didn’t get the KATE or lavshuca palettes. 😛 they didn’t appeal although I’m tempted by the browns in the KATE Glamtrick 🙂 Looks nice!


    Happy Shopping Plue!

  • the Muse

    hi chibishink101!

    Mmmm I’d skip it if I were you. Splurge on the regular MJ mascara!

    It’s a pretty good fear you have as the fibers are irritating as hell 😛 and I don’t even wear contacts!
    This one they failed at sadly!

    You’re most welcome! 😉 MWAH!

    If you haven’t, grab the regular lash extender. much better!


  • the Muse

    hiya mizz x!!!!!!

    Def skip it. Not worth it. I hate fiber wig so I should have known better with this 😛

    Favorites are definately the regular MJ, KATE Gel Mascara, anything from Bourjois Paris aside from Clubbing Volume, hmmm..gosh I should do a post about my favs hehe!

  • Taryn

    I just used the most terrible, awful, horrible Japanese mascara ever today. It was a Rose de Versailles one (named after the manga) that promised full, glossy lashes. What I got was dried up clumps!

    It was new in the package so I don’t know if it’s just a quick-drying formula, a bad batch or what, but this stuff was seriously garbage!

  • Ti_Amo

    :X Haven’t tried my fiberwig yet with all the new mascaras I have (lash expander neo!! btw, how do you apply this thing?! *is comb wand stupid*) lol. Seems a lil clumpy to me. Ooh I’m glad to hear this was crap because I wanted it but in the end didn’t get it! Though, keeping in mind with mascara YMMV…we’ll see if I have a trip to Asia in the cards :] Did you also order the trick on palettes? I was interested in those too…*curses mother for buying early tickets back* lol..

    Great review!!

  • Jossu

    I also got this mascara and…Well… I expected a lot more but it does makes my eyes look very sweet and innocent so I will be using it more. I love the fact that it stays very well because the weather is very, very, very rainy.

  • Tammy M

    I will pass on this one as I have fallen head over heals with the regular MJ….and have ordered several more tubes from my buddy in Japan….
    I love the comb….

  • the Muse

    hey taryn 🙂

    we just chatted this guess I should reply here too eh lol!

    Since you got it jpmon I think it’s safe to say it’s the formula and not the product being old or anything!

    That stinks sigh 🙁

    maybe keep it for the Rose De Versailles value alone lol 🙂 I heart that anime!

    This is rubbish bin material too sigh 🙁

  • the Muse

    hiya becky!!!!!

    lash expander neo is crap 😛 same as this hehe!

    fiberwig is garbage too. Dunno why people love it so much yak!

    I did indeed. Featuring them friday 😉 for you! They are nice but not really anything to get too chuffed about sadly!

    LOL aw! 😉 You didn’t miss much! Although the JS is something to rave about!


  • the Muse

    hi Jossu!

    I expected more too. I normally don’t love fiber mascaras anyway but I just wanted more from MJ and I thought this would change my tune about fiber mascaras..meh.

    It does do the sweet look for sure but I rather have blacked out fat lashes 😉

  • the Muse

    hey tammy!

    YAY! So glad you love the MJ 😉 Aww aya the angel 🙂 She’s a doll 🙂

    I adore the comb too! Does a fab job of making my lashes so much longer!

    Hugs darlin’!

  • MiuMiu

    mi miss muse,
    i’m sooo looking forward to the lash gorgeous wings because i found that the comb applicator tended to clump my lashes and it looked funny haha. i’m already used to the fiber mascaras since i use the dejavu fiberwig. i just hope this MJ one doesn’t smudge cuz i had that happen with the lash enamel glamour, after about 5 hours of wear.
    this blogging thing keeps me occupied now haha so i’m actually not bored at home, its just that i don’t have a good camera to take nice close ups. btw what camera do you use?

  • helly

    WOWWW!! musey (hehe) not likinggg MJ!!! thats a shock!! ahh wells; the name was cute 🙁 but the fibers look kinda scary, like real hair!! gahhhhh!!!!

    and woooooot; cant wait for your palette reviews!!!! haven't seen you review much jap makeup lately (i think!)

    and ahhhhhhhhhh muse, just an early heads up, would you be able to a small cp for me? i'll pop an email if you say yes *smileee* 🙂

    <3 helly

  • the Muse

    hello there millie!

    How are you today!

    I think alot of people experienced clumping with the comb applicator especially those with shorter lashes. 🙁

    If you love fiberwig you’re going to be very happy with gorgeous wing 🙂

    No smudging at all and it was humid yesterday too!

    It’s so light that I experience no smudging and good long wear 🙂

    I was looking at your blog and will link you here shortly 🙂 It’s so nice to put a face to a name! you’re lovely 🙂

    Your cam isn’t bad at all. Just a bit more flash would be great 🙂

    I’m using a canon SD1100IS!

    I’m so happy your’s rather fun isn’t it?! but it definately takes up time eep!

  • the Muse

    hey helly!

    I know! I’m waiting for the skies to crack open and fiery rain to come pouring down lol!

    The Muse not liking MJ Oh my god end of the world!

    Ahhhh! *hides*

    I’ll be doing the palettes tomorrow 😉

    I know but there really hasn’t been anything to get hyper about japan side..or is it me? Everyone keeps goading me on CoD but I’m really not thrilled with that 😛

    I got the new JS palettes I’ll be doing the review shortly 🙂

    but of course! Email away lovie! My pleasure!

  • Sophia

    oh no i’m devastated!!! i still want to try it though (cos i love fiber mascaras and i can’t hack the comb applicator)… but too bad i don’t think stores in hong kong are stocking them. yet. i’ll just keep on waiting i guess! just tonight i got my hands on Kate’s Dollish Long Mascara – will try it tomorrow and see if this can become my HG! (i certainly hope so cos it’s so much cheaper and easier to find hehe)

  • the Muse

    hi sophia!

    It’s just not for me 😛 yak! You might love this if you like fiber mascaras.

    I’m shocked that HK doesn’t have them yet as they normally get them a week or two after Japan!


    I haven’t tried that KATE one but I do have the gel one and like it 🙂

    I think the MJ is worth trying if you love fiber mascaras 😉

  • the Muse

    sophia might I just add that your sense of style is outstanding and you’re a very beautiful girl.

    I enjoy visiting your blog to see what you are wearing 😉

  • Sophia

    hey Muse i finally found a place that sells the MJ mascara! will go and pick it up when i have time next week. although i must say i’m really happy with my new KATE Dollish Long mascara. i saw the gel one you’re using too but in the end i decided to go for fiber heheh. that one makes my lashes oh so “dollish”, just like the name suggests! and it’s really cheap too (a little more than US$10 i think?). definitely worth looking into!

    aw, and thanks for your compliment! you totally made my weekend hehe ;D

  • the Muse

    hi sophia,

    yay fantastic!!!!!!! The Kate Dollish Long sounds wonderful! Glad to hear how well it’sworking for you! I might have to pick this up after your raves 🙂 Sounds awesome!!!!!

    I love the fact that japanese makeup is so cheap and such good quality!

    Aww you’re most welcome! it’s only true! I love your site and linked you up here!


  • Julia

    I like it. Sure, it looks veeeeeeeeeeeeery natural, but for everyday, it’s perfect. Could be a bit blacker, though.

  • steph

    I live in Canada and had a friend bring both Lash Expander and this one home to me.. Lash expander is amazing, hands down.
    Although this one is so dry! I was seriously thinking that my friend had used it during her trip because it felt like nothing was in the bottle. Heads up, skip Lash Gorgeous Wing and go for Lash Expander. They are completely different, almost extreme opposites from one another.

    • the Muse

      yay awesome steph! I don’t like gorgeous wing all that much 😛 Yes Lash Expander is my HG mascara for years 😀 Love it.

  • yuhwa

    ive used other mascaras that used fiber brush… and this is the worst! the fiber just get stuck in my lashes, and would go into my eyes, which is really an irritation and hassle as i wear contact lens. i would use the majolica majorca primer first before using this.. and i have trouble applying this mascara – i dont know if it’s the primer or the mascara. I just had the feeling if i brushed too hard on my lashes, my lashes would drop out. Without using primer on my lashes first, this mascara did nothing to my lashes, it doesn’t stay curled, no fuller lashes, nor lengthening. I got conned by the beautiful name it was given.